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  1. when do i get paid royalties for ur signature @Chaos

  2. If you want to improve illegal roleplay, create a solid street gang character. Asian, black, white, purple, it doesn't matter. We have too many organised factions, and with PD's lack of investigation, they end up dropping 8 units on for example, one fat Mexican guy running around trolling. They drop 8 units on a 16 year old trying to steal items from a vehicle. And the fact that PD gives out 2 day jails for throwing eggs, or 30 day jails for "felony" evading with a gun then I don't see why we would lie to @Morra and tell him illegal RP is alive, when even the most powerful faction's members are complaining about how dead illegal RP is. Plus, drugs are pretty much done for, at this point. People only buy or sell weed and coke. Everything else is for VM, and even the VM is garbage and only gives you enough to pay your members, if anything making you LOSE money. It may be self destructive, but it's exactly the same attitude the UAT, FT, PD, and I wanna say the ricers or trollers, have been providing. In our case, it's better though because if @Morra really wants illegal roleplay, he won't waste his time here like us and go elsewhere before he falls in love with the scripts (which is by the way, the only reason us illegal roleplayers are still playing here... that and the potential V has). You can go ahead and encourage him, and help him but I don't wanna be the one who helped him waste his time.
  3. When the LSPD push for a CK, nobody panics... because it's all part of the plan.


    But when us criminals push for a CK on PD, everyone loses their minds.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Serx


      My dear northern folks, I'll reply with one gif and lowkey rant with it.

    3. Urshankov


      I'd happily accept a CK if a good reason was present, it just doesn't happen that often (probably because I'm never online lmao)

    4. JayEast


      bitch fuck that everybody can get CK'd hmu

  4. Understandable. In my absolute opinion, an LCN faction is way more promising than a street gang on this server, because of how braindead detectives actually are. They won't even know your faction exists cause they're too focused on molesting all street gangs. Somewhere in 2015, the illegal FT decided "hey nobody buys drugs but realistically everybody buys drugs" so they developed a system called Virtual Market. It's basically passive-roleplaying the customers you'd realistically receive, and afterwards FT deletes your drugs and spawns in money instead. Of course, when the system first came out, it was actually a bit overpowered and had no OOC limits. People could virtual market 60 kilos of crack within an hour. This caused OOC limits to eventually dominate all of the virtual market and now, I believe you can only VM 500 grams per week, which amounts to somewhere between 15,000 and 35,000, depending on what drug you're selling, how many members of your faction are involved, and etc. Here's a guide I created in 2017, to use the 2017 virtual market which is by far the most OOC limited market.
  5. I would say there is some. You might find a nice bit of illegal roleplay once in a full week's roleplay but the amount of cancer you'll be going through, I do not think illegal roleplay is worth. Especially now since they nerfed the VM payouts, and PD gives out 2 day jails for throwing eggs, and 30 day jails for holding a gun.... sooo yeah, no, there's absolutely no illegal roleplay worth investing in. Maybe since you're LCN, the PD might be too ill-minded to be able to comprehend and investigate your faction properly but even then, do YOU really want to try and sell kilograms of drugs that no one wants?
  6. That I don't agree with. Illegal roleplay died sometime in late 2015.
  7. If you're looking for illegal roleplay, you've come to the wrong joint, pal. That stuff is nonexistent here.
  8. this man has been covered in feces, vomit, and a gallon of piss a little doggy piss wont scare off the notorious Tyrone the Bean
  9. The problem with this is, anyone who utilizes the forums can easily make a CK application. After that, it's just a matter of if the admins voting on the app have common sense or not. I was going to drop some fat paragraphs but just saw my boi jonthulhu said it first. Jonthulhu wasn't saying that driving through a bad neighborhood is disregard. It isn't even stupid if you're just driving by, you might get flagged but you can just keep going and it's not like they'll chase you down unless you were driving like a Bugatti or something real flash. What jonthulhu is saying, is that these people not only drive into the hood with fancy cars or shitty cars, but then they step out of their car and try to make small talk, and almost immediately drop a stereotype or begin provoking. Here, why don't I just show you. https://pastebin.com/yQ65z6zz And I'm 100% sure that's ultra-instant-immediate-grounds for CK. Oh also... if you think you can park a Lamborghini inside the hood for an hour, then come back and expect it there, it probably won't be because chop shops are very common and while Lamborghini parts aren't commonly sold or purchased, someone will definitely attempt it. EDIT: Aaaaaaaaand there's no point in my reply because I took too long and this khram cunt @jonthulhu already responded.
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