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  1. First off These logs a useless to me. They are obviously heavily edited, you can tell by the spaces between the sentences. So I can't really be sure what the real story is. This is no different than a TV News reporter editing down an interview to make the interviewee look bad. I'm not. That was an in general statement. I've seen factions that rush to guns any chance they get, and they never make it. You've got Former and current members of Official Illegal factions giving you some solid advice, instead of making excuses and defending the actions of your faction, how about you sit down and tak
  2. My advice don't go straight to brawling or shooting it makes you look like a bunch of rambunctious hooligans, that have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Instead try to talk it out, you know use your words.Also I'm not sure if you do this or not, but don't just give out guns to every random fuck who comes over to Belview wearing red; that will help you in the long run.
  3. Arma modded with ACE and other mods makes for a fairly realistic game, and Mods exist for Arma 3 to make it like that as well.
  4. Go far and to places you never expected to go....WOOOOSH!
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