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  1. **As Tony Abbiati goes through youtube and noticed this video, he would click on it while mumbling to himself "Damn, wasnt it those guys in that white SUV today?...".
  2. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber:44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: $85,000
  3. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber:44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: $60,000
  4. (( Dont know what you're talking about =) ))
  5. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber:44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: $45,000.
  6. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber: 44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: 32,500
  7. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber: 44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: 29,500
  8. Name: Tony AbbiatiNumber: 44444Email: ((Viitamin))Bid/Buyout: 26,500
  9. That last one was good, but why the fuck is there a fishing hook at the corner? lol
  10. I tried to figure out the point of your post... but I think I need help.What I mean is that I will join the faction and they can count with me.Yet I dont understand what you are trying to say?
  11. This is the real shit... count with me!
  12. Rockey - Trial GM.. This guy deserves the promotion to GM.He is very helpful to the server and uses a professional way to talk to people and allways willing to help.
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