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  1. Of course you mention me.
  2. leave

    1. Dynamo


      Stop bullying or he'll make a YouTube video on you.

    2. Chillz


      Oh no he'll put Lana Del Bae beside his crooked face D:

  3. Ever coming back ;)

    1. JameZ


      he just got banned from lsrp so u might want to pm him on twitter or something

    2. JonizHD
  4. Anyone remember Juiliette's Insurance Corporation?
  5. You can have it for free, talk to Faction Review Team to have this thread transfered and also the property. I think safe inside the business has a good ammount of 10k to set you up, also a there's a gun in it too. So have fun cause I'm not going to be active at all on this server.
  6. I like playing around and popping in to collect 5000+ that people spend on my Insta-surance, but I bet someone else could be more active with this business.I'll probably sell it.
  7. Five months since opening and only now we got the first complaint: Dear Unsatisfied Customer,Sincere apology for failing to restock the documentation. My clerk is an imbicil who can't do shit on her own. If you'd like to check the exporation date of current insta-surance stocked in-case I'll ever forget to restock them again, make sure to visit our website:http://www.juilietteinsurance.com/mainPlease prove us with your bank account number((IC full name)) so that we can send you a refund. Additionaly we can offer one month subscription on any insurance offer you desire free of cost.Sincere apologies for any inconvenience,Juliette De Indigo, the CEO. Insurance Claims aren't complaints, so I didn't count those.
  8. Okay, what the fuck? Why can't I edit the original post anymore?!EDIT: Looks like I can edit it again.
  9. Aaaand done! Finally updated my stock, got a new Insta-surance date set-up. So if anyone wanna buy shit, come and get it!
  10. Dear Mr Gelinas,We appreciate your speculation and interest in offering legal protection, however I'm afraid to inform you that we are not interested in your offer at this moment, since I'm currently being stoned off my ass and couldn't give less shit about business concerns.Regardless, as I mentioned before - your concern is appreciated.Best regards,Juiliette De Indigo, the CEO.
  11. Update August 22, 2014 2. ServicesAdded details to each service;
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