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  1. Haaappyyyy birthday matt x

  2. ertidog

    Money Over Bitches Crips (MOB)

    facts. told u it would be shit @Brandon
  3. ertidog

    Easter Hunt 2018

    ((should we void the scrambled eggs then))
  4. ertidog

    Easter Hunt 2018

    did you want them boiled first or scrambled and then stuffed in
  5. ertidog

    Easter Hunt 2018

    how big are the eggs and how many could you stick in your ass @Jezte if they were say jumbo sized browns
  6. @Jezte im logging in RIGHT NOW

    its going off at club X tonight fellow owlgamers better not miss it ill let airport security know youre cool @Riley

    1. Jezte


      make sure ya nut is in a separate bag or you'll be denied access

  7. what the FUCK is up KYLE no what did you say WHAT THE FUCK DUDE STEP THE FUCK UP KYLE

  8. Cunt

  9. I'm bumpin this shit just so people can remember these hot bars @Brandon @Kevin @Pierce(RIP) @AlbanianMafia @Strickland
  10. ertidog

    Die Kommission

    my dude kavian coming through with the factions since day one im glad u doin an OC i might join up
  11. ertidog

    Will you be there?

    5th times a charm i suppose
  12. ertidog

    [YouTube] State Trooper Abuses His Powers

    Username: bustanutupinyamotha Comment: This is so ridiculous to see our officers conduct themselves in this manner. It is sad but real and it's just the time we live in. Abusing power is never right no matter who you are just like in nineteen ninety eight when The Undertaker threw Mankind off hell in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.
  13. hallo wie gehts

    1. Norm


      his father is italian

    2. LeiFeng


      mir gehts gut BRUDI was machen

  14. ertidog

    Owlgaming in 2014

    yes and then me and Kevin killed him in a cargo container. It got voided because he was in a /sit bug.... we CKed him again 30 minutes after the appeal was approved. RIP Cameron Moore all stat whores die eventually except mona mclaughlin can someone kill that bitch already please lord

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