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  1. spooky was the best rapper of our time, dont @ me

  2. When the first MTA RP server I was on died, I joined this zombie RP server that had literally the same RP scripts, but with the zombies like in MTA DayZ servers. It was an amazing few days before that server closed as well and not another one like it popped up. So if we do an apocalypse server, let's just forget man vs. man, and add zombies with the same scripts Owl has. I would kill for this type of server. Realism is not the main rule with RP. RP is roleplay, and you can easily roleplay being goblins in the mythical land of Azaroth. While OwlGaming does
  3. hmu on discord if u wanna talk, im probs getting goodbye'd soon

    1. Serx


      hard being a persian out here

  4. Craazy

    Triage MC

    i can smell this thread
  5. Lima Oscar Lima

    1. Valkyr


      you're nothin' but a Whiskey Delta

    2. RCB


      swat comms when craazy comes back

    3. Serx


      mister wallahi

  6. When the LSPD push for a CK, nobody panics... because it's all part of the plan.


    But when us criminals push for a CK on PD, everyone loses their minds.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Serx


      My dear northern folks, I'll reply with one gif and lowkey rant with it.

    3. Urshankov


      I'd happily accept a CK if a good reason was present, it just doesn't happen that often (probably because I'm never online lmao)

    4. JayEast


      bitch fuck that everybody can get CK'd hmu

  7. We could use both systems. If you're online, you get a visual. If you're not, you can get the logs. Maybe make a system so logs in the vicinity can be accessible to all players, not just admins. Limit it to people who have a key to the property or something.
  8. awoolay gang coming, ahlie? ;)

    1. Craazy


      all my niggas craazy wallahi

  9. well i just trademarked it so i suppose i'm going to have to soup you in court, bud in all seriousness tho, down wit ooc limits
  10. 10/10 would /togattach bat to crotch = penis enlorge would sell @ mpov
  11. before somebody starts digging around i figured id confess MPOV didn't really have an age restriction no in all seriousness tho, there should never be direct OOC limits. exceptions are always a good middle ground i'm all down for banning 7 year olds browsing pizza stack, looking for esex but to ban that one teenage couple where one is 18 years old and the other is 17 years old plus yes "it happens more than u think", but not all of these people hopped on, looking to erp with a child character that day, id type more but @BrennanMichael and @MissWonder said it
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