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  1. TPG


    I believe you should close this faction and join one that has been around and has a good leader. This does have a low standard and I understand where you're coming from because I use to make factions like these back in the days. I can tell that if you continue this you'll be considered a bad roleplayer and a total noob by the more respected roleplayers.
  2. TPG

    Public Enemy No. 1

    A very high-standard illegal faction. Love the whole scene you guys provide.
  3. TPG

    Adoptable - Ellie Moone

    Name(s): Warren Clifford Link to Foster Parent Application: Why are you interested in this child: I believe I could be a responsible parent to her and make sure she gets treated well during her development to an adult. Even though our backrounds are different, I believe that two opposites make a great match for a healthy family. I believe that making her humble and understand two different cores of the society we have in hand, in San Andreas.
  4. **Upon roaming Palomino Creek, there would be no posters left to see**
  5. ***A publication would appear on various sites on the internet*** ***Upon searching the IP and location of the post, it would lead to an Internet Cafe in Los Santos, username: nicholasyeung101***
  6. Is my profile pic okay?
  7. Foster Parent Application INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 1 Name: Sex: Male Social Security Number: 877730938230394 Address: 2367 Reagan Street Phone Number: 453647 Religious Beliefs: Christian Yearly Income: 187,500 USD Occupation: President of the Iron Giants Motorcycle Club franchise. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdimeanor?: No. If so, elaborate: INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 2 If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Name: Sex: Social Security Number: Address: Phone Number: Religious Beliefs: Yearly Income: Occupation: Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdimeanor?: If so, elaborate: RELATIONSHIP SECTION If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Nature of Relationship(Married/siblings/dating, etc): How long have you known each other?: Do you argue/fight/have issues with your relationship?: If so, how would this affect raising a child?: Do you live in the same house/apartment?: GENERAL QUESTIONS Why do you want to adopt a child?: I believe I could use my wealth to give a better life to a child without parents, I have free time to show my parently love and give a child a life that he or she has never had. Have you thought about how you would care for a child, where they would stay, how you would raise them, etc?: They would stay in 2367 Reagan Street, I have a large renovated house. My mother comes by often who would help in taking care of the child as the house is located in Palomino Creek. What makes you qualified to raise a child?: I already have a child, Elisabeth who is five years old (passive RP since I made the character), everything is fine with her so I'm more than qualified. What could you offer to a child?: Shelter, food, money, advice and love. Do you have a specific child in mind, say, a girl, a boy, a certain age, etc?: Nothing specific. AGREEMENTS I ( foster parent(s) ) submit to a inspection of my property, lifestyle, ethics, as well as a full ACT 34 background check in order to be qualified as a Foster Parent in the state of San Andreas. I/we agree to raise any child morally, ethically, and comprehensively to the best of my/our ability.
  8. TPG

    Iron Giants MC

    We'll be waiting for you, no worries.
  9. TPG

    Iron Giants MC

    Some really good roleplay with all the boys, thanks.
  10. TPG

    Iron Giants MC

    I was falsely banned - remember that.
  11. TPG

    Iron Giants MC

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club Information & Operation Iron Giants MC is an african-american and hispanic 1% Motorcycle Club based in San Andreas, Palomino Creek. The club was founded in 1991 by Huey Illomeyrs and five of his friends in Wisconsin. As time went on the club expanded due to the nature of it being for minorities, chapters began to pop up in different states such as Louisiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and San Andreas. The club has had a reputation of being very proud of their race and social status within the community in different states. The operations within the club vary but the most popular is handcrafting beers and beef jerky. Origin The chapter in San Andreas was created in late July 2018 by Warren Clifford - son of the founding member Jackson Clifford. Warren moved to Los Santos after a conflict with his father about impregnating a teen back in Wisconsin. He tried to get into association with gangs and different criminal groups but nothing lasted long due to his heart being around motorcycles and the way of life around them. Warren went back to Wisconsin in search for a right path through being a father to his daughter. San Andreas His father Jackson thought that Warren could stay but the other founding members believed that Warren was not fit to stay in Wisconsin and offered him to be sent back to San Andreas to start a chapter with two trusted advisors from the mother-chapter. Warren went to San Andreas with his wife and daughter, Jackson funded the start of the chapter in Palomino Creek but after the money was given to Warren - there was no trace of Jackson. Due to Warren being fooled by the other founding members, he is not eager to talk to his father as he thinks that he is well respected. The whereabouts of his father are unknown and unspoken of till this day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Blacksmith's Bar & Grill The Blacksmith's Bar & Grill is the base of operations for the Iron Giants MC. Throughout years it has and remained as an entertaintment facility - now for the MC. Even though the club has a memberbase filled with african-american and hispanic individuals, everyone is welcome to spend time in the bar. This is the main way to have direct contact with the faction and create interesting and new roleplay experiences within Palomino Creek. The bar is open every other evening for a couple of hours, events are being held every two-three weeks and will be heavily advertised throughout the community. The menu in the bar is very short and that said - it is not a place to go and have dinner, it's a place to get wasted and act stupid.
  12. TPG

    West Grove Wheelers (EBK)

    LA please, we joined a bigger faction.

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