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  1. Hello @JakeThomlin, As of now (2/23/2019), only the maintenance department (ground crew) is engaged in hiring employees. Our employees need a High School Diploma or GED equivalent, along with a CV to qualify for employment. Maintenance department employees are responsible for the secure and skilled upkeep of a huge general aviation airport named Los Santos International Airport and its related terminal and aid with airport operations by ensuring conformity with airport rules and procedures and carrying out legal/administrative specifications. They help with airport maintenance to assure a safe airport operating atmosphere. If interested, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] ((forum pm)) of your curriculum vitae. Hope this helps, Anthony Richardson, Head of Maintenance
  2. *coughs* public works *coughs*
  3. mehn you haiseva latvian,,, mee lamp (1996) 

  4. mehn you haiseva latvian,,, mee lamp (1996)

    1. kicklighter


      latvians cant rp

  5. we all know that this is an excuse for AT to not lock this thread
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