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  1. The County Air Administration is looking for aviation passionates! We hire qualified instructors and student instructors! Find information below!
  2. Had fun flight with our Dodo! Notice how it lands both on land and sea. It is equipped with retractable gear!
  3. Are you flying or an aviation enthusiast on GTA V / Owl ? Share your screenshots here! Does not have to be linked directly to CAA!
  4. The airport chart has been edited to allow night vfr flights if lights are operating only.
  5. It works on, usually, a 1 year term in which the insured pays X amount of money for the year, and the insurer will cover the costs (minus deductible) of what is insured for that year. Obviously, if the insured made too many claims, the insurer can either not renew for another term, or raise the premium. Yes, insurance factions can work without any script. All it requires is a bank account, a spreadsheet and contracts. Though, on a game like GTA SA or V, people "play" at a speedy pace. They don't want to have to fill a claim sheet and wait a few days for the refund of their vehicle damage. For that, it requires a script, even though it is not mandatory to start.
  6. tree


    Employment Working at CAA offers a unique opportunity to experience a career where your impact not only reaches throughout the aviation industry but around the world as well! CAA's mission of safe and efficient flight is one that affects all Los Santos County. We employ flight instructors, agents, controllers, ground crews and pilots. Requirements for all jobs: At least 18 years old U.S. citizen No criminal record Passion for aviation! Current job openings Flight Instructor [CLOSED TEMPORARY] - Required: At least 500h total flight time - Required: CPL, CFI - Required: (( Experience as instructor on any other server, or experience on simulation games like FSX or X-Plane. We ask this as nobody on V will have the proper licenses, so this is a "quick start" as instructor provided you have sufficient experience )) - Description: Teach and examine student pilots for the different licenses, ratings and types we offer. Occasionally also perform operational flights as a CAA pilot. Student Flight Instructor [CLOSED TEMPORARY] - Required: Nothing - Description: You will receive free training for the PPL, CPL and CFI with a signed contract to work for us for at least 3 months or else pay back the actual cost of the trainings. Requires a lot of dedication and a will to learn. Pilot (PIC and F/O) - Required: 200h total flight time - Required: PPL-A, CPL - Description: Act as Pilot in Command or First Officer on one of our plane to perform our daily scheduled commercial flights, such as weather reports, charter, flight inspections and more! Aircraft Engineer - Required: Any experience regarding aircraft engineering. - Description: The aircraft engineer is to provide regular maintenance to the entire aircraft fleet of the C.A.A. . The job involves, as well, duties that consist of airport's maintenance. Aircraft Engineer Trainee - Required: Nothing - Description: You will recieve free training from an experienced Aircraft Engineer who will teach you the ropes. ATC Operator - Required: Nothing - Description: You will be controlling the air traffic above LS. It involves knowledges (already existing or will be obtained) of radio utilization protocol, radar utilization and constant weather checking, adapting the traffic to it. Interested? Then fill a resume and send it to use here.
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    Why is your discord username bird? Birds != Trees.

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      you're getting a +1 for the !=

  8. tree

    LSIA access

    I mean in https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1141-los-santos-international-airport/ there is an employee section and I dont see it anymore. Also I dont have moderator tools over the LSIA forums anymore.
  9. tree

    LSIA access

    Somehow I don't have the employee access nor moderator tools anymore? over the LSIA subsections. Thanks
  10. Flight School Information The CAA has a public flight school which can be attended by anyone. Wether it is for pure hobby or working, we have certified instructors ready for you. The basic requirements before applying are the follow: You are 18 years old or older; You have a clean criminal record; You have obtained a Medical Certificate for aviation; You speak and understand fluent english. Our flight school is located at McKenzie Fields, Grapeseed. Once you have been accepted at our Flight School, you will receive a letter with all information about the training and documentation. You will find below a list of the licenses, ratings and types we offer. Our fleet consists of the following aircrafts. If you require an additional type other than Basic, Float or SER, you will have to provide an aircraft in which the type is included. Fleet at Los Santos International Airport (CAA HQ) Fleet at McKenzie Airfield, Grapeseed. (CAA County) Licenses Rating Types FORM APPLICATION If you are interested, fill out the following form and post it here.
  11. tree

