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  1. i love you guys. made tons of friends, spent lots of time playing and had so many great experiences. im forever grateful for having been apart of this
  2. So you're the capo of a cosa nostra but you do trash routes? I get that there's a very few amount of players on, but dont you think this should be something you hire other people to do? Maybe do it on an alt? Just trying to give you some advice to help this be more realistic and promote more RP
  3. faction was fun to RP with big props to yall
  4. happy birthday @SonnyBurnett

    1. ResidentPeach


      i'll be around later to celebrate at the Bada Bing with an ice cold Peroni

    2. Immaculate


      make sure u got that weekly though, tony's a nice guy but not too nice

  5. it wouldnt be that big of a deal if I could just scroll up on the chat logs
  6. Not only this but I've always liked chat bubbles appearing above heads when someone speaks. It feels more immersive. I don't know why it wasn't implemented but I think it would be nice.
  7. @Jezte im logging in RIGHT NOW

    its going off at club X tonight fellow owlgamers better not miss it ill let airport security know youre cool @Riley

    1. Jezte


      make sure ya nut is in a separate bag or you'll be denied access

  8. 5th times a charm i suppose
  9. Is there a form for the dealership application?
  10. I always wondered why the FT started limiting all factions to 1 spot per week and started capping amounts weekly. Factions were getting 10 kilos a week but were only able to push 1. This is a step in the right direction. Getting factions to work together or compete. Finally. Competition. This update:
  11. all i speak is guapanese

  12. rest in peace 


    1. Chasee


      wow @Plurfect .. im thinking passive aggressive thoughts right now

    2. Error404
  13. If you're able to stop baselessly assuming nepotism, you can see a really good update here.
  14. fuck everyone im triggered someone throw hands now

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    2. Lyricist


      Eyyy its the guy from the Boston. Today we're gonna discuss fingering techniques.

  15. tired of everyone triggering me.

  16. theres more to life than sleeping in

  17. Spread eagle, nigga eatin like it's suppa time

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. ertidog


      I didn't realize I was trying to be Nelly???

    3. ithomas


      lmao you're trying to be something you're not man and it's fucking painful when anyone can see how you really are irl anytime they like

    4. Jezte


      here's hitler youth tho spouting shit bout trying to be someone else kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. the money comin faster than your bitch

    1. Mogs
    2. Jezte
    3. Lyricist


      Arms spaghetti, knees weak, moms spaghetti.

  19. We can dip, fuck in the whip, slide right back

    1. Jezte


      woke u from ur sleep to make love 2 u

    2. Biggy


      pussy sandwich

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