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  1. Nah, just the driver and front seat passenger side should have this option, not the rear seats.
  2. [Items] - Gunracks

    I like this idea.
  3. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    *Dustin Bryant blinks at Maverick in pure innocence, facepalming with a slap afterwards.* *Dustin Bryant slips a note to Pablo.*
  4. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    *Dustin smirks and shakes his head. "You're a mong." *Dustin Bryant pushes himself up from his seat and rotates around to sit next to Pablo, nudging him with his elbow. "Can I ask you about career opportunities?"*
  5. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    *Dustin Bryant enters the court room and sits next to Maverick, nudging him with his shoulder and a friendly slap to the back.*
  6. [General] - /ame backup

    Yes please.
  7. Jetson

    Haha look at this guy. Welcome back nerd (:
  8. The rule is that denied stays denied, what's not to get?
  9. Suggestions that were declined in the past stay denied, you can't just re-submit a request a year later.
  10. This was suggested before and denied. Quote #3 - Suggestion duplicates are forbidden. Please do make a research before sending a new suggestion. Denied suggestions stay denied. Read the policies of a subforum before you post a thread in it, kthx.
  11. /me reaches out for ID 72's wrists, in attempt to cuff them. No thanks. Use the default system. Metagaming is punishable if you have the evidence to back up your claims.

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