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  1. @WOBOtweets Hows things going man? Been a while since we've heard from you I think!

  2. Going to be doing a lot more content in the future! Hope to see you guys around and be able to share in the experie… https://t.co/Y8isA3Zvk4

    1. BookerT
    2. ResidentPeach


      no thanks

    3. ThatGuy


      Owl content I hope?

  3. Doing a bit of streaming tonight! Come by and chat with me on my adventure to constantly die in Black Desert Online.

    1. BookerT


      As if we'd do that

  4. @discordapp Servers seem to be down, everything all good there?

  5. ChieftainViking

    Kazimir Nikolaev v. Judith Kavanagh [12/04]

    ((I'd like to point out that Judith Kavanagh was CK'd the other day in Prison after committing suicide @[email protected]))
  6. ChieftainViking

    PRESS RELEASE - District Attorney's Office - "OPERATION PEGASUS"

    Name: T. Bruce Comment: Antonio Bernardi has been taken into custody for the warrant. Feel free to cross him out @Zebby

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