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  1. Bashkov - Dan
     AWP - M4A1-S 


  2. The connection has spent weeks setting up operations in Paleto Bay, the plans discussed are now in motion and the new era can start.
  3. TPG

    Line & Sinker Co.

    LINE & SINKER Co. Line & Sinker is a start-up fishing company that specializes in small scale commercial fishing. The main objective of the firm is to sell exclusively to the local shops and residents of Paleto Bay but plans to expand are in motion and will happen in the near future. The roots of the company are Eastern and Central European but the current management are all proud citizens of the United States of America. The firm also attends local markets and is known to use the "door to door" method to sell fish and seafood. ~~~If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church.~~~ Contact: [email protected] ((TPG))
  4. This faction needs a lot of help from experienced players, a lot of luck is needed and I hope you get it!
  5. Лунное братство Russians have been flocking to Brighton Beach since the early 1970's when the Kremlin bowed to Western pressure and allowed jews to emigrate to avoid prosecution. The KGB used this as a tactic to send hundreds of hardcore jewish criminals to the states under fake passports and documents. Not soon after their arrival they gained control over the area of Brighton Beach. The group of well-educated and hardened men took quick advantage of their countrymen. Through a wide connection that involved government officials, businessmen and the men of god, many rackets within the underworld were grasped upon by the small Russian groups that were formed in the timeframe between 1972 and 1992. At this time the Vorovskoy Mir in the United States of America was not reporting to any connections overseas and worked as a network of different groups. This brought down the profits that could have been made at the time and there was a drastic need of change in the Russian criminal underworld that was located in Brighton Beach. Many conflicts between the ethnic clans within the U.S lead to power-struggles between larger groups in Moscow. Vyacheslav Ivankov who was a made thief in the Russian underworld had gained the priviledge to organise similar ethnic groups in the United States of America. Ivankov was arrested in 1982 for posession of illegal firearms, forgery and robbery, sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He was given an early release in 1991, sources say it was due to a high ranking soviet official and from a reccomendation from a judge in the supreme court in Russia. a matter of months, Ivankov was on his way to the US. In 1992 he arrived in the JFK Airport and was on his way to Brighton Beach. Pictured above is Vyacheslav Ivankov with a known businessman in Moscow, he is holding his seventh godson. The FBI believed that Ivankov's aim was to make the smaller criminal groups report to Moscow's leadership and create an international network not just with Brighton Beach but every Eastern-European group in the United States of America. Soon after the talks between made men in the connection, a structure formed and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, made mobsters made their fortune selling the arms that were left over from the arms race between the US and Russia. These events made it possible for the groups to expand their reach all over the world and eventually become the most feared and biggest underworld connection the world has ever seen till this day. Los Santos County has seen a few arrests made in connection to the Tsapok gang in Russia following the Kushchyovskaya massacre in 2010 after a handful of Russian nationals attempted to flee to New Jersey to cover their tracks and not be prosecuted by the other groups in Moscow. This bust is one of the most prominent ones the police department has had in connection to the Eastern-European criminal underworld. Due to the bad international press of the massacre in 2010, the Tsapok gang was denounced by the criminal underworld and made a target by the organization in Moscow. In 2012, Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich saw an opportunity to expand his each in the US and took the outcasts under his wing to operate within the Mogilevich organization. Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich is a Ukrainian-born, Russian organized crime boss, believed by European and United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the "boss of bosses" of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world. Even though most of the syndicate members are ex-Tsapok's, Mogilevich has great influence over them and the organization in Los Santos County. Men involved in the Kushchyovskaya massacre in 2010, these five men were handed off as trophies to the Russian government by the alliance of the underworld groups. The sub-organ of the Mogilevich organization is now called Лунное братство, there are no official documents released on the organization but it is widely known that the syndicate is involved in extortion, fraud by wire, mail fraud, money laundering, human trafficking, securities fraud, heavy distribution of illegal chemicals and narcotics, fencing. Although the group is still fresh, it is on the right path to make a name for itself in the eastern-european connection. By involving yourself in the faction you agree to be CK'd for any reason, at any time by the leading party of the faction. This faction promotes a very high standard or roleplay, therefore players who are new to roleplay could find it hard to fit in and join. This disclaimer is made to prevent new players losing interest or getting the wrong idea about the underground factions on Owl V.
  6. TPG

    The Market Crew

    this is a good faction that people should join but they won't because nobody is willing to step out of their comfort zone and therefore prefer crispies and bloodies
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