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  1. The County Air Administration is looking for aviation passionates! We hire qualified instructors and student instructors! Find information below!
  2. Had fun flight with our Dodo! Notice how it lands both on land and sea. It is equipped with retractable gear!
  3. Are you flying or an aviation enthusiast on GTA V / Owl ? Share your screenshots here! Does not have to be linked directly to CAA!
  4. The airport chart has been edited to allow night vfr flights if lights are operating only.
  5. It works on, usually, a 1 year term in which the insured pays X amount of money for the year, and the insurer will cover the costs (minus deductible) of what is insured for that year. Obviously, if the insured made too many claims, the insurer can either not renew for another term, or raise the premium. Yes, insurance factions can work without any script. All it requires is a bank account, a spreadsheet and contracts. Though, on a game like GTA SA or V, people "play" at a speedy pace. They don't want to have to fill a claim sheet and wait a few days for the refund of th
  6. tree


    Employment Working at CAA offers a unique opportunity to experience a career where your impact not only reaches throughout the aviation industry but around the world as well! CAA's mission of safe and efficient flight is one that affects all Los Santos County. We employ flight instructors, agents, controllers, ground crews and pilots. Requirements for all jobs: At least 18 years old U.S. citizen No criminal record Passion for aviation! Current job openings Flight Instructor - Required: At least 500h total
  7. cat

    Why is your discord username bird? Birds != Trees.

    1. tree
    2. Syncer


      you're getting a +1 for the !=

  8. tree

    LSIA access

    I mean in https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1141-los-santos-international-airport/ there is an employee section and I dont see it anymore. Also I dont have moderator tools over the LSIA forums anymore.
  9. tree

    LSIA access

    Somehow I don't have the employee access nor moderator tools anymore? over the LSIA subsections. Thanks
  10. Flight School Information The CAA has a public flight school which can be attended by anyone. Wether it is for pure hobby or working, we have certified instructors ready for you. The basic requirements before applying are the follow: You are 18 years old or older; You have a clean criminal record; You have obtained a Medical Certificate for aviation; You speak and understand fluent english. Our flight school is located at McKenzie Fields, Grapeseed. Once you have been accepted at our Flight School, you will receive a letter with all infor
  11. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1957-county-air-administration/ I need moderator access over that. Also give @Freebird view and moderator access! Thank you.
  12. Airport name Los Santos International Airport Area Los Santos Services offered Fuel (100LL and Jetfuel) Monthly parking Aircraft maintenance Terminals Cargo Operations permitted Day/night VFR and IFR Flight School Commercials of all type Communications 126.7 MHz Runway type 12R/L-30R/L Asphalt 9000ft. 03-21 Aspha
  13. Airport name McKenzie Field Area Grapeseed Services offered Fuel (100LL) Flight School Temporary parking Aircraft maintenance Operations permitted Day VFR flights with non-jet powered aircrafts. Flight School Night VFR - if runway lights are operating only. Communications 126.7 MHz Runway type 07-29
  14. The County Air Administration (will be referred to as "CAA" in the text) is the public entity responsible of aviation over and around the Los Santos County. It is a government agency which acts under the Los Santos County Government. Primarly, the CAA is in charge of: Regulations on airport premises, in the air above the county, and 50 nautical miles from the coast above sea. Examining and issuing licenses and typeratings. Enforcing the Federal Aviation Regulations. Ensuring there is a effective emergency plan for every aviation related emergency situations.
  15. Introduction to clouds Before and during any flight, being just a 15 minutes touch and go training or a 300 nautical miles flight across the state, every pilot has the obligation to check the weather at the departing airport, on the route, and the arrival airport and alternative airports. He must check that the conditions fit his maximums, and what to do instead. This is seminar is a simple introduction to general meteorology. Another seminar will be focused on aviation's meteorology. Structure of the atmosphere The basic structure of the atmosph
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