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  1. can you please let me connect to your server already thanks
  2. shoutout to the realest rpers ive encountered over the years @ElMariachi @ertidog @remolten @TPG @DrJoseEviI @Klippan @Serx @Matey @Firebird @[email protected] @OttoOf600 @jmars @[email protected] @ResidentPeach @jonthulhu
  3. story updated. thanks to peach for help on the thread
  4. tfw u send me on a kartel binge
  5. omg wow can i join pls
  6. mi gone pon a money champagne trillion dollar mi no waan chunk change how much unuh think fi a diamond chain 3 billion fi a new jet plane
  7. RCB

    Sin Town Network

    3 bullets to his head guys like "processing"
  8. draaaaaaaaain gaaaaaaaaaaang

  9. RCB

    RageMP Can't join server

    use protonvpn
  10. Nikita in Budva on a business trip, 2013 Nikita Sakharov (Russian: Никита Сахаров, born October 18, 1993) also known as “клинок“ (blade) is a Russian-born migrant with a modest presence in the Paleto Bay criminal underground scene. He was born and raised in a low-income household in the outskirts of Ivangorod, however he moved to Kyiv with his brother in 2005. Best known for slush fund and money laundering related schemes, Nikita is best recognized for aiding white-collar criminals in laundering money through Danske Bank back in 2017. Also named as “The Jack of All Trades”, Nikita’s criminal portfolio includes counterfeiting, Medicaid rackets, drug trafficking and more. Chapter 1 - Slaughterhouse Nikita’s first involvement with the criminal underworld was the creation of a legitimate business named "Магазин компакт-дисків Нікіти” (which translates to Nikita’s CD Store) which distributed illegal CD/DVD movies and music albums in flea markets and local shops across Ukraine. It was located in Petrivka, Kiev and was a local favorite; unlike other shops, one could rent out films in Nikita’s store. Nikita collected intelligence of the clients that would borrow something in his shop by making them fill out a form which required their full name (along with an ID to prove the legitimacy of the name) and a return date, under the guise that the CD’s were authentic and were “straight from America". In the weak law enforcement structure that Ukrainian citizens and criminals were bathing in, Nikita played the role of a high school drop out and a CD/DVD aficionado and collector, striking his customers with his passion of movies and his sympathetic demeanor. However, unknown to the people that considered him a friendly salesman, he ran a small team who sourced usable DVD disks and covers, along with the needed material, to illegally repackage the disks. He then effectively distributed them through connected merchants through box sets (100 CDs) which he sold the sets to for an acceptable price. Nikita’s team would manufacture CDs and DVDs which were considered as principal (original) retail items, consisting of recent Ukrainian and foreign issues, Hollywood blockbusters, children’s films and cartoons that were popular and in demand (for example, animated series “Well, Just You Wait!” releases) in the Ukrainian market, as well as a wide selection of pornographic films. Nikita would also sponsor a mid-end pornographic studio in order to supply the growing demand. Once connected to the salient issues of the personal and collective struggles of the street vendors with entrenched poverty, any feasible correlations with the funding of ‘organised crime’ appeared outlandish. For instance, a CD with a bootleg compilation of Ukrainian songs about relationship breakdowns and divorce, having a famous -and recently divorced- couple on its cover was sold in April 2012 and was a trendy item. In addition, street-sellers acted as investors by buying discs with compilations that are made by the ‘producer’. The wholesale price per CD and DVD, at that time, was around 2 to 3 euro, and certainly revealed the role of savvy entrepreneurship in gauging exploitable gaps within the local celebrity industry, where erstwhile legitimate market traders, because of operational constraints embedded within ‘intellectual’ property rights, positioned illicit producers and retailers in a more powerful trading position to that of the legitimate market. During this time, he and his group was engaged in vandalism, damage of property, scaring competing sellers by beating them up or by extorting them. This led to Nikita’s group becoming “regulators" of many flea markets, which contributed to conflict with other criminals. to be updated ))
  11. RCB

    Cartel Del Suroeste

    Let's go hermano! El Chapo Shit right here holmes!
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    Thanks for absolutely nothing!

  14. bigbear reboot 2k19 thse gangsters smokin aiki pack big 7k bank account rs haul boyz big flexxx warp in ikea with watch item gang
  15. L&A upon request. Shame to see you guys go, let me know if you wish to reopen.
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