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  1. GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    You said you had many people to pick from, so you literally had a bunch of people who have hosted massive DM events? No offence to the guy just saying lmao.
  2. GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    You literally took in someone with an awful admin history of bans and jails Chaos. Some are good picks but come on.
  3. Fletcher Crew

    get out of here
  4. Little Moscow Gang

  5. Khram closed because if we didn't then Owlgaming would have died out. That's the truth. PeAcE.
  6. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    the same people who be bitchin, they lowkey DM with the guns i sold them, whaaa
  7. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    Firstly, you're a cunt for using private chats with Volk. Secondly, go fuck yourself for being such a lousy idiot who cannot accept the fact that good roleplayers ganged up and made a faction. Thirdly, what rules did we break?
  8. ტაძარი

  9. [Staff Loyalty] - New Rule

    We might as well put the whole human rights act on our rule list then. I understand you want to be useful but sometimes being shut is the best way to help.
  10. 1988 Nissan Patrol

    Name: doodoohead Bid: 6000
  11. Vezuchiy Raffle Shop - is hosting its first raffle with a classic vehicle. The 1984 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera 930 ((Comet Model IG)) is a fairly rare vehicle to find and get imported into the state, despite the mileage which is nearly 91,000 km and it being over 30 years old, the speed and handling of the vehicle is everything you have ever dreamed of. This car will not only make you look cool, it's something you can add to your collection, it's a legacy that has been handed from owner to owner and your soul will merge with this vehicle. We, as a corporation wish luck to every single person who buys a ticket, if luck is not on your side then this successful raffle will fund our next - much better one! Information: - The current pot is fifty (50) tickets, each sold at 2,150 USD. This means that each ticket bought will give you a two per cent (2%) chance of winning. - Tickets can be bought at The Russian Lady at 9PM-10PM every day which is located in front of Verona Mall or with the method shown below. - The mileage of the vehicle is nearly 91,000 km, maximum speed is 211 km/h and the handling/condition is nearly perfect. Rules: 1) One person is allowed to buy as many tickets as he or she desires. 2) After buying a ticket you sign to a contract declaring that the money can't be refunded. 3) If there isn't enough tickets sold within the first 3 months of the raffle, you need to collect the money from the office yourself. Method how to buy tickets online (under this topic): (All information shown while buying tickets online is only seen by the corporation and the person who bought the ticket) Name: Contact email: Number of tickets bought: Picture of transaction to SA20194 24920203 4929 (Kirill Kopeykin OOC): Signature (online ID card verification): You will be provided a number after buying the ticket.

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