    Perms to CAA

    https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1957-county-air-administration/ I need moderator access over that. Also give @Freebird view and moderator access! Thank you.
  12. Airport name Los Santos International Airport Area Los Santos Services offered Fuel (100LL and Jetfuel) Monthly parking Aircraft maintenance Terminals Cargo Operations permitted Day/night VFR and IFR Flight School Commercials of all type Communications 126.7 MHz Runway type 12R/L-30R/L Asphalt 9000ft. 03-21 Asphalt 5000ft. Ownership Los Santos County Government Notes Contact the CAA for parking rentals Contact the CAA for airline commercial operations setup.
  13. Airport name McKenzie Field Area Grapeseed Services offered Fuel (100LL) Flight School Temporary parking Aircraft maintenance Operations permitted Day VFR flights with non-jet powered aircrafts. Flight School Night VFR - if runway lights are operating only. Communications 126.7 MHz Runway type 07-29 Dirt 1800 ft. Ownership Los Santos County Government Notes Circuits always performed south of the runway. Perform short/soft take off and landing maneuvers.
  14. The County Air Administration (will be referred to as "CAA" in the text) is the public entity responsible of aviation over and around the Los Santos County. It is a government agency which acts under the Los Santos County Government. Primarly, the CAA is in charge of: Regulations on airport premises, in the air above the county, and 50 nautical miles from the coast above sea. Examining and issuing licenses and typeratings. Enforcing the Federal Aviation Regulations. Ensuring there is a effective emergency plan for every aviation related emergency situations. Due to the fact Los Santos County is an isolated island far, but still part of the United States of America, the Federal Aviation Administration has delegated its powers to the CAA. We have also been granted exceptional means to offer three additional services: Flight School Airport operations Flight services such as city tours, Mount Chilliad quick lifts, charter and more. Our organization is segmented into three departments which each are headed by a team of administrators. Administrator Deputy Administrator Associate Administrator of the Flight School Associate Administrator of Operations Associate Administrator of Flight Services Flight Instructors Agents, Controllers and Ground crew Pilots and onboard crew Frequently Asked Questions Q: Shouldn't the Flight Services be handled by a private company rather than the county? A: Totally. Our goal for the future is to give opportunities to private companies to exploit the aviation industry. Thus, when it will be possible and stable enough, we will drop the Flight Services department.
  15. Introduction to clouds Before and during any flight, being just a 15 minutes touch and go training or a 300 nautical miles flight across the state, every pilot has the obligation to check the weather at the departing airport, on the route, and the arrival airport and alternative airports. He must check that the conditions fit his maximums, and what to do instead. This is seminar is a simple introduction to general meteorology. Another seminar will be focused on aviation's meteorology. Structure of the atmosphere The basic structure of the atmosphere is shown below. Most of the weather occurs in the troposphere which on average extends to about 36000 ft above the earth's surface. The troposhpere is the layer of the atmosphere where most of the weather occurs and where most flying occurs. The actual height of the troposphere varies dramatically with latitude and with the seasons. Drivers of temperature change and weather The atmosphere is not directly heated by the sun's radiation. The sun's radiation, which is primarily short wave radiation, is first directly absorbed by the surface of the earth. This heats the earth which in turn re-radiates the heat at a much longer wavelenght which is absorbed by the atmosphere. The primary driver of the weather is uneven heating of the surface which is caused by several factors: Seasonal variations which expose one hemisphere to more sunlight than another depending on the time of the year Latitude variations Day and night (diurnal) variations Difference surfaces on the earth absorbing and reflecting heat differently. Like a dark rocky surface versus vegetation. The presence of water plays a key role in the weather by providing a mechanism for transporting thermal energy to different parts of the globe. Some terms and definitions Humidity The higher the temperature of the air, the greater the quantity of water which it can hold. RELATIVE HUMIDITY is the amount of water in the air relative to the maximum which it can hold at the temperature and pressure. DEWPOINT, if air is cooled at constant pressure the temperature at which condensation begins is known as the dewpoint. The closer the dewpoint temperature is to the outside air temperature, the more likely it is that clouds will form. Water vapour is less dense than dry air. As a result, the higher the humidity, the less dense the air and the poorer aeroplane performance will be. Convection - is the vertical movement of air Advection - The horizontal movement of air Sublimation - when a solid changes phase directly to gas without going through liquid Deposition - when gas goes to solid. Isobars - lines of constant pressure Isotachs - lines of constant wind velocity Gust - a rapid increase of wind speed for a short period of time Clouds Clouds are formed when air containing moisture (gaseous water vapour) is cooled to saturation resulting in the water condensing as liquid droplets or as ice crystals. The types of clouds which form depends on the stability of the atmosphere in which cooling is taking place. Cooling can occur in several ways: The primary cause of the cooling is adiabatic expansion resulting from lifting of the air. Lifting can occur because of: Atmospheric convergence - where air masses clash horizontally and the air is left with no place to go other than up Orographic features - where air travels over orographic features such as mountains and is forced to rise Frontal action - where one air mass undercuts another forcing the second air mass to rise or one air mass rides over the top of another air mass Mechanical turbulence - similar in nature to lifting caused by orographic features Convection - where adjacent bodies of air are warmed or cooled differently usually by different ground surfaces. The body of air which is warmed more rises while the other body sinks. Advection (horizontal movement) of air over a colder surface Evaporative cooling The clouds are classified according to their physical appearance and according to the height of their base. Different clouds and how they each affect differently flying will be introduced at another seminar.
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