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  1. What a great night. After a day full of teaching, time to relax
  2. tree

    Job Application - Shane Walker - 21/09/2018

    M. Walker, As stated in our Career opportunities information thread, we require the students to have CPL and CFI licenses. Some exceptions are made for experienced pilots without the CFI. Here is the recommend path to a job as a CFI: 1- Decide if you wish to start your career with fixed-wing planes or helicopters. 2- Apply for the "ARC" and then the "SER" for fixed-wings, or "ROT" for helicopters 3- Get experience as a pilot and then apply for the CPL and CFI. Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  3. tree

    [DENIED] Job Application - Maxim Gagne

    Dear @maximqc1996 M. Gagné, Unfortunately, the recruitment for the Crew position is closed as stated below. Please re-apply when it is back opened. Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  4. tree

    Job Application - Shane Walker - 21/09/2018

    @UrbanGhetto Dear M. Walker, Could you list us your current pilot licenses? Thank you, Anthony C. General Manager
  5. I am not really suggesting fuel stations tbh.
  6. Dear Mr Cavanagh (( @Venenoso )), We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to LS International Airport. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please call our hotline #5555 when you are available and ask for an instructor to do your training. * Please send proof of payment. * Licenses Cost Air Radio Certificate (ARC) 1,000$ Single Engine Rating (SER) including Dodo typerating 12,000$ Grand total 13,000$ Signed, Anthony Cunningham General Manager
  7. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Adding fuel tanker usability What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- The fuel trailer, tanker, serves no purpose currently. This suggestion comes from an issue we've experienced lately at LSIA. In bigger planes, it is impossible to "talk" to the ped to get refueled. But this would also serve any purpose where you need "mobile" fuel. Basically you could fill your tanker (given that you have the key for it!) either at the LV rafinery or some place I'd find in the Los Santos industrial docks. And then when you want to fuel up another vehicle from it, you'll right click the tanker and an option will show up, with the nearby vehicles, to do it. What are the advantages?- - Mobile fuel for any event (I'm thinking here at DPS helicopters, organized race events, aircrafts, etc.) - Just more general fun I guess What are the disadvantages?- - The fuel trailer is not properly synchronized. But I guess I could try to find a way to re-sync it somehow. Would have to think of a way... Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- - How would you go about implementing this idea?- I am willing to do it, if accepted by the community. And for all I care, if UAT wants fuel stations to have a capacity & needing to be refilled, that could also be done.
  8. Bluewater Aviation is looking for an aeronautical paint technician to re-paint its fleet of aircrafts and ground vehicles. The applicant is expected to have a portfolio available showing his previous work, as well as availability to do it on the short term, and creativity. The fleet is composed of: Boeing 727 (( Andromada )) Cessna Citation II (( Shamal )) Beechcraft 55 Baron (( Beagle )) Jeep Wrangler (( Mesa )) Ford F350 (( Utility van )) Our logo's colors as showed above should be painted accordingly, with a touch to show the logo. Contract of 100K$USD. Applicants may contact Anthony C. privately (( @tree )) (( OOC info: It wouldn't be realistic to get the corner's mechanic guy to do this. So if you're going to apply, please roleplay that you've had some kind of training program to do it. High roleplay standards will be expected. I am looking for someone who's excellent with vehicle textures. All I will do is provide my logo above. ))
  9. The LSIA management wishes to congratulate Michael Toretto in earning the prestigious Class 1 CFI title after succesfully completing a complex theory examination and flight test.
  10. To book a class with one of our instructor, please call our hotline at #5555. The first available will call you back. Head Instructor (Contact for any issue or question about the Flight School) Michael Toretto (( @Frostbiteee )) Class 1 CFI George Steven (( @Dawkins )) Class 3 CFI Mohammed Khan (( @SKhan )) Class 3 CFI Tom Anderson (( @kebabmies )) Class 3 CFI Jack Murabito (( @Kuroen )) Class 4 CFI
  11. tree

    History of Owlgaming.

    Yeah I mean I've tried myself to go on the other side multiple times as you know it, and it's never better. Most of the time even worse lol.
  12. tree

    History of Owlgaming.

    I could have bet 20$ this thread would turn into a 'rp sucks, was better before, blablabla' thread
  13. tree

    History of Owlgaming.

    Sin City (SA:MP) led by Daniels transfered over to MTA with the name "MTA:RP" (not the same MTA:RP we know today) MTA:RP eventually merged with Valhalla Gaming, an established community having a roleplay server on SA:MP. This gave them more visibility. At that time, it was still led and developped by Daniels, but also Mabako and Mount (and I think Exciter?) Daniels left vG MTA and Mount took over. For the entire time we were in vG, MTA was really a seperate community really, I don't recall any "community-wide" events. Thus, Mount decided to disband the vG affiliation and create his own one called Root Gaming (rG). It worked for a year or two and it got closed eventually, leading to two main projects: One branch was United Gaming (uG) (aka Anthony, Maxime, etc.) and the other was Roleplay Project (Exciter, Thomaspwn) Both ran for a small while and eventually Roleplay Project closed down due to non-popularity when the uG "2.0" update came out. uG closed down only a month later, as Maxime started his own server on the side, which is what we know today as Owl Gaming. Maxime has been the owner from 2014 to around 2016. If you wonder where Chaos is coming from, it was from MTA-RP. He eventually applied to Owl Gaming scripting team. Maxime became very busy in real life and lost popularity amongt the community members, and Chaos took over as he was already in the scripting team with beautiful skills, but also showing a great mind in management. On the side throughout the time, there have been many side projects but none that we can actually relate to due to non-popularity and closing down after a few months. Adding to my previous comment (edit): It is also to note that throughout the time, there have been many transfers and script leaks, so it is an interesting concept that we still have to this date some script written in 2007 by @Daniels. The same "script base" has followed along the line.

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