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  1. So happy to have simped a nigga like you at my time on OwlGaming! I'll always remember that time you blew my fucking 'ed off behind afghanistacks ❤️ 

  2. Nice to see saltyness and arguing going on even in the goodbye announcement of MTA. True spirit of owlgaming
  3. Stonks Well the current state it's in right now was pretty bland and non immersive. Guess I'll try again if it's official.
  4. Yeah fair point about scaring away potential players. (Even though you're technically already breaking rules by powergaming the whole abandoned city thing, but it's more of a community effort) I still feel ricers are always gonna be there to break immersion as long as they have access to vehicles though.
  5. This actually seemed interesting to me, so I went ingame after forever to see what's up, expecting some apocalyptic RP. Was disappointed to find out everyone's super friendly and treat strangers like they've known each other for years. "Hi who are you? ok hop in my car :)" considering it IS the apocalypse and you have no reason to not think this person isn't gonna blow your head off and take your stuff. Also saw ricers drifting around and wasting their precious fuel like it aint nothing. I feel like even if this gets UAT confirmed, most people aren't good at portraying an apocalyptic setting.

    1. VeX


      this is a masterpiece every human being should watch this at one point in their lifetime

  7. When you're RPing a gangsta but a pedophile as well
  8. u are a good kid FranKlin xd

    1. Stretch
    2. Serx


      stretch, hey baby, you okay man

    3. Stretch


      Nah man, i got shot homeh

  9. Hell nah this won't fix anything
  10. Oh shit I thought you were dumber than a bag of hammers until now, since all I've seen you post consists of "xD"s and other stupid shit.
  11. Let's not respond to any of the logical comments and choose a weak target.
  12. This is common sense why is this a thing?
  13. >Tfw you make a ck app and don't get a response if it's denied

    1. Kevin


      tfw you make a 2 sentence fmt public contact which literally just requires a "yes" or "no" and it still hasn't had a response after like 5 days. 

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