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  1. I don't think this is accurate. There is another client, preferred by twitch streamers because of its sync, and it caps at 128 players.
  2. "When a man assumes leadership, he forfeits the right to mercy." - Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo Gianfranco Costelli, born in 1888, was a man of honor in Sicily. In 1932, Costelli and most of his extended family immigrated to Chicago. The Costelli clan began extorting businesses across their own neighborhood and other neighborhoods in addition to hosting underground casinos across the city. In 1956, with the rise of Las Vegas as the prime gambling hotspot, Gianfranco decided he wanted in on the action. He sent his nephew Dominick Costelli and a small crew to Las Vegas with a large sum of money in an attempt to get in on the mafia’s action in Vegas. Costelli’s crew was able to buy into the operation of a high profile casino in 1957 after a lot of effort and persuasion, as well as 2.3 million dollars, but by the end of 1957 the gangsters controlling Vegas decided to expel the Costelli clan from Las Vegas. This was done with full knowledge that the small and decidedly powerless Costelli Family would not be able to retaliate. Vincent Botini (left) and three undisclosed associates. Captured by an FBI surveillance team, 1983. The Mafia in Las Vegas was correct that the Costelli Family would not retaliate, but instead, an outraged Gianfranco Costelli ordered Dominick and his crew to move further west and attempt to establish a new and better gambling hotspot. Gianfranco decided to establish his “Baby Vegas” in Los Santos, and in 1962, The Bighorn Casino and Resort opened its doors. As the overseer of The Bighorn Casino, Dominick became a sort of boss in San Andreas. Although he still kicked up to New York, he was allowed to establish a few street crews in the Los Santos area that engaged in extortion, murder for hire, loan sharking, and sale of goods on the black market. Gianfranco Costelli died in 1979 in Chicago, leaving his underboss Vincent Botini in command of the Chicago branch of the family. Dominick Costelli controlled the San Andreas operation until 1985 when he died of a massive stroke. In recent years, Botini’s grandson Thomas controlled the Chicago operation and had placed Stogie in charge of the San Andreas operation, including The Bighorn, in 2008. To this day, The Costelli Crime Family continues to engage in illegal gambling operations, vehicle theft, and black market trading, including narcotics and firearms. About a decade after Stogie had taken control of the San Andreas operation, he had piled up a large amount of debt with the Chicago branch, creating a minor tension between the two. In 2014, Arturo was found dead in his home with 8 gunshot wounds scattered throughout the upper-body and head area. It is assumed that his son has recently taken the reigns of operations and some theories within the family have surfaced that it was he who orchestrated the murder of his own father. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a CK clause. Any questions feel free to contact myself, @AlbanianMafia @Kevin or @Immaculate CC BY Image courtesy of The Courtroom Sketches of Ida Libby Dengrove, University of Virginia Law Library
  3. I’ve heard rumors of the client we’re using having worse sync than other clients. Is this true?
  4. Anything you want baby
  5. Not everyone has a passion for admin work but a lot people have a passion for making illegal/legal RP enjoyable on the server. If I remember correcly, 9 times out of 10 your public contact is processed in game by any admin so long as their is proof (screenshot of a PM) that your contact was accepted. You don't need individual FT admins to process most of these things in game; that would just result in longer in game wait times. Especially when you only have 7 members. Also in my time in the FT, leaks seriously weren't as big of an issue as you're claiming them to have been. I'm not in agreement with the whole admin = more accountable idea. If someone leaks information they should be removed from the team, there's no need to take preventative measures by limiting who can apply. I was only given admin when I was promoted to supervisor because it was convenient and I really lacked most of my admin duties because again, I was primarily there to help make sure factions were getting the things they deserved. I don't get why that should be accompanied with helping Juan get a /fixveh or settling in game disputes. Before, the qualifications for FT was a question of is this person logical enough to discuss new ideas with and do they have the right in game experience with factions to know what's good for the server.
  6. I agree. A long time ago, which was the reason why myself and many other people were added into FMT, when @Lewis was running the team he had allowed a non-admin application option. Fact of the matter is just because you're not an admin doesn't mean you're not qualified to provide advice or knowledge or implement ideas that can help the server's roleplay. The virtual markets were first created and implemented by 3 guys who weren't even admins but rather just FMT members. I believe the criteria before used to be you only needed an admin rank if you were an illegal/legal supervisor because that work involved spawning items. Being an admin would certainly make you slightly more credible but it shouldn't be necessary. If you have more engaged people on the faction team supporting RP and creating new ideas, then you're going to see a similar turnout in game. Everything I'm mentioning here though is more directed towards what I want to see on GTA 5, as it's of my opinion that the MTA server's playerbase has been dropping too hard to be able to cultivate any worthwhile RP and thus has resulted in lower standards/ slow response times.
  7. the most effective way ive had to getting someone elses car is by CKing them and looting their pockets. they wont be needing it anyways at that point so there's usually never a dispute. ive pulled off actual heists for statwhore's Lamborghinis and I wont name names but once you take their precious vehicle theyll actually quit the server.
  8. yes i want to join, good to see you my friend ahah
  9. yes +1 i also suggest money printers and mayor job
  10. I'm impressed with how it looks, especially the inventory system. Looking forward to playing on this
  11. Haaappyyyy birthday matt x

  12. facts. told u it would be shit @Brandon
  13. ((should we void the scrambled eggs then))
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