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  1. User: P Comment: Very nice guy top lad (top gun)
  2. was a fun time for pd when quality illegal shit were around too
  3. The Defendant wishes to move to a summary to get closure as well, your honor @ThatGuy
  4. Ron

    F/V Explorer

    Getting everything ready ((I have always been shitty at screens))
  5. F/V EXPLORER The F/V (Fishing Vessel) Explorer was bought by the Burnham family in coordinance with investors to establish more line of work to the citizens of Los Santos and focuses primarily on crab and salmon fishing outside the coast of San Fierro in San Andreas. The homeport is still located in Los Santos. The vessel has a crew of six people on rotation thus creating a window of oppertunity for newer residents in Los Santos to find work, build a network and more easily set foot in Los Santos. The mission statement has always been to take in those who struggle the most. HIRING If you're interested in this line of work you can send a letter of interest to Captain SB on e-mail [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Pay and other benefits varies each trip depending on cost, catch and values. ((The fishing boat idea was brought in to create more roleplay to newcomers, leaving them with an alternative instead of i.e RS HAUL - a place where they can come to learn basic and advanced roleplay, build a IC and OOC network and at the same time have fun and get paid. The second focus is to make use of the virtual market on a legal basis)) United States Name: Explorer Owner: Sid Burnham and Timothy Moreno Operator: Sid Builder: Navenporth Shipyard, San Fierro Yard number: 342, NS, SF Christened: November 16, 2018, by Mrs. Burnham In service: 2018 Homeport: Los Santos, San Andreas Identification: IMO number: 7345134 MMSI number: 944132350 Callsign: WDE6123 Status: Active
  6. Tajiri

    yo where you went from IG?

    1. Ron


      yo internet crashed, got nt

    2. Tajiri


      k tell me if you can get online soon

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