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  1. come back babe i love you


  2. Los Santos County Government Today is May 05 2016. It is Thursday and it is with a heavy heart that I regret to inform the citizens of Los Santos County that we have lost two of our Los Santos Sheriff's Department Deputies. Deputy Terry Price who was killed in the line of duty in a car accident a RS Haul van hit Deputy Price as he was walking across the street back to his patrol vehicle. Deputy price succumbed to his wounds in the Los Santos County General Hospital. Deputy Jennifer Clark, who was killed in the line of duty in a deputy involved shooting, she succumbed to her wounds
  3. Los Santos County Government Good evening and hello Los Santos County, I'm writing this to all of you as of May/05/2016. As of today's publication date, San Andreas State has introduced a new law. TF008, Failure to Properly Switch Lanes Whilst Approaching Emergency Vehicles. This law has been introduced to help protect and give the emergency services and public service workers their space to work to protect them from distracted drivers. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department & The Los Santos County Fire Department, Rapid Towing and the County Government of Los Santos would lik
  4. Oh yeah, you're Canadian aren't you?

  5. Los Santos County Government Rapid Towing Publication Hello all, it is April the 30th of 2016 and I'm glad to announce after meeting with Mr.Edison Best ((@@einschtein)) I've come to a conclusion of new parking regulations and a new possible addition to Rapid Towing that will add some excellent change to Los Santos.Rapid Towing as a company now has their impounding abilities back and the injunction has been lifted. I've discussed with Mr.Best a fine system that I have worked out depending on the case severity. Mr.Best has also gone through the company and revamped it with his COO's recent dep
  6. Los Santos County Commissioners Office - Los Santos Fire Department Publication It has come to my attention as of recently that there has been many complaints received to my office of the Fire Department's board of Chief and Commission, it has recently become a problem with the Los Santos Fire Department's Board of Chief's & Commission. Thus I have been forced to uproot the current Chief, Wagih Tamer, the current Deputy Chief Alison Rhodes, and the Current Battalion Chief Eric Griffen. It comes with a heavy heart and regret that I am forced to do this. However I'm hoping with this new
  7. The hardest thing about making dank meme's is having no one to share them with at 3 am :

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