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  1. /pm 3 lol why atms dont work
  2. Video tutorials on how to make cannabis are listed below. // Good luck.
  3. cant wait for taxi rp screens
  4. (( lsia as a faction is dead, maybe you can even take it over as CEO ))
  5. fuck u

    1. eoozy


      wheres ,mine

    2. mfk
  6. mfk

    fuck u

    1. Serx


      suck my dick

    2. mfk
  7. fuck you

    1. magnolia


      do i know you?

    2. mfk


      i dont give a fuck go suck a dick

  8. fuck you

    1. Ambidextrous


      awe the junkie reject is angry

    2. mfk


      awe the alcopop sipper with occasional hesburger craving speaks

  9. boys jack my style like copy & paste

  10. jason bureell is a drug pin from small town in Africa where he do illegal with chandan and form a gang. then they go to us via container ship and smuggle 1300kg cocaine but got caught by los santos police department and was just jailed for 1 month. once free, jason became afiliated legal with rs haul and steal some from it. then jason came across chandan in los santos and remember the africa gang. now jason has apartment in east los santos, where he try to make methapetamine. he sometimes help chandan run cowboys gay pimp ring. to be update.
  11. never forget who switch on u

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