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  1. Wynters


    Nice to see you're alive and well Ixosis!
  2. Wynters


    Hello there. I used to play, moderate and admin here a very long time ago. Some of you might remember me. Hello to Wright & Dexter & any other players from 2014 or long before.
  3. Too bad a lot of the roleplay has dropped in quality since then, mmlol. Undeadfellow here x x x been a member since march 2014 uzi95 is at uni I think, also doing boxing shit poffy, ertidog etc. are both elsewhere :eyes: jezte doesn't play much I don't think, lyricist is still here I think
  4. happy brithday

  5. you came back to owl, saw the playercount and thought all of them were proper RPers with almost no shit tier or ricers?


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    2. LeiFeng


      Yes you have a point, you also deal with the bad sides.

      But I must also say that you are way too much influenced by the UAT and sometimes I think you dont have your own opinion. I mean that you called Everett an idiot due to the CK reason is making me think that you do not have your own opinion.

      I think you were in teamspeak with jose a few days ago, he or maybe ThatGuy/Wright told you how good this KKK thing is to ruin Urshankov and you were overwhelmed.

      You should also speak with the other side and not try to „keep a good face“ @Chaos

    3. Chaos


      @LeiFeng none of that happened. I don't even talk to Jose on TS as tbh I didn't like him in past communities which he can probably attest to @DrJoseEviI but he was still given a chance at admin.

    4. DrJoseEviI


      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally dude. I was in TS with every single UAT member plotting to do evil things haha im totally telling the truth xd


      @Craazy not every old man is apart of RCM you mong

  6. Jesus fuck the amount of butthurt is real. Who cares if your PC is shit either upgrade or fuck off this topic clearly isn't for the ones who occupy wooden PCs and yet complain about low FPS on MTA, this a whole different kinda crowd. I'd be down for it but I have to find time and actually figure out what to do on it before I go and RP on GTA V. But to be honest the GTA V mechanics bore me now, I used to enjoy them but now it's basic asf.
  7. I just want to sincerely thank everyone for carrying this thread from 2014 to 2017 and giving it a whopping 100,000+ views! (I hope these aren't bots for the love of god). Keep on hooin', Owl players.
  8. Ngl I feel like every really good in-depth roleplayer would be very good at chatting shit irl lool

  9. I believe mabako aka cat has left owl, i've been rping since 2010 vG
  10. "I know you seen parents trick kids with candy, toys, and Santa Claus. The same method is used to trap adults, but instead of candy it's with money, religion, drugs and alcohol -- Mention that shit and it's gon' arouse us all, I done seen niggas get into fights over cigarettes like a pack of dogs. They get you hooked and then they laugh at y'all."

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