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  1. Make more goofy MTA videos.

  2. Addiction is sure a way to keep drugs on the streets and in demand. I understand the screams for people not wanting their RP forced on them but as seen on MTA, when you have the option, a small percentage of people will only be realistic with it in an honest way and RP an addiction, others choose to think they're immune.
  3. It would be interesting and nice to see drug use have some strong impacting or long last effects to the point where someone may need to wait out the drop down period of the drug or seek medical assistance to counter-act the drug, which would tie in along with running an active hospital like the MTA server already has. It would also mix the RP up a little when it comes to either the FD or a medical faction not always being called to GSW victims or vehicular crashes. If it's even possible to calculate and keep track of, allow the effects to be less if the user has taken the drug "X" amount of times before, thus resulting in more of the drug needed to reach the high, leading to possible overdose effects or the high being decreased in it's strength. Just my two cents.
  4. happy birthday

  5. The future. Keep up the fantastic work all involved.
  6. I'm involved in almost a fist fight at work each time I clock onto shift, it's not uncommon in a club environment. The only difference between real life and MTA is that no one gives a complete fuck when Security rock up. Security within clubs on MTA can do absolutely nothing because they hold no arsenal within their powers, like you can RP tackling someone to the ground or restraining them but who's going to notice when you're throwing fists at another dude and rarely reading the text menu. LSPD only are able to break up disorder and fights with the tasers which is fine because it restricts the player via script. I'd rather there be a tackle script placed in that stuns a character in place for a few seconds so they're forced to read the RP that's occurred but that also comes with such great abuse from the minority. Regardless, a little scripting to aid security within these legal RP hotspots will go a long way.
  7. I agree with all points of this thread apart from restricting fist fights to admin supervision and the advertisement restriction.
  8. "Your Honour, the Prosecution would call Dave Harper to the stand." (( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))
  9. JJE

    Hi , just asking am i able to join the Carson Quadrant Surenos?


    and like what is it about or probably what is our daily job?

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    2. Script
    3. JJE


      Just for fun and chat lol ? or be a criminal?

    4. Lartsa



  10. Lewis

    CQS X3

    Carson Quadrant Surenos (CQS X3) are a Hispanic street gang based within the district of Jefferson. The gangs forming came from the poor/middle-class society living in the area and deciding to make the best of it. Others came along from various districts in the south end of LS, and are now finding themselves working towards a common goal. Due to the tight structure the gang works from, their current illegal acts remain undisclosed. Their community involvement aids in keeping things tight lipped and ensuring the structure remains unbroken. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a faction CK, meaning that you agree that if murdered by a leader/higher member of this faction you will be CK’d.
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