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  1. Hi, we're a GTA V community, we discontinued our MTA server not too long ago. I'm afraid we can't really be much of help unless an MTA player here has had any issues like yours.
  2. Modshops/Mechanics access to LS Customs Players atm can just go to any LS Customs and mod their vehicle off the fly, and it wouldn't require any RP for them to do so, at a downside of people who would want to open a modshop and do it for other players. My idea is to allow people to have a mechanic job, so that they could have access to LS Customs via their own marker (linked to their interior or to a mechanic faction they're in) or via a menu and being able to modify other player's vehicles. They'd pay for the parts, at a fair discount so they could charge players for the parts and make a small buck while at it. Requirements Adding a mechanic job with access to LS Customs Adapting the LS Customs system to provide people with the mechanic job the ability to have their own marker or menu to mod vehicles from.. Which would only be accessible by any interior key holder or by any faction member (if it's linked to the faction.) Anything else that would require adapting, in order for it to work.
  3. This! The basic /animlist is so outdated, I find myself searching the forum for that updated list for hours.
  4. hi im coming to pester u again xx
  5. Factions Dispatch device for when EMS and PD go on duty. It'll show your location at all times, unlike now, where there's a static blip in the center of the map.. Until you come in streaming distance of your fellow copper/ems person, then it'll update to the correct location. Requirements Adjustment to the blip system as well as the map system, item system for the dispatch device.. And whatever else is needed for the feature to work properly.
  6. It's not something I would count on honestly. People complained that they wanted to change the MTA server into some kind of apocalypse, people played again.. Then it died again. Why? Because you just described it, stuff got boring.
  7. Awesome! @Daniels caught me snooping around in the rewrapped Granger.
  8. Can't be arsed to drive a shit ton in a bus for scrap money lmao. I'll just keep saving from my pd paycheck instead
  9. Saw my radio being shown in the vid, thanks @Chaos! miss my mta money though, gib back millions.
  10. Deuce

    LSPD Uniform?

    Should be fine, though only daniels can set it I believe. I'll approve vanilla clothing used for characters. @ShadowSix however absolute custom ones, no, @Mogs will need to approve as primary faction leader.
  11. Deuce

    LSPD Uniform?

    You mean the custom skins we have? Those were for the LSCSD before we moved to LS. There however is a standard lspd female skin you can use meanwhile.
  12. Depends on which vehicle manufacturer develops their light systems to work on switched positive. Radio's turn off when built in standard or when connected through CAN Bus (absence of switched positive as it's mass switched by internal relays.) Though as often found that on most modern cars, the radio's work through the CAN Bus and lack the switched positive, therefor the radio will not even work or stay on constantly as it has constant plus, if you build in an aftermarket, requiring you to get either a module or bypass the can bus by pulling a wire from your 12v plug (aka cigarette ligher). FIAT is known to use switched masses and positive connectors on light switches, no matter the position, they will turn off once ignition is off, but can be manually turned on. This applies to older, original platform models. The newer models, whom all have shared platforms with Renault (Trafic/Talento), Ford & GM (Panda & 500/KA2, Opel(PSA/GM) Agila2/Suzuki(GM) Splash) however don't and often will have their DTR lights on. Volkswagen is known to switch up constant and switched positive, so if you install an aftermarket radio you will often have one that constantly stays on, or has the pin design on the wrong location. Causing it to work, but lose all of it's memory once switched off.
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