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  1. Haaappyyyy birthday matt x

  2. facts. told u it would be shit @Brandon
  3. ((should we void the scrambled eggs then))
  4. did you want them boiled first or scrambled and then stuffed in
  5. how big are the eggs and how many could you stick in your ass @Jezte if they were say jumbo sized browns
  6. @Jezte im logging in RIGHT NOW

    its going off at club X tonight fellow owlgamers better not miss it ill let airport security know youre cool @Riley

    1. Jezte


      make sure ya nut is in a separate bag or you'll be denied access

  7. what the FUCK is up KYLE no what did you say WHAT THE FUCK DUDE STEP THE FUCK UP KYLE

  8. hallo wie gehts

    1. Norm


      his father is italian

    2. LeiFeng


      mir gehts gut BRUDI was machen

  9. hope you're having a normal puberty. you're in my prayers every night matthew. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Jezte


      my wifi is called BigDicksOnly. my husband was in charge of the electronics in our quaint 4 bedroom modern detached house before he passed. god rest his soul. i have to postpone our 2 day family mount chilliad climb for a few years. my bicycle has a flat tyre. 

    3. ertidog


      im so sorry for your loss did he try to appeal his ck also its ok great dreams take time to achieve

    4. Jezte
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