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  1. I feel like this would just make people apply and use their money to buy an expensive car or something, only to paycheck farm the loan off afterwards... If there was a portion in the loan application that asks you "why do you need this money?" it'd help curve my aforementioned problem. Nonetheless, it'd help players that actually want to start Legal RP +0.5 for me
  2. Username: The Mouse Comment: White boys fail to surprise me 🤣
  3. I've said this once before and imma' say it again. Legends Never Die 😎
  4. Does this mean we can RP'ly create an actual flamethrower now??? 😄 ((Provided we have the proper need to create one...))
  5. remolten


    https://owlgaming.net/ Go here and create your in game account. This is the Forums section
  6. The people who agree to this idea are clearly the same people who get robbed at 5AM.... These same people should learn to not drive their expensive cars within impoverished neighborhoods instead of QQ'ing about it. You guys make yourselves targets and then complain about it in a suggestion like this. 😂 This idea will do nothing but cripple illegal RP -1 This suggestion is a bad one.
  7. Mmmph another organized crime family Take this farrrr
  8. When deagles were 10k and automatic weapons were a myth
  9. Legends never die Hope you return some day
  10. LMAOOOOO Peng = weed ting = basically replaces the noun In Canadia we say "yo fam she looks sweet, styll" then one of our boys say "ahlieeeee" blame the non Canadians that started to mimic the slang CRACK HEAD RP
  11. [English] Marat says: In that case, tell me what we can do for you, Mike. My men are at your disposal, name the favor. [English] Michael says: If it ain't too much to ask I don't wanna ever see him again. Sometimes it's better to face the facts, not run from them.
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