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  1. ertidog

    Triage MC

    i want to thank everyone who is apart of this it has been such a great experience i could never have done this without @Jezte @Chasee and @CurtGreenEyes also @Brandon cant wait to see whats in store for us!
  2. yeah you know you make a valid point there
  3. faction was fun to RP with big props to yall
  4. seriously though im disappointed in whoever approved of this. this does not look good for the server
  5. happy birthday @SonnyBurnett

    1. ResidentPeach


      i'll be around later to celebrate at the Bada Bing with an ice cold Peroni

    2. Immaculate


      make sure u got that weekly though, tony's a nice guy but not too nice

  6. *Christopher wire transfers $3,000 in favor of Dustin Poirier on paletobets.io*
  7. (all meat no fat just how i like my screens ^) DISTRICT IC: A loud and consistent series of hammering would echo throughout the interior of the bar and into the neighborhood.
  8. Does anyone know what all the /anims are? Most importantly is there one for smoking a cigarette
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