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  1. guntars

    FinalWaste Sanitation Co.

    *coughs* public works *coughs*
  2. mehn you haiseva latvian,,, mee lamp (1996) 

  3. mehn you haiseva latvian,,, mee lamp (1996)

  4. guntars

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    we all know that this is an excuse for AT to not lock this thread
  5. guntars

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    no dirt, but worth a card
  6. guntars

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

  7. guntars

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    had no dirt on Shanks
  8. guntars

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

  9. guntars

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

  10. Whats up guys its guntars here and today we're gonna speedrun owlgaming
    Any% no rshaul and fishing job
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheNeonGuy


      Speed run any %, $1,000,000 in RS Haul pls.

    3. Ambidextrous
    4. TheNeonGuy


      The thing is I don't understand the rant, but speed run any % would be nice, wanna see how long it takes.

  11. guntars

    Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Follow us on Linkbook - linkbook.thomaspwn.com/index.php?do=/kfcls/
  12. guntars

    Crypto-currency discussion

    use monero via multisig for transactions and ur golden

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