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  1. Whilst C has been unable to hop into V due to not being able to run it, she has had a consistent presence in the OwlGaming Discord and it feels like she, genuinely helps bring the community together, with jokes, fun and no one is left out. So props to @QueenC, not many people have that attribute! @Vubstersmurf: For their ability to multitask, by which I mean switch out of roleplay and into admin duties, perform these tasks well and then go back to what she was doing. Steady, efficient and elaborate. Oh yeah both people are pretty nice too, that's always a plus. Nice couple friends I made over the past few weeks x x
  2. Owl V was asked for, for a few years now.. I think. It finally came to the public in late August 2019, after we wanted it so badly, through efforts of the scripters on a no-pay basis. Now we have it, and we're letting nostalgia trick us into going back to the past. Change is effective, and MTA has generally been declining for a long time. People realise that MTA roleplay is just outdated gameplay for them, and they'd much rather play other games. I personally don't mind being on MTA, but I do prefer the update to V. It feels like a new experience all over again, that might be placebo on top of the fact that it genuinely is new, for everyone, but regardless - I feel like I'm back in my UnitedGaming days (because that was new new for me). All I'm going to say now, is that you need to give things a chance guys. I know MTA is easier to run, I know it had its fun in the past, but there's more opportunity here on V, think of all of the cool things you couldn't do on MTA that you could do on V. Allow me to take two things, for example: - Imagine how many times you got annoyed because you crouched behind a car and somehow got shot because of the crazy hitbox, when in V you have the ability to take cover behind walls, cars etc - How it would take you 5 seconds to get from the south of LS to the North of the county, but in V takes you a good while Little things like this add up, and it's all the more reason for why V is better. Give a chance, and lets move on together.
  3. Wynters

    Show yourself!

    Have a picture from April, it's a bit older but yolo:
  4. Wynters


    You can turn your kettle into a vape if you really wanted to.
  5. Congratulations on everything in your personal life man, really! I'm sure you'll be a wonderful father mate. And if you ever do get faced with trolls, just ignore them. This community has been filled with (and still is) so many gems. Welcome back bud. xx
  6. Thank you guys for the amazing roleplay last night. I really enjoyed it. And when faced with adversity, never give up. This faction is truly something special for Owl V. Much love and respect to those my character had the luxury of RPing with.
  7. Welcome to the Tesco Mobile voice messaging service. The person you are trying to call is currently unavailable. Please leave your message after the tone. To re-record your message, press hash at any time. BLEEP
  8. Name: Wynters. Age: 21. Country: United Kingdom. Time Playing OwlGaming: On and off since 2014. Favorite Player(s): @uzi95, @VinceSportsman3, @Jevi, @Ron, @Bunny, @Unitts, @EvilScotsman (for his effective RP and time as a DB lead), @Mirazoka, @Jezte, Plurrfect, @Poffy, @Firebird, @DutchLars and the rest of the al-Najjar gang for my incredible and unforgettable fun I've had, years ago. Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: Hmm, probably @Bunny and @Deuce. Favorite Faction: Viking Motorcycle Club and LSCSD. From MTA days probably al-Najjar and LSPD, though. Favorite Faction Leader: @uzi95 and @Mirazoka. Favorite GAT Member: Of all time? I have three. @Lewis, @Franco and @Jevi Favorite UAT Member: Of all time? @Maxime for his past efforts and @Chaos for his efforts taking over the leadership, and continuing to be effective and diligent. (The pings are gonna be crazy lol). Favorite LEO Roleplayer: @Franco (of all time remember). Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: @DutchLars (still going by of all time). Best Legal Faction: I forgot the name and who led it but it was a faction that a racing car enthusiast made, they tuned cars and added wraps in MTA. I think Panda something was the leader's name? Not sure lol. Best Illegal Faction: al-Najjar for my RP experience with the crew. Favorite Weapon: Tazer ;). What makes me play OwlGaming: The people. What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: Forcing your personal beliefs into a community (I've seen a few, and these often separate members which is bad), poor roleplaying standards and refusing to improve them, trolls and people who are very creepy (they tend to also be ERPers). Oh! And also forcing politics into things, making them stressful. What do you aim for in Owlgaming: I wish to improve the community's experience, as I once did. Whether it's through a good roleplay scene, or elsewise. If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: With some time and some thought, I'll probably edit this post and give a well thought out reply to this one.
  9. Wynters


    That's a double negative. It can't be shit right now if it's in beta and the beta itself is awesome. I do agree with the rest though, with time, I see this becoming something truly marvelous. It just needs our community-wide commitment and hope to push it through the restrictive nature it's in now. --- I'd also like to vote for V. It is superior in what it offers as a platform for us roleplayers. This community will see itself improving through this change, and soon we shall see a lot of growth. I just want to throw my appreciations out to @Chaos and the rest of the team for making this happen, making it possible and keeping the train going from Maxime's departure, to get to this point and even further into the future. Let's keep it going lads!
  10. Wynters


    Nice to see you're alive and well Ixosis!
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