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  1. Idlewood Crooks

    Craazy, the creator of this faction (and it's thread, respectively) is forum banned at this moment, he has asked me to post the following on his behalf. Everything below has been written by him, not me (just to not confuse people ) L&A. This faction was ever slightly active, on the day it was un-archived. The goal was to be released on the 25th of December, as Leonard Stewart and eventually form the broken faction into what it once was, without the need for Leonard to interfere. I was told I would be released on the 25th of December if I did not bother with a court case when Leonard Stewart was caught. ThatGuy and Zebulon stressed the impact my character would have when released and the only thing I had to do was write a request for a parole hearing on December 25th. I did this, but even though the PMs were read, it was never answered. It has not been answered to this day, and so this faction has long been abandoned. Our illegal FT contacts were answered by a legal FT member, just to show you the inactivity of illegal FT. Many factions have disbanded, and many are inactive... most due L&A although illegal FT is too inactive to L&A these threads. L&A due, requested by owners... Gurei suneku shinjiketo E/S Diablo Azules 18 Guap Squad The Rumbling Reapers MC Brimstone Project Pirus The Serano Crew 41 Grove Street Outlaws San Pedro 13 SCHIAVIDELLAVERITA Inactive for 2 weeks+... The Montgomery Organisation Riders from Hell 616 Seville Boulevard Savages Cardinal Connection The Santera Crime Family Little Moscow Gang El Sindicato Vallarino Khram OPG Remaining factions... Madmen MC Crimstone Hoover Mafia The Red County Mob I warned FT of this. I warned UAT of this. I even created guides for FT. Only to be silenced by the Terminator of Khram, Wright because he felt the need to PK me for driving, and CK the person I called for "security measures". There was no disregard, but the appeal was overruled by the likes of Khradmins, ThatGuy, Hurley, and more. Then I began to meme. Be it funny or not, there was truth in my memes. But it was too late.
  2. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    locked soon just watch
  3. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    what a fucking fiesta because of a faction
  4. Community Open Q&A

    thread has no verdict on what happened to the people involved then I don't see an issue in posting it?
  5. Community Open Q&A

    so the logs are true?
  6. Community Open Q&A

    why did you delete my comment?
  7. Upper Administration

    so why non-admins are not allowed on the faction team?

    pure rp died a very long time ago
  9. I picciotti di Cammareri

    The portrait of the Virgin Mary burns in his hand.
  10. ტაძარი

    welcome back
  11. lmao send the logs to FT public contact in forms
  12. Need help(drug related)

    whats ur discord

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