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  1. Bratva Vostoka

    Old Dogs die hard...
  2. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    Wonderful RP at your lounge today. Sorry for chucking you off the balcony though.... P.S. Your music taste in the club needs refining
  3. Bratva Vostoka

    The way is lit. The path is clear. We require only the strength to follow it
  4. Bratva Vostoka

    The television really does rot your brain...
  5. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    I don't know jack about how to script... But which one would be more easier to even create? A separate suppressor for each firearm caliber? (9mm, .45, 5.56, 7.62.) Or a universal type of suppressor to match the type of firearm? (Pistol suppressor, SMG suppressor, Rifle suppressor.)
  6. Bratva Vostoka

    With strong minds and stronger hands, one will never falter...
  7. Bratva Vostoka

    You must first lay down the seed of your crops before your farm may flourish.
  8. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    You missed the point lol You disregard safety of yourself and put the cop in fear of his life by acting sus' on them.
  9. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    Go pretend to reach for something when talking to a Police Officer IRL and see how they react....
  10. Bratva Vostoka

    Cars aren't the only thing that require cleaning...
  11. Liverpool Grape Crips

    This grape flavored faction still up?
  12. East Los Santos Car Wash

    Name: Anonymous bid: $100,000 Cash
  13. Bratva Vostoka

    You can't kill it if it can never die...
  14. Can't the Admins have the ability to see the masked characters hidden name the same way they can see our Usernames when pressing Tab?

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