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  1. @@FAILCAKEZ -> dealt with once but the light speed he answered me within was enough for me to know @@iV7Z -> just a sound guy @@Swanker -> overall fave of the bunch ngl <3 @@yannickboy15 -> dont even know if hes ever answered one of my reports but know the dedication of this guy @@BlueBerry -> back in the day of course
  2. Servers in alot of Chaos now Maxime has quit.

    1. Dynamo


      Just stop.That joke wasn't so puntastic as mine.

    2. shibbi


      do u even pun bro

  3. Name: Jane Comment: Never would've happened under my watch. Looks like I handed it off to the wrong people.
  4. Yes he didn't need to make an application when he had previous connections with the leader and just had an interview.
  5. Wasn't hating on you, just the way the sentence was buddy.
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