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  1. Wynters


    Nice to see you're alive and well Ixosis!
  2. Wynters


    Hello there. I used to play, moderate and admin here a very long time ago. Some of you might remember me. Hello to Wright & Dexter & any other players from 2014 or long before.
  3. Too bad a lot of the roleplay has dropped in quality since then, mmlol. Undeadfellow here x x x been a member since march 2014 uzi95 is at uni I think, also doing boxing shit poffy, ertidog etc. are both elsewhere :eyes: jezte doesn't play much I don't think, lyricist is still here I think
  4. happy brithday

  5. I stopped reading after you took one thing and turned it into something else. If someone told me to mind my own business I would probably think "oh damn this dude is probably just busy or trying to do something or preoccupied or something and doesn't want me bothering him" or something like that you know? But if someone told me to go fuck myself I would probably tell him to chill the fucc out and go off. Also just for the record, I haven't recalled "bragging" about anything, and about being an "ex-cop"? It's my old character, my oldest actually (I think) and it's been in PD like three times in respective time periods and SASD. ____________________________________________________________ I respect your response @yannickboy15 and I agree. I just said mind your own business because for some reason, Tyler Dixon just unRPly goes from driving on the road to sharply pulling into me just to /b "You're not allowed to wear that skin." for a random bypasser to do that literally as SOON as I got tp'd to IGS, obviously I'm going to stand my own ground. I don't have a big ego, I don't have any sort of ego. But I take care of myself and if someone will get in my face going "Fucking take it off" pretty much (since he likes to take my words and take it out of context by saying I told him to go fuck himself "basically"), I'm not going to like that just like nobody would. If someone approached a current admin in that manor they would probably tell them to shove off or not to worry. Same goes for a lot of people. I just don't appreciate how I was being sided against by Chaos for stating my own opinion where other people agreed with me. I just didn't like the mentality of the server, and that wasn't seen. I was just called toxic by the owner of this community. Nobody would feel like they're welcomed here after that. Let alone receiving that kind of 'welcome' in game, a few short moments after I get TP'd. That's all my point is. Tyler can play victim, he can tell me he was being nice and informative, he can tell me was being honest, hell he was being honest for sure but there's a good and bad way to approach things, and of course, he used the OwlGaming mentality (take that with a grain of salt to those who think I apparently have an ego for sticking up for myself) - have a guess as to why that might be a bad way to approach things instead of good. I have no life yet I live a life everyday and just came onto Owl to experience all of this which led to what you're reading now. Okay dude. You're proving my own point about the mentality here. Likes show support. And by your seven, I wouldn't doubt if you thought that it shown people agreed. And having a friend that calls what you do shit isn't anything out of the ordinary. Friends do that. But trying to use that to justify my point about how this community has a negative mentality isn't proving me wrong. I don't remember anything about Poffy abusing his adminship, but regardless - I spoke on his acts as a good administrator. The report counts do show it after all. And yes, you most likely have spent just as much if not more. But I doubt it has been more than the amount of admins that have come and go since 2013 to now. Lastly, you did degrade me. You called me toxic for having an opinion that differentiates from your's. Yet you are okay with your "buddy G4mer99x" disrespecting your community, because he's your friend. Selective treatment dude. Over messages you were pretty honest with me and I don't see how showcasing to this community the kind of treatment people receive from you privately even though I never said anything wrong about UAT or anything I just didn't like the mentality of this place and I thought it went, Tyler was the example of that. A lot had agreed. I've said my two cents, I'll let you guys just keep telling me everything I'm saying is wrong now. Since that's what you've already been doing.
  6. Chaos can lock this or delete this post but honestly. You can tell most of the community pretty much agreed with me/were on my side and then Chaos only gets like 2 people who show they are in favour of him. Even one of the admins liked my post. I PM'd Chaos to clear any sort of confusion and to let him know I wasn't being a jerk, but in the end; he decides to call me toxic and discredit a previous member of the GAT who has contributed to this community for god knows how long (@Poffy). I'm not saying retired staff need superiority over players, I don't want that. I just want a bit of respect for what we've done to help shape the community and build up the server, its playerbase - to it being pushed through all these years. Some of the staff even around now, are actually pretty boss. I don't know most of them so I can't say anything but they're helping to push this server as well. If I'm going to be the level of honesty where I could face a forum permanent ban, Chaos might be a phenomenal scripter and a great administrator - but he has not done as much as every other administrator has done to commit their real life time and TLC to OwlGaming. To degrade other previous staff is cruel to say the least, just because they share a different perspective that doesn't agree with Chaos'. Source link to show where mine and Chaos' conversation originated from: If in the real life community we are able to critique the work of, be direct and confront others, then to some degree that should be allowed here. After all, what's a community if we're chained to hold each other's hand rather than holding it out of care for what we enjoy? (MTA roleplaying) Love you all, sorry for any sort of drama I may have caused and I hope I can still browse these forums freely out of interest to throw some support to the factions n cool posts I see round here.
  7. you came back to owl, saw the playercount and thought all of them were proper RPers with almost no shit tier or ricers?


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    2. LeiFeng


      Yes you have a point, you also deal with the bad sides.

      But I must also say that you are way too much influenced by the UAT and sometimes I think you dont have your own opinion. I mean that you called Everett an idiot due to the CK reason is making me think that you do not have your own opinion.

      I think you were in teamspeak with jose a few days ago, he or maybe ThatGuy/Wright told you how good this KKK thing is to ruin Urshankov and you were overwhelmed.

      You should also speak with the other side and not try to „keep a good face“ @Chaos

    3. Chaos


      @LeiFeng none of that happened. I don't even talk to Jose on TS as tbh I didn't like him in past communities which he can probably attest to @DrJoseEviI but he was still given a chance at admin.

    4. DrJoseEviI


      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally dude. I was in TS with every single UAT member plotting to do evil things haha im totally telling the truth xd


      @Craazy not every old man is apart of RCM you mong

  8. There's a reason I posted this on the community forum. Because it's a community. I'm not afraid of whatever you guys decide to fire back at me with, I just posted a valid thread because it's just the attitude I was hoping to have thought strayed away from this game mode a long time ago. Apparently not.
  9. Upon having a thought, I installed GTA:SA on Steam, followed by MTA today after having factory reset my PC. I log into my account only to fall endlessly in a random dimension that once was an interior. An admin by the name of Heaton helps me which I am very grateful for. Then I get sent to IGS and a random player sees me walking in a SWAT skin despite me not having a chance to change out of my old PD uniform. Not even five minutes into the server and I receive this toxicity. I have done so much for this community in my time as an admin and a supporter only to get shanked by the likes of backseat (unjust and unneeded) moderators (those who pretend to admin/mod the server because they have a god complex). I asked Heaton to check my report count: OG Player of the day is Tyler Dixon, apparently my father. Thank you Tyler Dixon for reminding me why I don't play on MTA anymore.
  10. Jesus fuck the amount of butthurt is real. Who cares if your PC is shit either upgrade or fuck off this topic clearly isn't for the ones who occupy wooden PCs and yet complain about low FPS on MTA, this a whole different kinda crowd. I'd be down for it but I have to find time and actually figure out what to do on it before I go and RP on GTA V. But to be honest the GTA V mechanics bore me now, I used to enjoy them but now it's basic asf.
  11. I just want to sincerely thank everyone for carrying this thread from 2014 to 2017 and giving it a whopping 100,000+ views! (I hope these aren't bots for the love of god). Keep on hooin', Owl players.
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