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  1. Civilian Safety Force

    klaus back at it again
  2. Majestic X8

    slob on me knob
  3. Le Meridien Los Santos

    inb4 sued or extorted
  4. Majestic X8

    for my majestic chotaK clique
  5. name: reddy comment: white people
  6. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    although rare, pd and admins mask a headshot to a pd officer with the classic ''shot in the leg'' claim. just adding that here
  7. triple6devil

    real barrio boy right here
  8. almost everyone plays just to impress others nowadays so i see no reason to not milk money out of them
  9. Woody Roscoe

    and then he joined red county mob
  10. make it possible to buy in game currency for gcs, easy money if u ask me
  11. Matryoshka Restaurant

    disclaimer - we dont use human body parts as beef in our menu
  12. [General] - Hunger & Thirst

    eating pizza from stacks heals gunshot wounds so no
  13. CQS X3

    quadrant sureno x3, aka hispanic geometry mathematics boys :2
  14. Bratva Vostoka

    a tattoo on the arm will get you in

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