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  1. The place to go if you want something to brag about. High quality, personal artwork designed with you in mind. Location: 1779 E. Washington Street Idlewood Ink is located in the heart of bustling Idlewood and caters to anyone seeking to improve and express themselves. Each of our artists is highly trained and specialised in their field with a real love for the work they do. We design and create unique, detailed pieces using only the highest quality ink. If you want something that pops, come down to Idlewood Ink. No one else does it as good as us. Who to call: Crow Crow's an old school artist who's been painting people since he was a teenager. He's been working on a design himself for years and has no problem with pieces that could take multiple sessions and involve intricate details. 623341 or [email protected] ((Here))) Libby An artistic girl from the East coast. She's flown all the way to Los Santos to pursue her dream and make a living of her own. She's the one to talk to if you need something deep and personal, something that's been slaved over and had real soul poured into it. 623341 or [email protected] ((Here))) --- Original thread design by @papers
  2. Money and Fear "What the fuck is some schmuck from New Jersey doing all the way out in San Andreas of all the motherless places in the world?" "Money." And fear. Actually, his first excuse was romance. "Ah, come on Ahuska. It'll be beautiful! Let's go. Today. Me and you. Screw ya father, screw my mother, screw all those two-bit oddball shitstains. Let's make our own life. Who needs 'em?" "Hey, that's my dad you're speaking about! Crow, are you serious about this? Sure this isn't one of your weird train of thoughts?" "No no, I'm totally serious. Let's do it. Today." "Today!? We can't, I've got-" "There's never a perfect time! Come on, if we wait we'll just-....talk ourselves out of it." Ahuska stared at him, shaking her head slowly from the shock of it. "Come on." Crow tried again, beaming at her with that grin that just never quite seemed to disappear. Four hours later, they were on the next flight out of Newark on their way West. Crow heaved a sigh of relief. Ahuska kept her gaze to the window, watching New York pass her by for the first time. He couldn't help but smile as Ahuska commented on the view, the size of the city from this new perspective, even the old classic 'wow they look like ants!' But his grin, his ever-present grin, was finally straining. ---- "What do you mean he's gone? Where the FUCK could he go!?" Anthony grabbed the nearest object to him, a lovely china lamp patterned in white and blue spirals, and threw it against the wall. Michael shielded his face from the shrapnel that was dashed his way. "He must've gone down to Florida! We know he has contacts there." "And you let this happen? That fuckin' tool lied to me, broke every god damn rule in the book, I want him dead." "I know you do and we're gonna make it happen. Just take a breath, alright?" "Don't you fuckin' tell me to take a breath! This is your fault, you brought him in. If you don't find him, I will personally fuck your eye sockets in front of your wife and kids and hang you from the Empire-fucking-State." Anthony was out of line, even for a man of his position but Michael knew better to argue especially when he was in a mood like this. So he raised his hands, said his goodbyes and headed out. "Crocelli you fucking prick. When I catch up to you..." -------- Santos Perdidos TBC from IG events
  3. Ay any particular times you're particularly active? (After the family holidays ofc!)
  4. Event was good. RP seemed fun. Keep it up!
  5. Wow I didn't know you still exist. Would love to catch up.

    1. Lartsa


      climb out already tajiri

  6. @LokiHavok I hired you to kill a pedo once. How many times can I hire you again? Is there a limit?? How far in advance do I need to book? Have you got new rates? Hmu
  7. Literally not related, mate. But you keep trying those mental gymnastics. I'm really enjoying that we as a community can pull together a list of potential peds tho.
  8. Tell that to the courts, buddy. And it won't. Just because two people agree to e-fuck a little fantasy kiddo doesn't make it acceptable, nor unenforceable. Literally no other community ever has issues enforcing this rule. Has this been the only place you've ever RP'd? Cause it definitely sounds like it.
  9. You literally said: It's not hard to enforce at all. Someone pedo-rping or rping a sexualised child? Report - Ban. No other community anywhere ever has issues enforcing this. And even if it was difficult to enforce, which it's not, that doesn't mean it should be allowed. Know what else is difficult to enforce? Racketeering laws. But we fucking do it. (Btw nice to see Libertarians supporting pedophilia. BOY I'd love to say that's a surprise :^)
  10. Literally every RP community ever bans pedophilia because this is a non-argument. It's obviously something that shouldn't be accepted, even in RP. Because it's just wrong. If anyone ever wants to take a dump on owl, this whole thread is just full of all the perfect posts to slap across the public sphere and make that happen. It's seriously about to become 'that community that supported pedos'.
  11. Pretty much all communities DO ban that. And with sexual assault, add a single caveat saying it has to be F2B. Gmod's biggest HL2RP server has that rule.
  12. ITT: Not wanting pedophilia in your community makes you immature, apparently.
  13. Already been said. Violent RP is not nearly the same as pedophilia, mate. Dark RP has it's place. Pedos don't. But I mean, you keep performing your mental gymnastics if you're enjoying the thought of e-fucking kiddies.
  14. No other community, on MTA, MMO's or Forums, is going to suggest allowing pedophilia because 'freedom to roleplay, man!' In fact, people who try to, often get shunned out because of how dodgy and disgusting it is and how it completely tarnishes the view of their community. All other stuff, even extremist views, can have their place in a story. For example, some people use rape during char stories. For a majority of people of course, that's F2B'd. You guys are the weird ones for wanting to keep it. Seriously. "Hey man, I roleplay at OwlGaming. You should join me!" "Ain't that the place where you had a 7 page thread of people trying to defend pedo RP? No thanks."
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