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  1. East Hill Syndicate

    I would say that I love this and this is perfect but I feel that there is something wrong. In my opinion, the things are going a bit too fast, something that I usually fuck up on when I lead my own factions. The roleplay is good, there is nothing to do better but I believe that more development is needed within the faction. I would use my own factions as examples but I always fucked up with fast development. There is no need to play the big dog right away and seem like you are really organised, every faction like this should be 89% legal and 11% illegal in my opinion. I would love to see this faction focus on something rather unique that would leave a mark in the server and enhance roleplay throughout the whole community - not just for yourselves.
  2. Копейка

    Копейка is a newly founded corporation by a small-time businessman named "конфиденциальная информация". The corporation's focus is to advance into markets where shares are not distributed between multiple companies. Due to its rather neo-socialistic views on the market structure, parts of economy that are not profitable should be made profitable and open to the wider range of individuals within the society. The corporation is small and therefore not in full operations yet, but rumours have spread that foreign Russian investors are largely interested in putting their money into this idea. Vezuchiy Raffle Shop Vezuchiy Raffle Shop was intially planned to be a charity shop, but later realising the gap in the market, "конфиденциальная информация" decided to go through with another idea. A raffle shop is an office where individuals can buy a certain amount of tickets, each ticket increasing their chance to win a prize which is worth 30 to 100 times more than one ticket. Example: Vezuchiy Raffle Shop hosts an event where they raffle away a Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6, they have a pot of 50 tickets which are being sold for 2,000 dollars each. If you buy one ticket, your chance to win is 2% as the raffle will be delayed until all 50 tickets are sold. After all 50 tickets are sold, there will be a random draw ((/luck 50)) and the one with the lucky number on their ticket will win the vehicle - 2,000 dollars for a rare car like that is a bargain. Rules: 1) One person is allowed to buy as many tickets as he or she desires. 2) After buying a ticket you sign to a contract declaring that the money can't be refunded. 3) If there isn't enough tickets sold within the first 3 months of the raffle, you need to collect the money from the office yourself. Karl Bryullov's Art Gallery Karl Bryullov's Art Gallery is a gallery dedicated to the Russian painter Karl Bryullov. Bryullov was descended from French Huguenots, and his father was a sculptor. (The family name was Russified in 1821.) Bryullov was educated at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (1809–21). He studied in Italy from 1823, painting his best-known work, the monumental “Last Day of Pompeii” (1830–33), while there; it brought him an international reputation. The Art Gallery is open for the public but mostly focuses on new artists. Every week there is a possibility to put your artwork up for sale on a Saturday evening, paying a tax of 20% when selling one of them and 375 dollar entry fee per work of art. The Karl Bryullov Art Award An award between 5,000 and 50,000 (USD) that will be awarded each year to the most talented and known new artist in Los Santos.
  3. 1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

    username: bitch nigga bid: buyout bid: buyout
  4. Hornets Motorcycle Club

    yo we closing down because we too good for the world, peace boys was good!!!
  5. The Reapers MC

  6. The Reapers MC

    I will make sure it doesn't.
  7. Residential - Red County Cottage

    Username: Babyboy Bid - Buyout
  8. Hornets Motorcycle Club

    Took you guys long enough lmao
  9. for a bit

    you reply doe ;))
  10. for a bit

    try me
  11. for a bit

    lose? ;))) got smth to offer me playboah???? no haow

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