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  1. $53,000 has been transfered to LS International Airport, for a three month rental period. Sorry for the late response! (( My screenshot software seems to be bugged and couldn't take one. @KellTinkerbell ))
  2. Payment has been sent to your organization from Price's Specialties account. @KellTinkerbell ((
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENTAL AGREEMENT AND F.A.Q COMPLETION Section I - Personal/Basic Information First Name: Ernest Middle Name (If applicable): Last Name: Price Date of Birth: April 27th, 1983 State the license(s) that you possess (vehicle, pilot, motorbike, weapon, etc.): Drivers License Motorbike License ARC, ROT, SER, MER, TER and most typeratings Section II - Reasoning and Long Responses State the area(s) that you wish to rent below. Area One (1) - Any available hangar (FULL Hangar) Area Two (2) - Any available gate Note: You may add more Area(s) if you wish to rent more of them. Why do you wish to rent the mentioned area(s)? As owner of the Price's Specialties dealership, we would like to have a hangar in town to store most of our aircraft fleet. We'd also like to request a gate rental where we can park our freight Boeing 737. If there are no available hangars at your airport, please appoint me one that I can use out of town, SF or LV. State your reference(s) that you have (persons who can say that you are eligible of renting an area.) Reference One (1) - Emilia Dalca - Detective at LSPD - 593160 Note: You may add or remove References Points if you have more or less of them. Section III - OOC Section (( Owl Gaming Roleplay account username (in-game username): BrukONE )) (( Owl Gaming Forums username: BrukONE )) (( Any OOC notes that you should be aware of: (Leave blank if no) )) Signature: Ernest Price Initials: E.P. Date: 16/03/2018
  4. You can /fp while on foot, and even in the vehicle. When in a vehicle, the script will suggest you to use the built-in first person but I honestly rather use /fp. @silentzer14
  5. Hangar Rentals - Additional information The monthly price assigned above for a hangar rental, is per available slot. On average, a hangar may fit between 4 to 6 small sized aircrafts, and slots will be adjusted depending on the aircrafts currently in storage and the room they take. Please refer to this link: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/88096-format-rental-of-airport-sections-los-santos-international-airport/ Using the given format, make a new post entitled: [RENTAL] - Full Name - Los Santos International Airport Thank you.
  6. Airport Information - Los Santos International Airport (LSA) About LSA is serving the city of Los Santos and its suburbs. It is currently the largest airport in San Andreas measured in traffic. Operating Hours: 24/7 Type: Civil, Controlled Airspace Permissions: Open Tower Freq.: LSIA-AIR (( /air )) Ground Freq.: 122.80 Services: Fuel, Maintenance, Terminal, Ground Transport, VIP Handling Airport Map Aircraft Parking Airliners will be assigned a terminal gate for unloading/loading of passenger or cargo upon arrival. GA aircrafts may park for a limited time on slot assigned by tower upon arrival. For any permanent/long-term parking, a slot rental agreement must be made with LSIA. LSA is currently the most crowded airport and has limited parking capacity. If you cant find suitable long-term parking here, try one of the other airports. See the table below for information and availability of our slots at LSA. Slot Availability Monthly Fee Utilized by Comments Hangar A Reserved $7,500 LSIA Aircraft maintenance and temporary storage. Hangar B Reserved $7,500 LSIA LSIA Rental Services Hangar C Available $7,500 Hangar D Reserved $7,500 LSIA Impound Lot Hangar E Available $7,500 Hangar F Reserved $7,500 LSIA LSIA Flight School Stand 101 Reserved $3,750 LSIA LSIA Flight School Stand 102 Reserved $3,750 LSIA LSIA Flight School Stand 103 Available $3,750 Stand 104 Available $3,750 Stand 105 Available $3,750 Stand 106 Available $3,750 Stand 107 Available $3,750 Stand 108 Available $3,750 GA Area 3 Available $6,500 GA Area 4 Available $6,500 H1 Reserved $2,500 LSIA Flight School H2 Available $2,500 H3 Available $2,500 H4 Available $2,500 H5 Available $2,500 H6 Reserved N/A LSIA LSIA Flight School H7 Reserved N/A LSIA LSIA Flight School H8 Reserved N/A LSIA LSIA Flight School H9 Short-Term N/A Visiting Helicopters Gate C Available $17,500 LSIA Gate D Available $17,500 LSIA Gate E Available $17,500 LSIA Gate F Available $17,500 LSIA (( Credit goes to @Exciter and @tree ))
  7. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehiclesLODDistance I'm not sure if it'd do the trick, but I'll try it out meself
  8. Just something extra. Maybe the view distance for aircrafts should be upped a notch, if possible. Currently, you need to fly below 200 for people on ground to actually see any aircraft in the air, and even 200 might be too high.
  9. Speaking as one of the few people who made a private aerobatic club, I can say there's plenty of opportunities in aviation rp when it comes to air-races and stunt shows. I've had so much fun and also bring a lot of roleplay with a few pals by simply grabbing our stunt planes and practicing our own studied stunts together. And sometimes show up on those drag race events and show off the stunts we've learned - There's always the risk of killing our characters ofc but tbh that only brings more challenge to it. As for general aviation roleplay, I think the idea of scripted jobs could generate some more RP. I've always imagined some sort of RS Haul based job within a faction, yet making something that wouldn't be as easy and cheap to start doing. One of the problems that currently come up, is the limitations and the long process of getting an airplane. Getting a license can be an easy and fast process, but the current limit of aircraft brokers ruins it all. I'm not blaming anyone but the lack of activity is making the aircraft imports a looooong process, making people give up on it (I'm speaking by people who've been waiting for a month)
  10. @Zomp Offering $800,000 as buyout.
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