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  4. Story and other info updated.
  5. Owl V is the shit, don't question it because you can't create RP for yourself or between three people.
  6. I suggest you sit down.
  7. You're talking like a moving headshot takes 0 skill.
  8. Smoke packs in stores near you, good luck
  9. The grunge things are amazing.
  10. 조폭 During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, organized crime was widespread in Korea with the syndicates controlling large parts of the entertainment district, media and politics. Common practices of these groups included loan sharking, money laundering, racketeering, prostitution and of course gambling. In 1990, the Korean Government declared war against organized crime, introducing Article 114 of Korean Criminal Law dictating that not only were organized gangs illegal, but those who joined or formed groups could also be charged. The introduction of this law resulted in the incarceration of hundreds of mobsters and mob bosses with many others emigrating However, the gangs instead transformed themselves into business corporations, working on expansion just as the East Asian Financial Crisis struck the nation in 1997, using the crisis to their advantage by running loan sharking schemes and blackmailing people for their own personal gain. Over time, the groups started to branch out into different locations in order to push their reputation and gain power over different areas, some eventually moving to different countries in order to continue their activities without being under the Korean Government’s eye. Those who fled Korea in order to continue their activities without being under the Korean Government’s eye began to concentrate on other locations where they could establish their own Koreatowns, including San Andreas Little Seoul. Little Seoul, is a neighbourhood in central Los Santos with the inhabitants primarily made up of Hispanic and Korean citizens who had emigrated in the hope of capitalising in the growing city. The Mafia soon managed to build their own foundation in Little Seoul, concentrating on gambling, adult entertainment and extortion with the aim of growing their reputation across Los Santos. Members of the Korean Mafia often have tattoos that signify what group they are part of. When confronted by other mobs or groups, they show the tattoo to identify themselves. The tattoo can also be used as a warning to civilians and therefore because of this, tattoos have often been considered taboo by those aware of what the tattoos symbolise. Relations: The group will often associate themselves with most Asian background groups and won't limit to only that, as long as money is made and no one shows threat to the organisation business can flow as normal. Influences & Activities: The Korean Mafia participates in a wide range of criminal activities and has an influence on many different markets in Los Santos and overseas as well. Some sides of the mafia focus on legal fronts for making money whilst others explore illegal avenues such as drug dealings, gambling, prostitution, extortion and human trafficking. The Korean Mafia is massively involved with the trafficking and distribution of opioid drugs, primarily heroin, and as a result has held a large stranglehold on this market of drugs. However, the mafia avoids dealing heroin with its locals and instead looks to distribute it away from its communities. Ambitions: The ambition with this faction is to develop a realistic Korean Mafia using the history of the real life Asian mafia operations in Los Angeles as a foundation. We are putting a lot of emphasis into both sides of the Korean Mafia; the street gang side and the organized elements, to ensure that we are getting the most out of the faction and providing a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone that is part of the faction. We will be taking our time with developing our characters and the faction as a whole, being sure to enjoy every step of progression. This includes individual advancement through ranks in the faction. If you are looking to join a faction to get guns and shoot people, this is not the faction for you. Faction Clauses: By joining this faction as a Shatei (uninitiated member) or above, you agree to be CK’d if it is deemed necessary and is granted by the faction’s leadership. Similarly, faction leadership may choose to remove your character from the faction if it is believed that your roleplay is not in line with our goals and ambitions or if you are felt to be portraying the faction negatively. You must have permission from faction leadership to post screenshots.
  11. Keep this shit rolling, fuck a snoochie.
  12. Great update! Maybe when bleeding out you should have an option to slow bleed-out with a command when not moving. So that way you can call for help or have more time to do so.
