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  1. I wouldn't say we have a particular time right now but if I had to it'd be like 5pm London time, most times when the whole MC is active is when Phixed has a day off work. There's normally like three of us active anyway when it's not the family holidays. I'll hit you up on Discord!
  2. Merry Christmas everybody! This is Clayton's present
  3. Clayton Swanson Clayton Swanson was born in Oklahoma City in May 13th 1990. He never got the chance to get to know his parents as they unfortunately passed away when Clayton was only 3 year old due to a fatal car accident. The crash was caused due to bad weather on the highway although there was speculation that it was a planned attack as Clayton's father was in serious debt. Clayton grew up with his Uncle taking care of him in San Andreas. As he was a young age when his parents died, the impact emotionally wasn't too heavy for the boy. Phil, Clayton's uncle took them out every weekend to go cycling up mountains as it was a stress reliever for Phil and great exercise for Clayton. This particular hobby was the gateway to Clayton's love and passion for motorcycles as he loved the feeling of the wind hitting his face. At the age of 14, Clayton was first introduced to alcohol during a high school party and this is where the hard life for the boy began. Clayton was peer pressured into taking cocaine by a few kids older than him which led to his drug addiction. As he was only young, he wouldn't have been able to afford his demands for drugs, so he began to commit crimes such as robberies, shoplifting and home invasions. When Clayton was 20 he had spent numerous times behind bars. This then caused Clayton to try and rebuild his life and attempt to forget the past life he lived. He managed to get a job working at his local post office and was a solid member for multiple years. Eventually, he got bored and sick of every little thing that occurred in his workplace to the point that he walked out and never came back. This would make Clayton's life much more difficult as he wouldn't be able to pay the bills by himself so he moved into an apartment with a man named Finlay. They became close friends and one day, started up their own Motorcycle Club with some other close friends which is now known as The Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club. The year is now 2018 and they are running a successful garage known as Devilish Customs and have a fully operation bar at their Clubhouse. Clayton's dream was to be the president of an MC and only time can tell whether or not he will remain president.
  4. Quiet one today since people have been busy, should be back strong tomorrow! Here's just some spares.
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