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  1. LSIA Permissions required.

    @Heaton Can confirm this. Ongoing administration replacement
  2. [DINOCO] 2007 Ariel Atom 2 [SOLD]

    Name: Ernie Bid: Buyout
  3. To be added, check back later!
  4. January 3rd, 2018 2018 Changes Publication This press release is to inform the population of Los Santos about major changes affecting general aviation, our flight schools and the international airport, for the new year of 2018. These changes are for immediate application, or will be effectively applied once the respective publications are made. Aviation Laws Due to the lack fo flight regulations in the state, the Federal Aviation Administration is in the works of publishing a new regulation book that summaries the general important points of aviation. We'd like to remind every pilot, that once these are released, the regulations are to apply at all times. Licensing The licenses and typeratings will be readjusted following FAA protocols, to: ARC (Air Radio Certificate): Remains as is; ADP (Airport Driving Permit): Remains as is; ROT (Rotary): New training course, new flight exam; SER (Single Engine Rating): New training course, new flight exam; MER (Multi Engine Rating): New training course, new flight exam; TER (Turbine Engine Rating): New training course, enw flight exam; CPL (Commercial Pilots License): New training course, new flight exam and a theory exam; CFI (Certified Flight Instructor): Requires CPL, new flight exam and a theory exam; Individual typeratings have been simplified. The CPL License will be enforced to anyone who flies commercially: who flies for work. The exception to that will be the emergency services and military personnel. Licensing Programme for ASD From here on now, it will be publicly disclosed the licenses that are covered (free) by the LSIA, that are meant for Air Support Divisions. LSIA claims the right to perform background checks on the applicants in order to ensure they meet the requirements for free of charge courses. LSIA also claims the right to revoke the free courses from an applicant who does not meet the requirements. ROT (Rotary); SER (Single Engine Rating); Typerating (T487 - Maverick); Typerating (T497 - Police Maverick); Typerating (T417 - Leviathan); Typerating (T563 - Raindance); Typerating (T460 - Skimmer). All other free of charges licenses are also applied (Sparrow, Dodo). Military typeratings are to be decided by LSIA Flight School. Flight School As for our flight school, we removed the 'assigned instructors' and thus you will be able to call at all times to get an instructor lesson, with any instructor. We will ensure your training history is kept to date in our files. Our current instructors will get all the necessary training they need to fulfill they duty. We'd also like to announce the Flight School Certification Program. If you wish to start your own flight school business, it will now be possible! Details will be posted in the near future. International Airport Rentals Due to the recent amount of new pilots and recently owned aircrafts, the Los Santos International Airport Administration has been working on having all airport stands and hangar rentals available for the public. The monthly pricing of each individual area can be seen here. All current (free) users will be contacted, in order to inform of the new changes and to begin renting if desired. Employee Inactivity A current issue within our organization is the amount of inactivity and lack of interest shown by our employes when it comes to Flight School applications. A new program is in the works to keep all of our employees happy and motivated with their current assignments, and the general public with their applications done with a timely manner. We would like to publicly apologize to all current flight school applicants that have been waiting for their lessons to get started. We understand the frustration and we promise that we are working hard on resolving these issues. Thanks for your understanding. Thank you for reading, Happy new year! Signed, Ernest Price, Administrator, Liam Price, Operations Director, (( @HashMush )) Anthony Cunningham, Flight Specialist. (( @tree )) (( Format has been updated ))
  5. Due to financial reasons, I'll only be taking insurance for the Maybach at $428. (( @Simpson ))
  6. Is it for both or just one? If just one let me know which. I accept either way. Ernest. (( @Simpson ))
  7. LSIA Perms

  8. General Information Name*: Ernest Price Phone Number*: 202-000-000 Vehicle Information - 1 Make*: Maybach Year*: 2009 Model*: 57S VIN*: 7163 Vehicle Information - 2 Make*: Lamborghini Year*: 2016 Model*: Huracan LP 610-4 VIN*: 5744 Signature*: Ernest Price 29/12/2017*
  9. Happy 10 years, vG!

    golden days...
  10. LSIA Perms

    yess pls, confrimed
  11. [PROCESSING] LSIA Flight School - Steven Ramos - LSDPS

    Only ROT&SER and the apropriate typeratings for ASD duties will be covered by lsia.
  12. LSIA perms

    Confirmed, and also give him moderator access to the: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1417-airport-maintenance-department/ subforum @Tailor <3
  13. Faction Team Update December, 2017

    how does one get "established" when showing 0 activity in the past month ?? kk
  14. [FINISHED] LSIA Flight School -Emilia Dalca

    Finished & Issued
  15. [First Person View]

    You can /fp while on foot, and even in the vehicle. When in a vehicle, the script will suggest you to use the built-in first person but I honestly rather use /fp. @silentzer14

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