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  1. Yeah sure, as long as it's not like on MTA where you're still able to see their actual ID and just do /id id and figure out who it is. Should only be able to be identified by the admins if necessary.
  2. I fully agree with this. GTA 5 has so much to offer which makes it completly unnecessary to have symbols above your head apart from your name obviously. I wouldn't mind though if a similar health icon was implemented like on MTA where it appeared as a bleeding icon when you're really low HP.
  3. ??

    1. tornstatue
    2. Tidemo


      Not bad, here to check out Owl V when it's out. You?

    3. JameZ
  4. hbd you swedish thing

  5. Glad nationaldag på dig! 

  6. Tidemo please check your application the house I want buy it.

  7. And December 2015. Julmust!
  8. Could you make me a flag aswell?

    1. Gilgamesh
    2. Gilgamesh


      Also replace OWL GAMING with OWL GAYMING if possible

  9. [MENTION=84]Rockey[/MENTION] for making me an elevator <3
  10. Request a Refund Character you lost an item/items on: Elizabeth Starks Time/date of incident: 08/10/2014 List the item(s) you lost and the exact amount: A 2014 BMW M5 F10, it got unmodified to a 2014 BMW M5, and the handling and speed got changed, so I would like a refund the amount that i payed for it, which is 90.000 List how this incident occurred and provide evidence: Well, I dont really know how it happened, i just noticed it gone when I was in my garage, apparently VCT was changeing it by then, if you want evidence, Contact Koguchi or Humour for further explanation,
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