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  1. Resigned
  2. I will make sure it doesn't.
  3. no, stop it, this is a bad idea
  4. Username: Babyboy Bid - Buyout
  5. Took you guys long enough lmao
  6. you reply doe ;))
  7. try me
  8. lose? ;))) got smth to offer me playboah???? no haow
  9. to get pimped out by khram? no ty
  10. hope i don't have to report u 10 times again and then see u jailed 10 times again unitts : ( i love it how you took time to just dig up that meme, you sir, are a twat ey beibi, what you doin beibi dm me >:)
  11. back for a bit, starting up a new faction that is gonna be semi-active not like the crips i lead back in 2016 questions that are gonna come, "what faction?????????" , no black gangs, no mexican gangs as we got a wonderful one already and no MC's as I just made one of the most significant ones in the history of oG, no offence other faction creators ok thx. still thinking about the faction idea, and no, no russian faction because that's just ew
  12. @Belgica what are you trying to save here...let things die
  13. pretty easy, nice work manzio
  14. *picture of a dog* Floey: nice