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  1. i love you guys. made tons of friends, spent lots of time playing and had so many great experiences. im forever grateful for having been apart of this
  2. ertidog

    Triage MC

    being one of the most active factions felt the need to let everyone know we are pleased to welcome @Livelethal to the team. More screens to come
  3. its pretty clear that admins dont want to "sit around doing nothing" on MTA and you cant expect players to be happy if their primary method of getting ahold of an admin is opening up discord. and lets be real how many of those admins are willing to stop what theyre doing and open up MTA Im not saying make EVERYONE who plays MTA an admin im saying from the looks of it you lack even a single one whos devoted to MTA and its hurting the playerbase even more than it already has been hurt
  4. I think people who are actually active in MTA should be given admin then if current administration isn't willing to be available in game.
  5. someone should write up lore for this and start looking for some mapping i dont see why this shouldnt be done. its something new and would bring players back onto MTA
  6. So you're the capo of a cosa nostra but you do trash routes? I get that there's a very few amount of players on, but dont you think this should be something you hire other people to do? Maybe do it on an alt? Just trying to give you some advice to help this be more realistic and promote more RP
  7. ertidog

    Triage MC

    i want to thank everyone who is apart of this it has been such a great experience i could never have done this without @Jezte @Chasee and @CurtGreenEyes also @Brandon cant wait to see whats in store for us!
  8. faction was fun to RP with big props to yall
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