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  1. i love you guys. made tons of friends, spent lots of time playing and had so many great experiences. im forever grateful for having been apart of this
  2. So you're the capo of a cosa nostra but you do trash routes? I get that there's a very few amount of players on, but dont you think this should be something you hire other people to do? Maybe do it on an alt? Just trying to give you some advice to help this be more realistic and promote more RP
  3. faction was fun to RP with big props to yall
  4. happy birthday @SonnyBurnett

    1. ResidentPeach


      i'll be around later to celebrate at the Bada Bing with an ice cold Peroni

    2. Immaculate


      make sure u got that weekly though, tony's a nice guy but not too nice

  5. it wouldnt be that big of a deal if I could just scroll up on the chat logs
  6. Not only this but I've always liked chat bubbles appearing above heads when someone speaks. It feels more immersive. I don't know why it wasn't implemented but I think it would be nice.
  7. Haaappyyyy birthday matt x

  8. @Jezte im logging in RIGHT NOW

    its going off at club X tonight fellow owlgamers better not miss it ill let airport security know youre cool @Riley

    1. Jezte


      make sure ya nut is in a separate bag or you'll be denied access

  9. what the FUCK is up KYLE no what did you say WHAT THE FUCK DUDE STEP THE FUCK UP KYLE

  10. 5th times a charm i suppose
  11. hallo wie gehts

    1. Norm


      his father is italian

    2. LeiFeng


      mir gehts gut BRUDI was machen

  12. hope you're having a normal puberty. you're in my prayers every night matthew. 

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    2. Jezte


      my wifi is called BigDicksOnly. my husband was in charge of the electronics in our quaint 4 bedroom modern detached house before he passed. god rest his soul. i have to postpone our 2 day family mount chilliad climb for a few years. my bicycle has a flat tyre. 

    3. ertidog


      im so sorry for your loss did he try to appeal his ck also its ok great dreams take time to achieve

    4. Jezte
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