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  1. When I started RPing I usually only RPed one char at the time and after countless hours and certain reasons I finally got tired of Mona I never had thoughts of killing her, So I just left her be and made new char, then I sometimes log onto Mona when I'm bored and go drive around or RP and people who I meet and RP during those sessions I just tell them she lives normal family life in the town and does not really go out much.
  2. What's the top speed?

    No offence to VCT members and leaders but how I see the whole thing nowadays, the quality and details of the RP on car modifying has dropped alot during the years. It just seems like all the common sense has been thrown away, When the General Lee was built there was lots of things taken into consideration and all the possible legal modifications were made to keep the car as driveable as possible. Things like, brakes, reinforced frame, completely remade suspension and drivetrain that can handle the huge amounts of torque. Now it seems like all you need is turbo and whatever small parts you need to install it, like manifolds and pipes. And I just noticed @Adams message about making the building take 2-3 weeks or so. I think that's how it should be. When I made build request in the past I usually did couple smaller ones, usually one was for suspension, brakes and reinforcements and whatever needs to be welded etc and interior parts, then after it was done I made one for engine and transmission and whatever was needed. I have Mercedez Benz W124 IRL and late august I bought new engine to it, 3 liter turbo diesel engine to replace the naturally aspirated 3 liter one. with the stock turbo and injection pump the power increase is like 30hp and still I have to replace brakes to it. Also if I want to install intercooler I have to get dyno sheet and take it to the DMV to get it actually legal. Off topic here, but it goes out to VCT: So when I was in VCT it took me six months of cosntant nagging about removing the rare cars from normal dealerships, and the leaders finally did it. But now since the VCT rework all those same cars have returned to the dealerships with REDUCED PRICE. Go to google and try to find 1951 Mercury Eight Coupe for like 15 grand, one that is in pristine condition or old Bel Air or any car that is from 50's and 60's. Would it be so hard to just remove all cars from 70's and older from the dealers? Also rare sport cars like Lexus LFA at Grotti really made me wonder what the fuck is going on.

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