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  1. @TheNeonGuy I probably should have mentioned that I haven't hopped on since August. Thanks for filling me in lol
  2. I've been following this idea for a little bit now. Making this into a full on apocalypse server will only work if we make everything finite, no more spawning in anything. The active store fronts would only have a limited amount of food stock, before having to be universally declared empty. The Ammunations and other gun shops would eventually run out of guns, bullets and kevlars to spawn, making them eventually empty too. Over the counter medicine, and other pharmaceuticals (drugs) becoming valuable and needed for those who want to *decompress* after a day of surviving. Fuel would be finite too. Those gas stations need to be refilled eventually... Money would become almost worthless, making bartering of above items the primary economy. There would be no more drug/gun drops (minus manufacturing with proper RP) I can see illegal factions become the type that and try to benefit themselves during the time of crisis, eventually turning to kicking down doorsteps and places with human activity in search for food, or drugs. I can see a lone police officer begin to deputize citizens to attempt to create some sort of player made safe zone for the general public. I can see some people want neither, forming neighborhood militias to protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors. I can even see the guys in the fancy cars (looking at you ricers) set themselves up with their own taxi service, being paid in fuel. Even they want to do their thing, even if it's showing themselves off in a time of @Chaos I can see all these groups establish their own supply and demand for necessities, some people may ammo for food, or vice versa. Some possible scenarios that could occur as a result of these things. I know some people like to shoot, some people like to steal, some people like to become leaders and some like to just cause madness. I feel like there would be a playstyle for everyone in something like this. If this idea is done properly I can see the birth of a whole new game to play lads. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk
  3. [2019-08-07 16:49:18] [Output] : Admin Chase Fisher has given you: $$$ [2019-08-07 16:49:18] [Output] : Reason: Legal VM ting.
  4. I also notice we only hit 50 players when the paintball event is open...
  5. Волчья стая "Those before me have taught me the ways." "Those who follow me will always stay." "Those who aid us are soon to be paid." "Those who hate us will soon see the flames." Covert photography of alleged associates. They never travel alone. Волчья стая (The Wolf Pack) is a group of organized criminals, with most of their members mainly consisting of Eastern European origin. On the surface, they seem to be successful businessmen. But those who dwell too deep will soon find out there is more than meets the eye. Their primary methods of funding include, but are not exclusive too; Violence, Trafficking, Money Laundering, Prostitution, as well as many other methods. There has never been any concrete proof to prove such claims. But many whisper in the dark about a secret organization that holds insurmountable power both within the Government, as well as the Underworld. Supposed Member. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence and witnesses. No one knows who the leader of this organization is, nor do they know if he even exists. He is nothing more than a modern day folklore. "Even within the darkest of dungeons, victory is still within the achievable, no matter it's cost." ((Upon association with this group, regardless of personal, or business related contexts.)) ((You automatically agree to the CK clause, and may be subjected to a CK at the leadership’s discretion, for whatever reason they deem necessary.)) This is also my first thread ever made. Go easy on me, i'll fix what's broken over time.
  6. A wise man once told me. "The story of the tattoo is for another day."
  7. No one is immune to the darkness of the streets...
  8. "I have had many doubts about the future during the start of the summer." "Those doubts are now put to rest."
  9. Rest assured that is definitely LSPD on the other end ?
  10. Fam nowadays for 10k you can get a literal Wal-Mart sale of guns
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