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  1. Name: AC Comment: Unfortunate decision, but it really is understandable. The problem that LSIA suffers since day one is the traffic flow. The solution is not to find a new leader, find new strategy for LSIA, or anythinge lse. The solution is to find commercial reasons to fly. Without purpose, LSIA will forever be in the same state.
  2. tree

    GTA V giveaway!

    You never PMed me either... lol
  3. I don't remember that, what are you talking about ? aha
  4. 1st of October 2018 Los Santos International Airport Interstate 42, Los Santos, State of San Andreas Greetings, In the month of October we will be working on actively pursueing our mission of increasing aviation traffic and usage of services at LSIA. We are actively setting up our AeroClub. Michael Toretto, who is heading the project, explains it this way: "We are currently working on an upcoming project with the aim to increase aviation interest and shape a community within Los Santos. The concept is to start an official Aeroclub association that will entice pilots to join, meet other enthusiasts and develop their skills further. LS Aeroclub will offer free-to-use aircraft, ground and flight events such as Aerobatic courses, Formation Flights and much more! We are also happy to announce that LSIA flight school will merge with the Aeroclub and bring a new dynamic to lessons and courses. More information on this will be coming soon!" I'm also happy to nominate Alice Grace to the position of General Manager, followed by Michael Toretto as Assistant General Manager, and Head Instructor by interim. As for me, I will remain active at LSIA but also throughout the United States as a recently appointed FAA reviewer and examiner. I'd like to remind everyone that we are still looking for certified flight instructors. More info if you click here. It can be a job that you easily match with other jobs, as it is on a calling-basis. With a truly competitive bonus plan and work conditions, it is now more than ever the time to become a Certified Flight Instructor. Kind regards, Anthony Cunningham, FAA Reviewer in charge of LSIA CL1 CFI
  5. Name: AC Bid: Starting (100K$)
  6. tree

    [Items] - Tents

    What about the tipi
  7. What a great night. After a day full of teaching, time to relax
  8. tree

    Job Application - Shane Walker - 21/09/2018

    M. Walker, As stated in our Career opportunities information thread, we require the students to have CPL and CFI licenses. Some exceptions are made for experienced pilots without the CFI. Here is the recommend path to a job as a CFI: 1- Decide if you wish to start your career with fixed-wing planes or helicopters. 2- Apply for the "ARC" and then the "SER" for fixed-wings, or "ROT" for helicopters 3- Get experience as a pilot and then apply for the CPL and CFI. Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  9. tree

    [DENIED] Job Application - Maxim Gagne

    Dear @maximqc1996 M. Gagné, Unfortunately, the recruitment for the Crew position is closed as stated below. Please re-apply when it is back opened. Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  10. tree

    Job Application - Shane Walker - 21/09/2018

    @UrbanGhetto Dear M. Walker, Could you list us your current pilot licenses? Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  11. I am not really suggesting fuel stations tbh.
  12. Dear Mr Cavanagh (( @Venenoso )), We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to LS International Airport. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please call our hotline #5555 when you are available and ask for an instructor to do your training. * Please send proof of payment. * Licenses Cost Air Radio Certificate (ARC) 1,000$ Single Engine Rating (SER) including Dodo typerating 12,000$ Grand total 13,000$ Signed, Anthony Cunningham General Manager
  13. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Adding fuel tanker usability What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- The fuel trailer, tanker, serves no purpose currently. This suggestion comes from an issue we've experienced lately at LSIA. In bigger planes, it is impossible to "talk" to the ped to get refueled. But this would also serve any purpose where you need "mobile" fuel. Basically you could fill your tanker (given that you have the key for it!) either at the LV rafinery or some place I'd find in the Los Santos industrial docks. And then when you want to fuel up another vehicle from it, you'll right click the tanker and an option will show up, with the nearby vehicles, to do it. What are the advantages?- - Mobile fuel for any event (I'm thinking here at DPS helicopters, organized race events, aircrafts, etc.) - Just more general fun I guess What are the disadvantages?- - The fuel trailer is not properly synchronized. But I guess I could try to find a way to re-sync it somehow. Would have to think of a way... Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- - How would you go about implementing this idea?- I am willing to do it, if accepted by the community. And for all I care, if UAT wants fuel stations to have a capacity & needing to be refilled, that could also be done.

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