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  1. If you really care about Owl’s future, you can stop writing topics like these and instead just log into the server.
  2. American Social “AMSO” offers an upscale, yet casual dining experience. A high-energy sports bar andmusic-centric restaurant & bar that offers an award-winning menu and entertainment unlike all others. We are a place where friends come together and great memories are made. Where your favorite all-American food cravings are satisfied, great music fills the air and all the big games can be enjoyed with your friends and fellow fans. Unwind with a handcrafted signature cocktail or choose from our extensive craft brew menu that will make you feel as if you have re
  3. Awesome stuff. Thanks for your hardworking and dedication along with GAT, UAT and of course the rest of the dev team.
  4. I'd appreciate this fix. For me, I'm one of those that can always open doors, and on top of that if I go to the outside thinking it might be a door to a room, it will bug the interior entrance/exit and I always have to report for a admin to come and let me out of the interior.
  5. Absolutely not. Daniels/Chaos have already improved this to the point where it's not bad at all. Plus, it defeats immersion to have vehicles randomly despawn.
  6. I like this. Could be good for roleplaying out of gas scenarios or players roleplaying their vehicles shutting off on them.
  7. Would be nice to have a NPC dog instead.
  8. I think it’s something we can consider in the long run but right now, things are fine how they are.
  9. I like this. It can be used to give out the address of their place. So if they make a ad, just put a parenthesis the interior id and the GPS will take you there. I like it.
  10. I like this idea. what if it only shows up to people who are inside a car and it would be broadcasted like a radio announcement?
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