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  1. can you please let me connect to your server already thanks
  2. shoutout to the realest rpers ive encountered over the years @ElMariachi @ertidog @remolten @TPG @DrJoseEviI @Klippan @Serx @Matey @Firebird @[email protected] @OttoOf600 @jmars @[email protected] @ResidentPeach @jonthulhu
  3. story updated. thanks to peach for help on the thread
  4. tfw u send me on a kartel binge
  5. omg wow can i join pls
  6. mi gone pon a money champagne trillion dollar mi no waan chunk change how much unuh think fi a diamond chain 3 billion fi a new jet plane
  7. 3 bullets to his head guys like "processing"
  8. draaaaaaaaain gaaaaaaaaaaang

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