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  1. draaaaaaaaain gaaaaaaaaaaang

  2. Nikita Sakharov (Russian: Никита Сахаров, born October 18, 1993) also known as “клинок“ (blade) is a Russian-born migrant with a powerful presence in the Paleto Bay criminal underground scene. Known for slush fund and money laundering related schemes, Nikita aided white-collar criminals in laundering money through Danske Bank in 2013 before moving to America. Also named as “The Jack of All Trades”, Nikita’s criminal portfolio includes counterfeiting, Medicaid rackets and drug trafficking. Nikita was born and raised in a low-income household in the outskirts of Ivangorod, Russia. Not much is known about his childhood except from the fact that he was then involved in narcotic theft. He has two brothers and a sister who did not relate to his criminal activities back then and preferred to stay away.
  3. Let's go hermano! El Chapo Shit right here holmes!
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  5. Thanks for absolutely nothing!

  6. bigbear reboot 2k19 thse gangsters smokin aiki pack big 7k bank account rs haul boyz big flexxx warp in ikea with watch item gang
  7. L&A upon request. Shame to see you guys go, let me know if you wish to reopen.
  8. rest in peace

  9. ppl who know how cannabis grows will not like this system since nurturing it is a fundamental part in the whole process (and this determines the yield/potency etc) since this is owlgaming afaik the faction team only care about if the fundamental process is done and discard many technicalities involving drug manufacturing and synthesis and thus immersive criminal roleplayers that take their time are left mind fucked by this and simply dumb down their roleplay since their effort is barely rewarded at all
  10. also add a script where u can see the purity of a specific narcotic
  11. Delusions of grandeur are a sure sign of a psychological disorder so I flex on mental kids like u
  12. bladee

    The Market Crew

    This can be L&A
  13. Counterfeit trade, comprising both document and pharmaceutical markets in San Andreas for the longest time got ditched or monopolized by organized crime syndicates, but the trade remains uncommon and complex. It remains an enterprise hidden in mystery and there are very few exemptions in where a considerable scale criminal counterfeit operation has taken place. Most of the market itself has remained unexplored and unexploited for a long time because of the logistics of the trade, the need of a dependable yield of clients and the cover up operations related. For example, what appears to be a myriad of local and federal stipulations, requirements and provisions concerning the authenticity of various identification documents only shows the intricacy of the counterfeit scene in the United States. While there exists the set of independent forgers struggling under the radar, organized crime groups structuring and functioning the underground market of counterfeit goods concentrated in a particular state has not been observed publicly. The recent ad campaign promoted under the Department of Justice's Federal Task Force has put pressure on such operations, since the state-issued identification documents, most notably the SAID, DMV vehicle ownership and individual governmental subsidiary identification documents are still being sold at unusually high prices. However, a substantial insight into the San Andreas counterfeit trade has yet to be published by a law enforcement organization. Since better counterfeit documents make it tough for law enforcement to maintain public safety, the efforts taken to combat forgeries by governmental agencies are effective and aggressive; anti-counterfeiting measures appear to be by no means without effect. The persistent commitment of the Secret Service, the Department of the Treasury and various intelligence agencies against counterfeiting makes those who engage in the trade itself, especially the vendor, adapt and use tactics that counteract the signs of what is considered a counterfeit operation. The counterfeit government document trade is heavily related with identity fraud. Identity fraud itself, by all means, is the fundamental reason counterfeit documents, such as passports and IDs are being traded. The identity (SSN, full name etcetera) of a citizen can be exploited for criminal activity with great effect. Trying to measure the effects of identity fraud in counterfeiting is exceptionally complex. Only surrogate indicators such as seizures by the LSPD or customs authorities are accessible. The driving force behind the gray market lies in the profit opportunity created by the differing prices at which pharmaceutical manufacturers sell drugs. Gray marketers known as “diverters” take advantage of this price differential, buying or otherwise gaining discounted medicine and then reselling the drugs at a marked-up price to other distributors, wholesalers and other regions. Diverters use an array of illegitimate methods for gaining these discounted medicines. One popular source is “closed-door” pharmacies, dispensaries for institutions such as nursing homes, hospices and AIDS clinics, four out of five of which have resold at least some of their medicine to diverters according to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. In other cases, diverters pay hospital or nursing home workers to sell their discounted medicines, divert or fraudulently acquire shipments for government institutions or foreign countries, offer Medicaid patients cash for their medicines, collude with corrupt pharmaceutical company employees or break into warehouses and snatch shipments of drugs from loading docks. Counterfeiters are taking advantage of this diversion channel to distribute their products. Counterfeiters’ methods include relabeling expired drugs or “up-labeling” low-dose drugs, importing and repackaging compromised foreign-market drugs, and making or buying completely fake drugs. These potentially dangerous counterfeits are then passed through the same gray market channels that lead into the legitimate drug supply. Drug regulators claim they have never seen a case of counterfeits infiltrating the drug supply that didn’t also involve drug diverters. ~~
  14. Cant wait for hand wash rp screens with random nba youngboy song on top
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