  13. Pictured Thomas Cheng (35) current day. Stands 5'10'' tall and is often seen wearing fake designer wear. For Thomas Cheng life made him grow up quickly, born May 12th 1985 he was raised by a single mother who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and early onset Dementia. His father left the family early on whilst Thomas was 10 months old, having not been able to cope with growing debt and unable to accept the fact his wife wasn’t the woman she used to be. Thomas was an only child, and although he never knew his father he felt growing up without one was deemed normal due to this being quite a common occurrence for those growing up in the Little Seoul area of Los Santos. Whilst his mother slowly began to fade away from the person she used to be, Thomas found himself surrounded by people who were driven by a ruthless appetite for money and power. Something which he himself found he needed in order to afford the growing medical bills his mother was wracking up as her condition worsened. Money to Thomas was the definition of survival, therefore as soon as he hit 13 he began to run small errands for older occupants of Little Seoul, including dealing small amounts of drugs or being a lookout for Police during certain situations. It was quite a lonely life being left to fend for himself and try to keep the memories together of the past, therefore the group of friends he met on the street gave him a feeling of closeness and acceptance that filled the void he had been missing his entire life. He felt welcomed among the group and proud of himself for making his own money by getting involved in the drug scene. Pictured from left Jonny Wang(21), Thomas Cheng(15) and Randall Ming-Yu(14). All three convicted for shoplifting and vandalism. Fascinated by the fear and respect Little Seoul received from outsiders, Thomas sunk deeper into the new world that was introduced by the group and built a reputation for himself, learning how to survive on the streets. Classes turned into empty words and absence at school became the norm for the young man. At age 16, despite his mother’s reservations Thomas dropped out of school and started spending more time with his new called ‘brothers’. However soon his reckless actions drew the wrong attention, with gang rivalry dominating the streets, which, in turn, generated a lot of attention on young Thomas. His persistence and drive for making cash saw his reputation spike throughout the neighbourhood, with him looking towards the more prominent members of the groups in Little Seoul and being taken under their wing. The young dropout soon saw himself climbing the hierarchy of the “Band of Brothers” that had accepted him in his youth, however, this newfound reputation also placed a target on his back from rival gangs. As more money started flowing into his wallet, Thomas started to become more reckless, creating a change in personality which saw him transcending and outright dismissing the elements that once made up his life, rather opting for spending and showcasing his possessions. While young Thomas deeply loved his mother, he found spending time with her increasingly painful as her Dementia progressed, often forgetting who her own son was, he found himself spending more and more time away from home, allowing the set to attain full control over him. The characteristic changes in Thomas drove his mother in despair as she'd soon come to terms with his new lifestyle and personality. The fear for her son’s life, alongside combatting her own illnesses which were slowly deteriorating and forcing her to become wheelchair-bound, made it near impossible for the woman to surmount her fears and anxiety. Not being able to have the strength to physically force Thomas to stay at home, despite her great effort in trying to pull the young man out of the world that soon swallowed him, her condition and the burden weighing down on her shoulders made her weary, rendering her useless on the fight for her son's future. All the more so with her own memories becoming faded, soon being lost in the haze whilst she tried to regain control of her own life the best she could. Pictured MingMei Cheng mother of Thomas Cheng. Whilst his mother battled on with her own demons, Thomas began spending more and more time on the corner, generating a steady cash flow which soon proved to be a thorn in his side, with many adolescents trying to follow in his footsteps and joining up with rival organisations, steadily seeking to make a name for themselves. Given Thomas had already established a reputation as a frequent and good earner, nor to mention his naïveté, he found himself to be one of the most viable targets amongst rival sets, unbeknownst to him. Eventually, a rival group decided that it was time to remove Thomas from the streets, a chosen strategy to assert their own influence in the city and stamp out those who were thinking of making their own moves to assert dominance in the city of Los Santos. One late evening, two assailants traced Thomas down to his usual corner, shortly tailing him afterwards to his home, waiting in their vehicle just off the road as they waited for the lights in the home to go dark. The tranquillity of the domicile was interrupted by the sound of a smashed window, the glass crunching beneath the soles as the two assailants climbed through the broken window, entering the home brandishing small calibre handguns and ski masks. They began to work their way through the small house, barging into the living room as the two