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  1. Briefly explain that to the admin in the first place then to explain your backstory. Stating examples of shit that'd make your character the way he is would go in your favour. Instead you give them little backstory, then come to the forums bitching about it. And still believe you're in the right and keep arguing after having various admins and players alike, all of which not involved, having told you how you could properly resolve it or have gone about it. I've given my view on it. I don't know the full story. Your background. For all I know there's legitimate backstory behind why you you'd do such a (imo) stupid act. I made my view on your reasoning based on what information you've provided in the thread so far. If you provided the same information to the admins ingame at the time then like I said before. I see why they denied it. Yeah it's a pain having to explain yourself to admins. But welcome to 2018 where everyone no matter where you go is outnumbered by retards and immature trolls. It's society and common sense (or lack there of) these days. Not just MTA.
  2. Holy fuck are you dense or something or do you just not read? You said in your initial post you spent an hour and a half, moving between different admins as each one bounced you around as they didn't want to take the report as they'd be biased, involved, etcetc. If you spent an hour out of an hour and a half talking to one admin, then you're bullshitting about just how long the whole thing took. Maybe because it's my character? Homeless guy? What? The heck does that have anything to do with it? I'm talking about common fucking sense, not how a character is. If I had a similar situation going on in the real world I'd call the fucking police like a normal fucking person. Not grab a molotov or a gun or a bomb or whatever and be like "YUP FUCK IT TIME TO BLOW THEIR CAR UP LELELELEEL". As I stated in a previous post. I worked retail. I had a lot of threats in my time in retail. Me being a small person as is, female, working til 11pm at night, walking home in the dark when I've had threats of being stabbed after work, or followed, or robbed? You really think I'm just gunna grab a bottle of booze from the shelf, make a molotov to retaliate it? Heck. Even if I was a 6ft guy in my mid thirties I highly doubt that'd be the outcome. The more I get into the thread. Yes. As in the more I read of it. The more I read of your replies. Peoples replies to you. Your reaction. Your REASONING. Yes I've been against the thread from the beginning because I stated my opinions. I explained why I feel that admins have to be so strict and need-to-know on everything. That wasn't an attack on you. It was a statement. But the more you've replied and the more I've read of your reasons, and why you want to do this and that, in my eyes, is telling me that you're one of the people that caused such rules and strict-nature to be put in place. Because if every time you get robbed, or threatened, you're gunna go to an admin and ask for a molotov to retaliate, then holy fuck let's just sell an AK47 at the gas station and be done with it. Also. Please. Go back to school before you try and tell me what fits the real world and does not fit the real world. I'm pretty confident I'm far older than you and experienced far more than you. So don't sit there trying to tell me what I do and do not know all because I disagree with your reasoning and points. Grow up.
  3. Oh yes so he did. Originally about VT, then said Admins. Derp, my bad. Just him generalising incorrectly then.
  4. Sorry what? Firstly; if you think them denying your reasoning was poor or a mistake, have you actually tried to TALK to that admin since? Perhaps explain WHY you feel it's unjust denial of roleplay etc? If you have and still nothing, and still not happy with the outcome, then the ticket center exists for just such occasions. Personally though, stupid reasoning anyway. I've been threatened at work in the past. I used to work in a local convinience store. I've denied people alcohol for no ID, underage, etc. Had quite a few threats of people following me after work when I finished at 11pm, beating me up, robbing me, stabbing me, etc, etc. Am I gunna grab a bottle, throw a cloth in it and burn them or their car? Fuck no. If you're being harassed by people doing such. 911. Police. Y'know. Like any normal person? And if you don't, and you get a molotov, throw it at their car, burn their car or house. They find out it's you. CK app. Bam, your character's just been CKd and it's your own fault, GG buddy. Sorry but the more and more you go on in this thread, the more and more I honestly feel the admins made the right decision in denying your molotov. It's like the whole gun as first resort rule and the careless stuff. You just don't do it. You don't retaliate in a stupid manner that is careless to your own well-being. He was on about VT in that original post you quoted, no?
  5. I think what he's trying to say is that he was told he needs to do 150 lines of roleplay with /me's and /dos for the RP to be valid. Though if that's true, then said so himself; guideline. It's a guide. Not a rule. Not "150. not one under!". I imagine any kind of rule like that is moreso set in the situation to ensure that you're not just doing "/me does the thing. /do done." bs.
  6. What are you on about, only approve such requests for friends..? Where the fuck did you even get that from? That's literally the exact opposite of what I was saying. I said that because PLAYERS bitch and call biased on nearly any and every option, that is why they have to make sure if they're handling a report that they're not even remotely involved because no doubt somewhere along the line it would come back to them and they'll get called biased and it'd end up being a huge clusterfuck. And yeah. The current doesn't massively help. Good luck limiting the number of such immature players though. It's not just an MTA issue. It's the same in any gaming community. You got on any game (CoD, Battlefield, GTA5, SAMP, MTA, League, etcetc) and you'll get the same. Majority of players are dicks. Immature. Trollers. Welcome to 2018. Not just MTA.
  7. The way I see it, the main reason the admin team have to be so strict is because when they're not, people abuse the fuck out of it. In the past, yeah, sure, you could have probably reported, got it done in 15mins without having to explain yourself. For someone decent with roleplay or not an idiot, not an issue. But when you run the same scenario with a troll requesting it without having to state what he wants it for, why, etc, it ends up just being used in DM or stupid circumstances. Players abusing the leniency of the admins is what has made the admins have to be so strict. And then to address the whole conflict of interest thing. Again, players fault. In the past, probably not an issue. But now a days when every player is out to win, and if they can SOMEHOW use the "OH WELL THE APPROVING ADMIN HAS _____ LINK TO THE RP, BIASEDDDDDDD!" excuse, they will. Hence why when it comes into it even being remotely linked, most admins will turn around and say "I can't approve or deny it, I'll be seen as biased." Long story short. People are bitches who whine and QQ over everything and it's their fault the Admin team have to be so strict and interrogate. But then of course. People then whine and QQ about that. Can't win. Community overall on average is immature. Always has been, and likely always will be.
  8. SazLore

