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  1. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    Legends never die Hope you return some day
  2. remolten

    automatically arrives in the courtroom

    LMAOOOOO Peng = weed ting = basically replaces the noun In Canadia we say "yo fam she looks sweet, styll" then one of our boys say "ahlieeeee" blame the non Canadians that started to mimic the slang CRACK HEAD RP
  3. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    [English] Marat says: In that case, tell me what we can do for you, Mike. My men are at your disposal, name the favor. [English] Michael says: If it ain't too much to ask I don't wanna ever see him again. Sometimes it's better to face the facts, not run from them.
  4. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

  5. remolten

    Boredom spares no man

    Holy shit you're alive?
  6. remolten

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    Fat +1 Why don't we use the location of the old bank as an Auction House / Lot? Not Star Tower, the one before it.
  7. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    ** A few days later... ** Madness will eventually consume all...
  8. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    https://pastebin.com/U4vG1JuY You win some... You lose some... But I win... Four times in a row.
  9. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    You may not see me.... But I still see you
  10. If it's my own life on the line, then that's fine by me, cause my time is faaaaaading

  11. remolten

    Almighty Saints XIII

    Good luck fam good to see this. Don't let the Army kick down your doorstep like last time....
  12. remolten

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    Will Illegal RP'er's get a chance to obtain such an item? Or will it be exclusive to PD like the laser? I feel like this can be easily regulated.... Both with OOC and IC consequences, as taking too much of a specific drug mighhhhhttttt make your heart stop IC/IRL, or you can be given a PG punishment if the dosage taken is deemed too unrealistic to properly handle. An easy example here would be the cocaine. First time users will most likely die/get hospitalized if they take as much as say... Someone who has had a history of abuse with it. With a drug that's less hard, like Marijuana. First time users would most like fall asleep compared to say, a rapper who smokes like 10 blunts a day average (this is just an example don't eat me) With Psychedelics, the more you take, the more messed up your screen should be... Though I personally don't know the difference in experienced users and first timers on this one. If anyone has something to add to this feel free, lets see if we can help Grand Daddy Chaos make our drug script. :L
  13. remolten

    Making my way through the hood.

    I love when people drive nice cars in the hood. Their car looks even better once it gets trashed up. If the hood mans drive the rich folk outta the hood they'll be inclined not to come back. Lets take this IC...
  14. remolten

    Bratva Vostoka

    New frontiers to follow... New benefits to be claimed
  15. remolten

    Other - Tactical clothes. [ENDS: 30th July]

    Name: Private Comment: I retract my bid until an Auction Webmaster can confirm the "Tactical skin." is indeed a tactical item.

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