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  1. Let's go hermano! El Chapo Shit right here holmes!

    1. legendarymember



      still one of the finest florida music ive ever heard

  3. we sell for 12k now since this thread gives us popularity call 319512 for 7k discount izh shotgun soviet style and marijuana ic all call 319512 319512 319512 319512 319512 1st caller ic 319512 319512 319512 gets 7k discount shotgun FREE OMG 319512 319512 319512 319512 319512 319512
  4. Thanks for absolutely nothing!

  5. bigbear reboot 2k19 thse gangsters smokin aiki pack big 7k bank account rs haul boyz big flexxx warp in ikea with watch item gang
  6. L&A upon request. Shame to see you guys go, let me know if you wish to reopen.
  7. rest in peace

  8. ppl who know how cannabis grows will not like this system since nurturing it is a fundamental part in the whole process (and this determines the yield/potency etc) since this is owlgaming afaik the faction team only care about if the fundamental process is done and discard many technicalities involving drug manufacturing and synthesis and thus immersive criminal roleplayers that take their time are left mind fucked by this and simply dumb down their roleplay since their effort is barely rewarded at all
  9. also add a script where u can see the purity of a specific narcotic
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