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  1. damn got this post sent to me and not even gonna lie this hit hard, will miss the good old days of roleplay for sure. Really had a blast and wish everyone the best in the future
  2. Good stuff, just hoping Paleto Bay was a good choice
  3. NaVi has Fallen to LG

    1. noonecareslol


      Eh, Atleast NA has a team that won the major now, somewhat of a good outcome

  4. mtasa:// - Server is up and stable so far

  5. [MENTION=7060]Blastafary[/MENTION] [MENTION=16]Pogis[/MENTION] [MENTION=133]Toast[/MENTION] [MENTION=17058]haigen[/MENTION] [MENTION=14555]HashMush[/MENTION] [MENTION=14621]Hviid[/MENTION] [MENTION=1651]Lewis[/MENTION] [MENTION=16144]Shanks[/MENTION] [MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] [MENTION=38]Express[/MENTION] [MENTION=84]Rockey[/MENTION] [MENTION=1305]Chase[/MENTION] [MENTION=384]Chaos[/MENTION] [MENTION=1624]anumaz[/MENTION] [MENTION=1]Maxime[/MENTION] [MENTION=1695]Nadr[/MENTION] [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION] [MENTION=5298]Vin[/MENTION] [MENTION=1107]Humour[/MEN
  6. 10/10 - only because of the quote, because the hashtags are...
  7. I don't even know if I am supposed to post so many times but uhm.. [MENTION=1293]BrukONE[/MENTION] [MENTION=43]Sack[/MENTION] [MENTION=1875]TPG[/MENTION] [MENTION=17076]Jordannn[/MENTION] [MENTION=17240]BurntToast[/MENTION] [MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] [MENTION=9415]CharChar[/MENTION] [MENTION=120]Belgica[/MENTION]
  8. That moment when you notice that the toilet is called "shitter" in OwlGaming.. xD
  9. This is a yes from me. I've also noticed some bugs of when you don't have the cash with you to pay the repair. Once you don't have the cash to pay, it removes the money you have and doesn't fix your vehicle, after you get the money and go back to the same Pay'n'Spray it'll bug and say you still don't have enough money although you do. And yeah, even without that bug existing, it would still be a yes.
  10. I already posted once but I gotta update. [MENTION=15336]Kamil3052[/MENTION] [MENTION=10704]Tomato[/MENTION] [MENTION=17076]Jordannn[/MENTION] [MENTION=3496]tomtiger11[/MENTION] [MENTION=58792]Baize[/MENTION] [MENTION=7926]Manjot[/MENTION] [MENTION=703]DutchLars[/MENTION] [MENTION=1906]GraFFer[/MENTION]I also can't forget a resigned Senior Admin [MENTION=7431]einschtein[/MENTION]
  11. Glad to see your effort on this thread, allthough I screwed you up on the Prison Break xD Also got you jailed for life. I'm Philip Gomez btw.
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