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  1. It could indeed be a fantastic place for the marketplace to base its main source rather than the current forums and has worked well for many other servers. With all due respect, I’ve seen what has happened before when the social media was outsourced by someone else, no matter who was in the right or wrong it caused problems and they reflected badly on us as a community. I’ll await the official announcement from UAT or Chaos themselves if this is an official OwlGaming product before touching it as I believe we should be keeping all things like this in-house and under the ownership of the owners
  2. Using this site on mobile is an experience. 

  3. So long as they are not in the chat box or spamming the left side of our screens. A /ame on a short timer could be fine.
  4. I think long term there will be a similar system like how the clothing store is currently setup to where we would have the base Sheriff MP skin which would need to be a base mod if possible and the ability to add all the extra accessories and goodies onto it with a menu. Would be cool but extremely doubtful you can add props onto a modded skin. I’m also yet to find one that supports the MP face, we were only able to use the LSPD one due to the MP Heist mission. Unsure how it will work but hopefully there is a way.
  5. That’s because they are LSPD vehicles. When the base game already has Sheriff vehicles. Unsure as to why they’re in the fleet as is.
  6. Agree with all apart from a few things. Being able to forcefully move someone. If they start to Powergame during an arrest, simply report them. Vehicle mods, not required. The default vehicles have the correct livery’s and look fine as is. We should put getting an actual Sheriffs uniform as top priority that supports of the MP character rather than looking like a bunch of teenagers in a paintball match. The most basics of duties can be performed as of right now which is fine enough in Beta stage. You can already frisk and confiscate items @Res
  7. Is this the official OwlGaming one? I'm not going through another Owlgaming vs Linkbook war.
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Removal of /me and notification spam when interacting. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Removal of the spam that occurs when you're doing simple tasks like turning the modes on your headlights from DIM to FULL to OFF. It causes unnecessary spam in your chat box when some of us don't like playing with a million lines running down our screens. Also something like toggling the mode on your lights and sirens to just lights. A large blue box comes t
  9. I believe it's in the settings tab in the top left. If not, check your GTA V settings. Good luck though!
  10. Same process an admin would need to do by inputting somebodies name into the log search system than their Mask_ID. There is no additional steps or searches. Also the Mask_ID is just a masked identity. The admin could easily do /check Mask_17758 for example to reveal their /check panel like we had in MTA.
  11. I'm assumed to believe they only work over GTA V multiplayer characters (Custom characters) In regards to your earlier comment about the vehicle, it would work the same. You would need the persons FULL NAME or a partial name to report them to an admin for vehicle deathmatch. In most cases of that, it would be from a video recording because you would need to show evidence of them deathmatching in the first place. So long as you have a name or their Mask ID. They can be punished. It's simply a feature to hide your IC identity. Not your OOC one.
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