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  1. Chatbox output would be something I could live with, would make it much more simpler to read back to.
  2. Congrats donator of month xxx

  3. Was a fun situation, gg.
  4. Sure, but that again weighs equal to playerbase. Being on as the lone wanderer, what's the point farming your paycheck in your THC when there's no scenes to respond to
  5. During the move to V while I was still in the command structure, we chose to completely shut down the THC system for one simple reason. Playerbase. Given the playerbase was at an ultimate down point where most of PD were the only members online, it simply wasn't viable enough to have a warehouse full of fleet vehicles. While times have improved, the playerbase dropped down again and at the time of writing there's only 1 player online. While it could be a player, it could very well be a PD member, to me it wouldn't make sense having a THC when there's no players to spark up the roleplay.
  6. I had plans on hyperlinking it to the image itself, but due to time limits and it being a pain selecting all vehicles on my own, I let it sit as is.
  7. If you would like to pitch in and gather cars from the wiki, you're more than welcome!
  8. Amended, thanks for letting me know!
  9. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Ability to stat transfer What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- UCP What is the suggestion?- Adding compatibility to transfer assets from one character to another, it's currently blanked out on the UCP. What are the advantages?- Players can spend their GC's on transferring assets from one character to another, if they wish to start over on another alt. What are the disadvantages?- Stat whores? Do you have any resources to support our scripters
  10. Dealership prices Bicycles Davix BMX - $266 Schwing Cruiser - $179 Haddwin Fixter - $399 Marin Scorcher - $529 Yellow/White Race Bike - $599 Pink/White Race Bike - $599 Blue/White Race Bike - $599 Commercial Vapid Benson - $28,050 HVY Biff - $35,768 Jobuilt Hauler - $59,520 Maibatsu Mule - $13,519 Maibatsu Mule (Heist) - $15,659 MTL Packer - $59,900 Jobuilt Phantom - $79,890 MTL Pounder - $47,030 MTL Pounder Custom - $52,042 MTL Phantom Custom - $84,051 Tug Airpo
  11. Impound support for PD Adding LSPD to the impound script, with our own impound lot at the La Mesa precinct. Requirements Adaption of the current impound script to support PD impounding vehicles, for x amount of days, or seizing them forever. Uses Provides roleplay for other parties, PD actually being able to seize vehicles of offenders now instead of respawning/letting them idle at Mission Row.
  12. For the RGB system we use now, we have the colour box, I don't oppose to change that to a wheel... In regards to the base game colors, they for some reason do have RGB colors but none of the effects, they just turn to glossy paint when entered.
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