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  1. I believe he's suggesting it for the MTA server, since he posted it in the MTA section.
  2. Name: Walking Walker Comment: Still issued him that ticket.
  3. Name: Alex Comment: I get 28. Shit news if you ask me.
  4. **Kayleigh Haas enters the room, settling herself down in one of the free benches, silently watching the case.**
  5. Don't actually require owl launcher if you know what you're doing though. Could include a guide without the launcher.
  6. Sounds like a problem on your end, though could just be Windows 7. I have no issues on Win 10. If rebooting the RageMP application does not work. https://bugs.owlgaming.net/
  7. @Humour as State Trooper and then blowing up LSPD Officers.
  8. If people stop constantly shagging prison guards then maybe it'll ever become a thing.
  9. Since the auction of seized vehicle is void, I highly doubt we still check these vehicles. They'd just be deleted when they reach x amount of days. But back then? Surely 85 to 90% were token vehicles. The remaining amount were regular cars with an economy value of basically 0 because everybody could buy these for a dime from the car dealer.
  10. That's what we did, until you realise your inventory equals token vehicles, which equals no vehicles to sell.
  11. **Sarah Bradshaw enters the court room, walking towards the next available row of seats, settling herself down as she glares across the gallary.**
  12. Tokens got introduced so players bought "free" cars, people got arrested and their vehicles seized/impounded and it really just ended up becoming a lot full of token vehicles, which could not be sold
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