members of the rival set wasted no time making their presence known to Thomas who had been asleep on the couch. Thomas, woken up violently from his sleep, found himself staring down the barrel of a gun, unable to properly breathe in fear that any movement may encourage them to further violence. The noise between the assailants and Thomas, drew the attention of his mother who due to her disability was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom. Mere moments later, his mother emerged from her room, clad in her bathrobe as her wheelchair creaked across the floorboards, taking the assailants by surprise. Shaken by her unexpected presence, one of the masked assailants rapidly turned to face Thomas’ mother, his finger pressing down on the trigger as a deafening gunshot rang through the house. Thomas caught a glimpse of his mother slumping down into her wheelchair, her head resting down towards her chest with her hands losing grip on the wheels. He attempted to yell out whilst the gunshot noise still left ringing in his ears, not caring about the consequence as he grabbed a monkey wrench that was resting by the couch, launching himself towards the masked men as he began to repeatedly pummel the closest assailant, leaving the masked man lifeless, his face a mess of bloody tissue and bone. The other assailant meanwhile hastily ran back, climbing once more from the broken window as he made his escape, shaken from what had occurred. Thomas panted, throwing the wrench away as he temporarily forgets about his mother, glancing down at the mess he had just made with the wrench. Swallowing down nausea, he glances away before rushing towards his mother, dropping down beside her as he gently lifts her head up, looking for any signs of life. Her skin was still warm to the touch, however, her eyes were more vacant than ever and her body already started to enter the stages of Rigor mortis. The image of his mother bleeding out was the only image he could remember from that day on. An image that's not stopped plaguing him ever since. Pictured 'The Starlight Motel' where Thomas Cheng spent time after his mothers death. Thomas was soon plagued by constant nightmares, with the horrifying sight of his mother’s death playing a huge factor in the change of his personality. He knew her death was the product of his own greed, and their home no longer served as a sanctuary of peace. Unable to bare living within the four walls that brought his mother’s death, Thomas moved out into a small shabby room at The Starlite Motel on the corner of Tangerine Street near Vinewood, continuing to engage in a series of criminal activities, such as daily robberies and muggings in order to pay for the room alongside other necessities. Still burdened by the demise of his mother's death, Thomas spent the majority of his days in his hotel room, quickly burning through whatever cash he made with alcohol and drugs, using whatever means necessary to keep himself numb from the pain he was feeling. As the budget depleted more and more, Thomas saw himself returning to the streets once more to resume his previous career in drug trafficking, his lifestyle becoming more dependent on the money he earned. Thomas soon slid back into his old routine, however, the pain left by the death of his mother soon found itself pushed back by sheer ambition as he strived to be more than just a corner boy, to make more cash and hold sway over other people. With this in mind, Thomas became a ‘Red Pole’ within a group of friends, slowly sinking deeper into organised crime to guarantee a stable income, using aggression to claim his position within the set whilst also trying to create a better community for those who were also trying to survive in a violent world of uncertainty. Thomas soon became a centre point for those who needed someone to support them, often lending a hand to locals in his area who needed help finding work or supporting their own families. Unlike figure heads, Thomas will often be one who thinks several steps ahead in order to ensure actions are done properly instead of jumping two feet in. Having learnt from his past mistakes, more often than not he will do anything to avoid having a target on his back, alternatively choosing to work together with others to come to a proper agreement. This way he minimises casualties and protects those in his own community, with the idea of creating a reputation that would make others view him as someone who was for the people, and the voice for those who had no voice before. Pictured current day Korean Mafia members, Thomas Cheng(first from the left), the rest is unknown. Story to be contined.
  14. Oooh Munhausen, I like it.
  15. Effort when you could just save the outfit as soon as you've created it.
  16. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Outfit Saving What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Make it available to save outfits in certains slots so you're able to just switch between outfits you've created, rather than spending gazillion years scrolling through your bought clothes. What are the advantages?- Quicker change of outfit for occassion. Easily accessible and more time efficient. What are the disadvantages?- None that I see. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- Edit the script, perhaps?
  17. Welcome to the server! If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask, my Private Messages are always open! Thank you.
  18. what da dog do thou?

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