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  1. Instagram?

    you know your boy x
  2. Custom Face required

    need someone who can do a custom face based on my character's faceclaim for on a skin, will reward with gc. hmu on Discord.
  3. why do you still roleplay?

    cant go 2 hours without e-rp thats why
  4. drift

  5. [Items] - Basic laptop model

    ?? sure
  6. Hello. Check this as soon as possible,

    Being permanently banned from the server for having a cancerous attitude towards staff (who don't get paid for their services, but are actually doing volunteer work) without your application being checked in the first place.
  7. Hello. Check this as soon as possible,

    Relogging won't give them another notification. And this attitude won't help you get accepted or denied any faster, I'd imagine it'd actually do the opposite.
  8. your dad got mugged by zacs gay uncle
  9. Flight School Application - Tommy Waylon - LSPD

    Because of the LSPD reference regarding these licenses, they are free of charge. I will reach out to you in a timely manner, Derrick James Emergency Services Instructor Los Santos International Airport
  10. Alhambra Opening Night

    )) your a paki what are you even on about ((
  11. Alhambra Opening Night

    (( bite me babs ))
  12. Alhambra Opening Night

    (( In-character thread.))
  13. Score some heroin

    Loving the story, once again, you did a perfect job to capture the reader's attention.
  14. show boobs pls

    1. Condition


      I will if u accept my discord u bubba

    2. Lyricist


      its not a breast, its a malignant tumor.

    3. einschtein

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