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  1. 3 bullets to his head guys like "processing"
  2. draaaaaaaaain gaaaaaaaaaaang

  3. Nikita Sakharov (Russian: Никита Сахаров, born October 18, 1993) also known as “клинок“ (blade) is a Russian-born migrant with a powerful presence in the Paleto Bay criminal underground scene. Known for slush fund and money laundering related schemes, Nikita aided white-collar criminals in laundering money through Danske Bank in 2013 before moving to America. Also named as “The Jack of All Trades”, Nikita’s criminal portfolio includes counterfeiting, Medicaid rackets and drug trafficking. Nikita was born and raised in a low-income household in the outskirts of Ivangorod, Russia. Not much is known about his childhood except from the fact that he was then involved in narcotic theft. He has two brothers and a sister who did not relate to his criminal activities back then and preferred to stay away.
  4. Let's go hermano! El Chapo Shit right here holmes!

    1. bladee



      still one of the finest florida music ive ever heard

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