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  1. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    I agree with this one, I would have tried to apply and join ages ago to help out Illegal FT if it weren't restricted to just Admins... Sadly, people will just find a new issue entirely to complain about eventually, like we did with the PD... The JoeMeida Friend-circle jerk..... And like what everyone just did with Khram. After everything we have seen this week... Do you really think people would have motivation to start a faction anymore, to actually take time, energy and care into flourishing it with their buddies into what they want it to be, only to have it shut down OOC'ly 1.5 Years later because everyone that didn't RP with them got indirectly negatively affected because they became #1? Cause it seems like some peoples work and progression are useless and inevitably will be tossed in the trash (Like @Craazy's ASL XIII that got "shut down", even with two leaders left..) due to the ignorance of the vocal few who won't listen to the facts... That's just my piece...
  2. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    Those are very lucky tards to get their hands on weapons, sadly, somewhere down the line it fell into the wrong hands...
  3. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    Tards don't get access to AK's
  4. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    I totally support this. Either make the suppressors a separate item to attach to colts (finally making that Federal Law about suppressors useful on possession) Or make it bound to that colt, yet removable. I don't think regular colts will be redundant, but they would probably become cheap though. +1
  5. Ultimate supercar auction.

    Name: Anonymous Comment: Do any of these vehicles leak at all??
  6. 6 vehicles for sale.

    Name : Anonymous Bid : $40,000 Vehicle: #3
  7. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    I love how everyone hit me up on Discord going "Yooooooooo can you sell me a spare gun?" (Or something to those lines) Yet now they are sitting here bashing the same people supplying them their DM equipment.... You know who you are, I won't leak like dear old @Lyricist Over here
  8. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    This faction will never die. lol You guys all killed it from OOC hate Thank @Craazy Have fun with RP'ing in Radhwan tier factions, that get shut down by day 8 due to either a gang injunction, or incompetence. Whichever gets to you guys first. Y'all are a sad sad bunch @MissAnachronismsShow them the picture
  9. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    Just take in this Faction has lasted and developed for longer than a year now
  10. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    TBH, I've never seen him RP among us, so I actually do think he is/was monitoring us... Yes he had a custom name in the Discord like the rest of us, but throughout the last year he hasn't been in any RP scenes with us.
  11. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    Lol wat? ThatGuy isn't in Khram
  12. Rant I guess

    Actually... The saddest day was when @Unitts @Hurley @Zyph and @Lemonade319 All caught slugs from from Wright due to our internal conflicts. lol
  13. Rant I guess

    Oh trust me we were way past that when he decided to arrest our associates and mentioned how he wanted to "take us all down." The decision to decide to Kill off Nasonov was not an easy one... It was our last resort WRAP IT UP FOLKS; You got your answers, now go outside and get some air....

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