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  1. Any vehicles that are made illegal should be done via IC means, which by the current laws in place would be done by law enforcement agencies. This law is currently under VC047 (vehicle infractions) on the IG crime sheet for SA. Crime sheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KF2LK90tiWFqz4qAGUZcESuEJhn9MY_IfN5kamEyOaI/pubhtml#
  2. Gives the FD some water rescue roleplay too.
  3. I believe this would be the best one to go with.
  4. This is an issue that the courts and police department run into often, and yes there should be OOC rules to help both law enforcement (including courts) and arrested persons know what can actually happen in these situations. It can help prevent a lot of problems in the future if someone gets out and a boatload of roleplay needs to get voided because someone failed to actually look into what actually should be going on.
  5. That was better than Rogue One! When's the sequel? @Lewis
  6. If it's added or not, they'll still need admin oversight, because it is considered as part of a vehicle break in. I agree that in the long run, something will have to be written down somewhere. Just like the LSFD has for their narcotic safes in ambulances.
  7. I've never once heard of an issue regarding police dashcams. All you need to have is admin supervision and the proper tools to remove it. Is it easy to remove? Not really, but it's a possibility. It's already been done on numerous CK situations and not once has anyone complained about so called "powergame". No from me.
  8. @Wright's point of view the most reasonable fix for this. People should stop killing others without reason, this goes for both sides of the law. Criminals should beat the living shit out of someone, not blow their heads off if they can get away with a beating and robbery. As for police, they should be doing the same. I just wish we had more options in law enforcement via scripted means to take down unarmed/ hostile people with less than lethal weapons such as pepper ball guns, stinger grenades, rubber bullets, and etc. Tasers are way too overpowered and people have this sudden urge to roleplay heart attacks nowadays for a simple taser use. Overall, character kills should be the end all, be all for any type of justified killing or death. PKs are total shit as is, and typical are just deathmatching. You could resolve that via an RP altercation/brawl. Perhaps even a stabbing someone might survive, giving them a reason to fear you and spread said fear to others about you. Also, increasing the standards of acceptance for CK applications and in game CKs should be further established. People shouldn't be dropping like flies on the daily basis like we're in Syria or something.
  9. I was getting to your posts. Anyway, this automatic check idea could actually make it a lot easier for people to go ahead and commit robberies of interiors. Helps not having to worry about the player being online and what not. As for the ghetto areas being targeted, it's just supporting the general idea of further permitting property break ins.
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