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  1. Because he's jealous that his factions only last for a week at a push. With a few replies on the thread.
  2. Still doesn't suffice my needs. I'm not returning to GTA:SA role play. Closed chapter in my life. I'm waiting for Owl V. You're not allowed because that'd make no sense. Just like making the same character aren't allowed.
  3. free @Matey

    1. remolten


      if he ain't blacklisted he can appeal no?

  4. To be honest, I can cope with short /me's and such. Its just the loons who have no common sense. Over time people pick up how to make a proper /me.
  5. Sorry I can't roleplay with 40 people in total and about 18 AFK.
  6. -Need car knowledge to join Vehicle Team. 


    -Don’t need illegal knowledge to join Illegal FT. 


    ‘Your world, your imagination.’

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheNeonGuy


      Are you telling me to endorse in illegal activities Irl? I'M CALLING THE POLICE! 

    3. ResidentPeach


      ngl i got in with tractor knowledge

    4. Resident


      @ResidentPeach probably join with bicycle knowledge.

  7. - Range ban Finland styll! - Whens release?
  8. Thanks for the mention! @ThatGuy
  9. Sure that's just Gucci Mane's new album.
  10. There's just no guarantee that you won't have to wait 4 hours.
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