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  1. Resident

    The Rollin' 60's Neighborhood Crips

    It’s relevant because it’s already been done.
  2. Resident

    The Rollin' 60's Neighborhood Crips

    This guy please have a day off or do your research
  3. Resident

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Page 30 woo!
  4. Resident

    Request to shorten in-game name

    Should make an in-game report about this buddy. By pressing F1 or typing /report in the chat.
  5. Resident

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    What's CK, there's only DM.
  6. Resident

    Elijah North

  7. Resident

    Taser for CCWP Tier 1 - Tier 2 holders

    how does one become certified member?
  8. Resident

    Lux Company

    I’m talking about everyone else who are using Username: Comment: Makes no sense when the threads made to get attention to your faction and bring business
  9. Resident

    Lux Company

    Why are you using IC comments on a faction thread. This isn’t an IC section.
  10. poffy actually doing something, wow
  11. Resident

    Majesty Auto Glass

    Looks good

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