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  1. According to your statistics, every one in 5.66 characters did not survive Owl MTA. This can also be stated as 17.6% of Owl MTA was CK'd.
  2. Congratulations on making admin dude, for whatever that's worth. Hope you do well on the team as you've done everywhere else!

  3. I don't like sand.

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    2. Chillz


      @Vinceeez hes insulting my hometown

    3. Vinceeez


      @Chillz go get out ur cardboard box then and attack him

    4. Chillz


      thanks for the tip dad

  4. Public Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the character named "Jennifer Williams" despite my OOC persona which goes by the same name.

  5. [MENTION=10131]dfajoe[/MENTION] This dude is on admin duty way to much, we need more admins like him.
  6. I really wish we could just use CVPI's and Dodge Chargers, but that just simply isn't the case. Everyone on the server owns either a really cheap but crazy fast sports bike for the simple purpose of evasion, or some heavily modified super car. Law Enforcement Agencies adapt to their environment and spend money on what they need to quell those primary issues. In the case of the SASD, our main issue is speeders and evaders so we spend our budget on improving the vehicle fleet.Also this comes down to GTA physics and traffic compared to real life physics and traffic. In reality if someone hops on the highway with a brand new supercar its rare they can get up to speed (Depending on the State) without crashing into someone. Meanwhile FULL TIME officers of the law can follow the vehicle and attempt to cut it off. Now in many cases in MTA, we do not have enough resources and manpower to do this and hiring even more cops is a double edged sword considering it will take civilians out of the population. Also back on the subject of the copious amounts of bikes on the server, everyone drives these ridiculously fast and powerful bikes like its nothing. They don't think that it might require some training to handle such a powerful bike at full speed while going through alleys and in between cars.I apologise to anyone who actually uses a realistic vehicle as a civilian rather than the fastest thing they can buy. But you can blame all the other criminals and civilians on this server who drive these ridiculously fast cars and bikes.Basically it comes down to this:
  7. KaiserWilhelm


    We'll take OOC complaints as long as they are valid, it all depends. I'm always willing to talk it out with people as long as they are reasonable.
  8. KaiserWilhelm


    If you enounter a Deputy and believe they are doing their job incorrectly you have three options. First, you can file an Internal Affairs compaint with the SASD. Second, you can complain to the SCoSA (Courts). Third, you can join the SASD yourself and see if you do any better. I personally try to be more laid back on both of my SASD characters, but we do have a few deputies who are more agressive. Much like a real Law Enforcement Officers, everyone has their own style and you will see this in both SASD and LSPD.
  9. KaiserWilhelm


    You quit because you lost, maybe if your gameplay wasn't focused on crime 24/7 you wouldn't need to deal with LSPD or SASD.
  10. In my opinion we don't have enough players to populate a city without a bunch of blank spots. IF we had lets say 30 active players in the county and like 70 in the city, you would still probaly see people more often in the county. Why you may ask? Its more open, cities are made to hold thousands of people and we only barely break 100.People go to IGS because they know other people will be there, cut it off and they'll spread out or find a "New IGS".
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