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  1. @GioSerpoI also liked the idea that if someone were to get ahold of the notebook they would have access to a bunch of information involving the game world. Also i'm not sure if the notes actually take up space but they do crowd up the UI and make it hard to manage.
  2. I had a PI character on MTA and i would RP writing down notes constantly, would be nice to have it back in the RAGE server/
  3. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Alstanbery Character Name- Shawn Parker Date of Incident- 07/27/2019 Supervising Administrator- I unfortunatly do not remember. Narrative- So the night prior to Shawn's murder. He and some associates with the Fortress / Legion gang were hanging out at the Boobie Bungaloo strip club in Glen Park. A character named Walden Anzovino entered the bar. The leader of The Legion has ordered me to keep an eye on this person, so i quietly asked my friend Ricadro Adrien for his car keys so i could tail him when he left. However while i was outside, the other members told me via radio to leave the area. So me and another member, James Sandor, left the area and walked back to The Legion headquarters known as The Fortress. We hung out casually for a little while until we decided to head back over to the bar to check up on things. This time we took my personal vehicle, A black 81 Cutlass Sedan, that i had left at the fortress. When we arrived at glen park, James left the vehicle to scout on foot. I parked my vehicle on the bridge running through the middle of the park and used my camera to watch the bar from a distance. I saw Louis Malbon and Ricardo Adrian talking to Waldon outside the bar when he suddenly pulled out a Tec 9. Concerned for the safety of my friends i hopped back into my car and drove it around and stoped it in front of the bar, i however made a point to keep my gun hidden so that Walden and his friends wouldn't see me as a threat. Ricardo and Louis hopped into my car, however we couldn't find James as he had ran down an alley to hide. We drove the car around the block to see if we could find him but there was no sign of him. We then drove to our warehouse, while there i decided to gear up, i put on a different set of clothes, a mash, a helmet, and a gasmask and even a different gun to hide my identity. I also decided to get out a stolen 1997 Honda Prelude so that the car couldn't be traced back to me. Ricardo and i speeded it back over to the bar to try and find James. We found Walden outside still armed with his Tec 9, Ricardo opened fire making Walden fire back, therefore making me fire back as well to defend myself. Our car was eventually shot up so bad that it stopped running outside the bar and we were left out of ammo. Walden kept fireing and ended up PKing Louis and James. Me and Ricardo managed to escape on foot, however he had been shot on the leg and i had to help him walk. We eventually managed to call up a friend for a ride out of there and got him medical attention. The next day me and the gang leader Matthew Fields were hanging out at his bar while a handyman worked on installing fire sprinklers. However the whole day earlier we were hanging out we noticed a grey sedan following us around. Our friend Brent Chester called us up saying that the vehicles are patroling around the area of the bar. We eventually decided to leave, so we all loaded up into my personal car, the black Cutlass. And after about an hour of driving around Matthew ordered me to stop the car, seemly in order to speak with Walden who had been following us in his car. Walden's car stopped in front of us and he immediately opened fire with SMGs. The main thing i would like to call into question is why he decided to shoot up my car in the first place. As the only time i was a "threat" to him, i was wearing a mask, different clothes, and driving a different car. So he wouldn't have known that was me unless he metaed somehow. There is also the issue that Walden wouldn't have been able to drive and fire his SMG while his arm was in a cast and using a crutch after the shootout the night before. My friends have also been screaming at me that they believe that the attackers were communicating via voice chat during the attack. In a video the attackers uploaded of the attack. One of the cars that was following us is parked behind mine, and just seconds before the shots are fired they move out of the way. At first i thought it was just a coincidence, but after seeing how Walden and his friends have behaved afterward, it's starting to be more believable. They also didn't say anything to each other ic when they all started shooting at the same time. Evidence- https://streamable.com/2v7to Method of Death- Gunshot wounds via SMG Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
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