    haha yes cringe

    I'll never understand posts or such like this. -> RDMs people with no roleplay and reason what-so-ever -> Complains about the server being "shit"? You're the one making it shit by acting like that ???????????????????
  9. SazLore

    City change

    Trying new cities and locations have been tried on various servers and communities before and always failed or fallen short or eventually ended up with the community sitting there saying "Let's move to LS it's better suited". It's waste of time and resources for everyone involved to do only for it to last a few months, to then return back to LS. SF is still a large land mass. As is LV. And Bone County is more spread out in my eyes, smaller villages/towns rather than a main city. You'd still lack meeting players in such areas, while only catering to certain roleplay styles and types, whereas LS has both low and high economic ends and such.
  10. SazLore

    SAN Forum Mod

    Hi, Could I get moderator permissions over this forum section as one of my characters are Chief in Editor within the SAN faction? @[email protected] for confirmation / approval
  11. ** The comment would be deleted by SAN Moderation for racism **
  12. 12th February, 2018 Los Santos State Troopers - Abuse of power? We all like knowing we can sleep nice and safe at night with the police out risking their lives day and night to ensure we're kept safe. However unfortunately as with anything there will always be corruption and abuse. Tonight I unfortunately became a witness of a State Trooper Sergeant by name of Hugo Power, with his badge number 1333 abusing his powers to serve and protect the citizens of San Andreas. It started with a group of friends casually relaxing together at their owned bar. A drink was freely given from one friend to another just as Trooper Power entered the bar, which at the time was closed to business due to the friendly gathering within. Trooper Power proceeded to request that one of the group show his ID, claiming he had breached the Liquor control act of 1977, 202b. For those not fully aware of the law, it is as follows: "(b) No person may sell liquor to any person under the age of twenty one, to be verified by valid government issued identification prior to the transaction being made." As already stated, the drink in question had been freely given between friends, thus no purchase. The definition of Sale/Sell is "To give or hand over something in exchange of money". Trooper Hugo Power proceeded to request the cooperation for detainment and arrest of the friends. When asked for his supervisor, he merely responded "I am a Supervisor" before continuing to ignore the request. Shortly after, he began to state the bars license had been suspended for the previously non-existent transaction. Unfortunately the evening ended with the group being disbanded and irritated due to the circumstances and previous situation. Those involved with the drink originally were arrested by the Trooper. It is heavily disappointing to see the abuse of one ruining the status of many. We hope that the Trooper involved in this is handled accordingly by his actual superiors and the situation is resolved peacefully between all parties. If you've been victim to crime from governmental bodies it is strongly recommended you seek out a supervisor or file a report to the appropriate agency. ** Comments would be enabled, but moderated by SAN Staff ** Leave your say below!
  13. 8th February, 2018 Idlewood Pizza Stack Los Santos Shootout at Pizza Stack Once again tonight we find Idlewood at the center of gun crime. What started as a simple verbal insult turned promptly into attempted murder. A large crowd was gathered outside Pizza Stack this evening and within minutes verbal insults were thrown between a few individuals. Seconds later the crowd was dispersing in all directions as one black male armed with a side arm runs at the crowd firing seemingly indiscriminately. A few onlookers were hit by stray bullets from the armed madman as he fired towards the crowed. Fortunately Police were already on scene and nearby so the suspect was promptly taken down and apprehended. We thank those who stood in defense of the unarmed in the situation and wish those injured in the incident a speedy recovery. Anyone with further information on this story is free to contact us at our contact e-mail address. ** Comments would be enabled, but moderated by SAN Staff ** Leave your say below!
  14. 4th February, 2018 Idlewood Pizza Stack Los Santos Mayhem in Idlewood Absolute chaos and mayhem broke out in Idlewood this evening as an explosion shook the ground. The cause of the explosion doesn't seem to be known just yet however it's known that a vehicle was caught in the explosion with an occupant. Smoke was seen from distance from the smoldering wreck left behind. It is understood that a couple nearby citizens were caught in the blast and were treated on scene by the Paramedics. Paramedics and Police pulled up on scene promptly, doing their best to maintain the scene and provide medical assistance where needed. We hope those involved and harmed in this situation a swift recovery. Anyone with further information on this story is free to contact us at our contact e-mail address. About the Author Sydney Taylor is a recent addition to the San Andreas Network team as Editor in Chief. She aims to provide the best stories with the most accurate information possible for the state of San Andreas. ** Comments would be enabled, but moderated by SAN Staff ** Leave your say below!
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