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  1. Life is a complicated thing to handle... Especially when there is so much, and so little going at at the same time.
  2. Old friends, new acquaintances...
  3. I hope I see some street racing
  4. The people of Los Santos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes... Had fun RP'ing with so many different groups today💖
  5. Wait I have a slightly off the rails idea.... What about we have an event, where some sort of government project goes wrong and an EMP goes off by accident, disabling ALL electronics in Los Santos for a short period of time? Imagine a scenario where cars, phones, ATM machines, cameras, etc. are unable to work, how will people live?
  6. Is it possible to do some sort of serious terrorist-related event? It'd result in heightened security all throughout Los Santos. Curfew can be enacted, as well as utilizing the military for once. Just a stray thought, brainstorm y'all!
  7. Respect is something that is earned, not purchased. It is used to distinguish the sheep from the wolves...
  8. After some time later... Those who lurk in the shadows, heed this call, reveal yourselves so that we may all flourish...
  9. We can prosper, even with nothing...
  10. Much to do... Yet we are only a few.
  11. We must abstain ourselves from our normal comforts... It will not be pleasing, but necessary.
  12. Knowledge can do things to a man in ways that no blade or bullet ever can. Even in the darkest of times, his light still guides us.
  13. A lot has transpired during my 8 month departure... The things that I have learned during the time I have been gone has left me shocked, the feeling almost making me sick... But for some reason there is a feeling of comfort that dwells within what is to come...
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