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  1. Hey sorry to hear about you blowing your humvee, yourself, and your entire element up. IEDs Suck. But happy birthday nibba.

  2. @WOBOtweets Hows things going man? Been a while since we've heard from you I think!

  3. Going to be doing a lot more content in the future! Hope to see you guys around and be able to share in the experie… https://t.co/Y8isA3Zvk4

  4. Doing a bit of streaming tonight! Come by and chat with me on my adventure to constantly die in Black Desert Online.

    1. BookerT


      As if we'd do that

  5. @discordapp Servers seem to be down, everything all good there?

  6. ChieftainViking

    Kazimir Nikolaev v. Judith Kavanagh [12/04]

    ((I'd like to point out that Judith Kavanagh was CK'd the other day in Prison after committing suicide @[email protected]))
  7. ChieftainViking

    PRESS RELEASE - District Attorney's Office - "OPERATION PEGASUS"

    Name: T. Bruce Comment: Antonio Bernardi has been taken into custody for the warrant. Feel free to cross him out @Zebby
  8. ChieftainViking

    Amber Williams v. Theodore Bruce

    *Theodore Bruce would walk back into the court room and sigh slightly as he placed down a small briefcase with his arm still in a sling. His clothes would appear to be tattered as if during the time they took for a break, things have somehow worsened.* "Unfortunately, your honor. I have been unable to contact anyone regarding legal council. Those I have are unfortunately unwilling to do this pro bono and can no longer afford it due to termination of employment with the Los Santos PD." @ThatGuy
  9. ChieftainViking

    Temperarory Withdraw from the Community

    Greetings Owl Gaming Community, At this time I will be announcing my withdraw from the Owl Gaming Community as a whole. I realize that there are a number of people that appear to personally be against what I do with my streaming and continue to find new and better content to stream to my own community to help provide with a great experience to everyone. The only reason I began streaming was to provide people with great content to be able to watch and enjoy. With that, I personally don't find it enjoyable here anymore with a number of recent actions that have happened by a number of people within the community. I will always grow to support the Community as a whole and Chaos should he ever require the help. It has been my great pleasure to stream content for the Owl Gaming Community as I am glad you all have enjoyed it so far. I now move on to find other opportunities and another community to call home. Perhaps not within GTA:SA itself but more within FiveM. Thank you all for your support and donations that you have sent to me and I hope you all continue to strive to make your roleplay experience better and to create a great story for your characters. Regards, Chieftain Viking My Discord My Stream
  10. ChieftainViking

    Amber Williams v. Theodore Bruce

    *Theodore Bruce would sigh slightly as he attempts to push himself up to his feet, looking over to Katherine.* "If I may request, your honor, a small stay of proceedings until I can find proper legal representation for these proceedings. I'm afraid at the moment I'm currently paying for medical bills as well as in a attempt to find legal aid." @ThatGuy
  11. ChieftainViking

    Chieftain Viking - Streaming

    Hey guys! How we all doing? So as far as most of you know, at least. I'm back streaming again on Owl Gaming with my new character Theodore Bruce. I will be continuing to stream on MTA as well as other games like Escape From Tarkov, PUBG and more! IF you'd like to see different games or have any suggestions for the stream, feel free to post them here!
  12. ChieftainViking

    Amber Williams v. Los Santos Police Department

    *Theodore Bruce would slowly walk into the court room, pushing the doors open with his left arm as his right arm would appear to be in a cast. Walking over to the seats behind the right side of the court room as he slowly lowered himself in a seat in the back of the room, appearing to be in a bit of pain.*
  13. ChieftainViking

    Amber Williams v. Theodore Bruce

    *Theodore Bruce would begin entering the court room as his right arm would appear to be in a cast. Appearing to be in slight pain with each step as he took a seat at the defendant's side of the court room.* "Officer Theodore Bruce present, your honor." @ThatGuy
  14. Stream is coming up now! Come hang out and relax! Teach ya how the cops work! https://t.co/mx0PzVG2Yp

  15. ChieftainViking

    Chieftain Viking - Streaming

    Hey guys! Stream is going extremely well! Got almost 1000 Followers! Will be doing a special giveaway if we can reach 1000 followers by Sunday and every follower currently viewing on Sunday will get the chance to win a copy of either Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or Grand Theft Auto V. Come by stream and help us reach it! https://www.twitch.tv/chieftainviking

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