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  1. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Your Honour, the Prosecution would call Dave Harper to the stand." (( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))
  2. df52445c6a.png

  3. Hi , just asking am i able to join the Carson Quadrant Surenos?


    and like what is it about or probably what is our daily job?

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    2. Baljeet
    3. JJE


      Just for fun and chat lol ? or be a criminal?

    4. Lartsa
  4. CQS X3

    Carson Quadrant Surenos (CQS X3) are a Hispanic street gang based within the district of Jefferson. The gangs forming came from the poor/middle-class society living in the area and deciding to make the best of it. Others came along from various districts in the south end of LS, and are now finding themselves working towards a common goal. Due to the tight structure the gang works from, their current illegal acts remain undisclosed. Their community involvement aids in keeping things tight lipped and ensuring the structure remains unbroken. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a faction CK, meaning that you agree that if murdered by a leader/higher member of this faction you will be CK’d.
  5. [General] - /look age ranges.

    Or simply: Age: X - X
  6. [General] - /look age ranges.

    "Looks between the ages of X and X."
  7. Residential - 11, Providence Drive

    @George you have won the auction, contact me via email to finalise the deal.
  8. Residential - 11, Providence Drive

    Acknowledged, @SniicK outbid.
  9. Residential - 11, Providence Drive

  10. Residential - 11, Providence Drive

    Fixed, thanks.
  11. I hope you're the one to frisk me in the future, I'm lying to your ass.
  12. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Your Honour, we are only going in circles because the Defence doesn't understand when Miranda rights apply.. Again, it is only in the context of a custodial holding of the subject must they be issued a Miranda warning. Agent Murdoch did not initiate a custodial arrest until well after voluntary admissions were made to him under free will." (( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))
  13. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Your Honour, The Defence seems to misunderstand that Agent Murdoch questioned the subject before officially making any interactions between himself and Miss Belshaw custodial in nature. Miss Belshaw was also a Law Enforcement Officer and knows full well that her actions were voluntary at that time and therefore could be used against her in these proceedings." (( @ThatGuy @JameZ @Zebulon ))
  14. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Your honour, At no point did Agent Murdoch have a constitutional obligation to recite the Miranda rights to Miss Belshaw. He directed pertinent questions regarding the suspected crimes and answers were given without coercion. Furthermore... Upon reviewing the records of the interaction, Miss Belshaw suggested she pull herself over and made a wilful decision to remain on scene and initially cooperate with Law Enforcement. Agent Murdoch had more than enough evidence to commence a Terry Stop. Regardless, this is also not even applicable as fruit of the poisonous tree unless the Defence can prove that Agent Murdoch had some kind of corrupt or otherwise malicious intentions. The Defence's client made wilful statements to Law Enforcement and now she must answer for her actions. I again submit motion of objection to the suppression of any evidence being currently considered." (( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))

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