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  1. Our time as players is valuable, so people will choose what they want to do. Which is not abnormal, but fine. So that's your answer as to why there's none on, because why the hell would someone no life a (then) empty MTA server deadass doing nothing but staring at Pershing Square through his car? Bing bang boom. - Looking forward to this now that I see a lot of people are invested in the idea, tho. Might be just what Owl MTA needs, while Owl V transitions from Paleto Bay to Los Santos.
  2. Sure it makes sense, but in reality - it's something that'll be fun for about five minutes before you realise you're still bored. Face the facts, man. MTA is old news. But I'm not really against this either with that being said, it's what the people want.
  3. Commando/ICE/some other form of LEA that just wears a hoodie and tac vest cosplay.
  4. So there's two reasons why people don't play as much: 1) Features (sadly the case, as we upgraded to V, we have to drop the mentality of text being the only thing that matters in a game that thrives off of scripts [being gta 5]). 2) Because the server is based in Paleto instead of LS. - The server has been catering to the older RPers that prefer the relaxing countryside vibes because it pushes them to be more creative, which is fine - BUT, the majority of the playerbase (including myself) would prefer a city experience because we can cater to trends in the world today much
  5. People don't get on when we're in Paleto, they complain there's not enough RP there BECAUSE of the lack of players to RP with. So what makes you think you'll find it in the city of Los Santos? Sure, I agree - LS is fucking great. The city is an amazing place to RP in, I'm a city boy irl myself, born and bred. I watch shows, movies, I know what you mean. But I feel like this is a thread that's been born off of a branch that the other thread got L&A'd from (about whats keeping people from coming on). Just wait until the foundation (that is the script)
  6. Ah cheers; figured the majority votes meant it was on the 22nd.
  7. @Chaos unfortunately I missed it. Is there any sort of note doc about what was discussed/the end result of the discussion that I can find anywhere? Curious to see the community's feelings on the move, what they desire first and foremost, constructive criticism etc.
  8. hello, you look like Jacob Seed: (except the beard and styled hair)
  9. Sup! I RP as Dre Wynters, Luna Wynters and Celestia Wynters. Got a little family going on there, in case you haven't noticed. I'm at university studying a BSc (Hons) in Media Arts. I like to party I also love to help out where needed. I manage my own guild on an MMO with a sh*t ton of peeps (omg so cool!!!) I'm in the SD on Owl V and I play as much as I can really (and that goes for any game). Always secure the ?
  10. Honestly man, people will talk. It's just one of those things. And people talk about anyone. The best thing you can allow yourself to do is to not let it stress you out and continue to do what you came here to do. After all, we all have the same reasons for being here. We love playing and/or love helping out each other. Good luck! ?
  11. I class myself as a British person before a European, and a Londoner first and foremost. So this is my vote. ;)
  12. Whilst C has been unable to hop into V due to not being able to run it, she has had a consistent presence in the OwlGaming Discord and it feels like she, genuinely helps bring the community together, with jokes, fun and no one is left out. So props to @QueenC, not many people have that attribute! @Vubstersmurf: For their ability to multitask, by which I mean switch out of roleplay and into admin duties, perform these tasks well and then go back to what she was doing. Steady, efficient and elaborate. Oh yeah both people are pretty nice too, that's always a plus. Ni
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