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  1. Upon associating yourself with the Wright DTO on an interpersonal or criminal level you automatically agree to a homosexuality clause, the leadership of Wright DTO reserve the right to forcefully probe the anus of your character for any reason they seem necessary.

    1. eoozy


      thats on folks mane 💘


    1. mfk



    2. mfk


      Vamp Money the best SGP since the inception

    3. klippan


      true... ain't no lie

    1. klippan


      ''Their legal endeavors characterized this, particularly their record label “Outta Town Money” which made only 7k and was shut down the same day the FT cashed out their profits.'' LMFAO I'M TRIGGERED

    2. mfk


      @klippanso u want that lean or not

  3. mfk

    Keith Kirkland

    waiting on a verdict from UA regarding finances, here’s some random screens
  4. wtf lmfaooo wright finna join this
  5. ruben slikk made ur favorite artist style

    1. Ambidextrous


      ambi is a bitchhhh

    2. mfk


      ruben slikk approves of this message

  6. New sosa


  7. there’s no encouragement for some criminal rpers to roleplay, because it’s the same formula all the time (vm, car chopping u name it) but take a step further and offer something unusual and u will be waiting for UA to sort their shit out for half a year before anything can be hammered into motion (a great example is the vehicle export scheme)
  8. A middle income family raised Keith as an orphan a few blocks away from Oakhaven in the south area of Memphis. Seeing opportunity in the criminal underworld’s culture that his household got influenced by, it was only a matter of time before his point of view towards life altered to thrill his street activities. As a juvenile, he became affiliated with a petty street gang called BSG, from which he learned valuable knowledge about narcotics. ==== http://linkbook.thomaspwn.com/index.php?do=/codeinepromethazine/
  9. hacker gang wasd keys only requirement $10k per hack pm for more info
  10. name change already? damn
  11. cant wait to rock "air ns raskal 7126" tiny size
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