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  1. I completely disagree. If you put up possible suggestions to add onto the ones posted on this thread to enable a more fruitful future for us all within this community. I urge you to do so.
  2. Feel free to PM myself or @Livelethal about your concerns, I'll ensure they're looked into.
  3. Let's not run before we can walk. By that I mean, get this single system implemented before scripters agree to provide us a bigger system which takes 10x as long.
  4. Finish off/fix the custom ringtone feature for the cellphone.
  5. Rant I guess

  6. Rant I guess

    Threads like these ruin the mystery within illegal factions and events that occur on the server. No idea why things are having to be explained OOCly by the factions leadership. Keep to the main point of the thread and leave everything IC, well... IC?
  7. The Red County Mob

    Simply fantastic roleplay experiences with you on two characters now, both on the opposite ends of the stick. Mind-blowing fun.
  8. Madmen MC

    The Madmen MC. An outlaw motorcycle club founded in Blueberry, Red County in the San Andreas state. During the mid-period of 2016 the Madmen MC made a famous name within the state of being ruthless, unforgiving but fair to those that abide by their own set of rules. Their structure has remained the same throughout their time, adopting an almost military like routine when it comes to their recruitment and treating of those within the club. During this 2016 period they easily dominated and swatted away any competition which came in the form of any other MC. They went under the radar of the San Andreas authorities for a period of almost two years but seemingly resurfacing again lately. They seem to be looking to again establish themselves within the state like they were once before. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A new start. Upon joining this faction, you agree to a faction CK clause, thus making you eligible to disposal when/if the factions leadership see's fit.
  9. Recent negative threads regarding Owl

    A little bit of Big Shaq maths for you. Mans not hot. Owlgaming - 45 - 60 players, Other server 50 - 70 players. Taking the maximum amounts, 60 + 70 = 130. No ketchup. Owl is not by anymeans dying. SOME people are unhappy on the way things are around here which is their own personal issue and belief. That's never going to stop, public opinion. The only reason Owl isn't getting as many players at the moment is simply because there is a second alternative. That doesn't mean it's "better" seeing as it's using older scripts of Owl's but they may feel the administration is different, or the direction they can take the server in a little bit different than what Owl can do. Once again, it's public opinion, nothing to do with a server dying.
  10. [STATE] The People v. Jamari Jackson

    *Anthony Watson would look towards Thomas as he speaks, cracking a light smile in the process.*
  11. Rant I guess

    The main problem with illegal RP is because of past leaders of whom I would deem quite "reasonable & good" keep on going around saying how poor the community is because they had one or two bad situations whilst running their faction, leading to their demotivation and the eventual fall of their faction as a whole. To those I am speaking with, get off your high horse and bring back to the table what you could offer all of those years ago, teach the upcoming illegal roleplayers through time, patience and good leadership. THEN you will see a change to illegal RP as a whole, it's not for us to point the finger at FMT to pass the buck, systems are in place that they recognise and admin over but those systems do not complete or make up illegal RP as a whole.
  12. Not trying to be a dick or anything but...

    That's like saying a child abuser is a good father because he spends hours a day with his children.

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