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  1. Deuce

    Radio Beats FM[SAB]

    Good luck on this, I see you're likely paying $$ to host that many songs and the bandwith. Have you tried setting up your own dedicated server? I built my spare pc into a server and I used to use that to host my own dedicated shoutcast radio, when it was still hip on MTA. Didn't cost me any money since shoutcast offers the DNAS plugin for free for that. Only thing tricky would be getting a proper player, to stream your songs from at that proper 320kpbs, mp3/mp4. I use VirtualDJ for it, worked like a charm for me. Does cost some money, unless you achieve it by other means.
  2. A while back in PD we had reserve positions for players who couldn't be active every week, with a minimum catch of a duty report a month. We removed this function though as at one point everyone went to reserves/completely inactive, or so to speak "took advantage of". Though, not too long ago we started a compromise that acts much like the position we had before which is 1 duty report per 7 days for x amount of hours on your current, fully waged rank. For as far as I can recall it counts for all functions up to Command, though it might just be up to Supervisor, I would have to check back at some point.
  3. Habbo hotel ur deluded lmao
  4. We already spoke, though COD on Ground War.
  5. Yeah and 5 players in paleto is absolutely working. Too too.
  6. Name: Walk Forrest Walk Comment: Assassins Creed much. Other than that, looks ok.
  7. I believe he's suggesting it for the MTA server, since he posted it in the MTA section.
  8. Name: Walking Walker Comment: Still issued him that ticket.
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