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  1. Happy Birthday my old pal, have a good one!

    1. Lancelot


      Thank you, mate!


  2. Clifton Warren

    Full name: Clifton Warren Nickname(s): Cliffy, Cliff, Sailor Age: 42, Born 12th May, 1975 Place of Birth: County General Hospital Nationality: American Occupation: None Affiliations: Madmen Motorcycle Club, Warrens Network "If you're good at something, never do it for free." That's what they say, isn't it? Over the course of your life, you learn skills and abilities that you put to use to earn your way through life. Some people go to college, get a law or business degree and go to work for some big company on the East Coast. But most of us get stuck in the same boring routine jobs as every other schmuck, then there're the few of us who pick up a whole set of other skills. It would be fair to assume chemistry was the root of it all. I mean, what gang get's by without peddling drugs? But truth be told, it's never about the drugs. It's money. Cold, hard cash. The way you get that always boils down to one thing: Force. Force of will, force of contract, force of arms. It doesn't really matter. It's always coiled up with force. Warren started life on the wrong path almost right away. Abandoned to the care of the state in a Juvenile Correctional Facility at a young age, the morals and desires most men and women develop growing up were nothing but an outlandish fantasy. This overwhelming resume of violent, sexual and property crimes naturally inclined the adolescent to pursue less-than-legal forms of income. After all, you wouldn't hire anyone with his record. And don't pretend you would. It was the Madmen Motorcycle Club that first gave Warren a sense of true purpose and belonging. A fraternity of brothers, unified under a banner, an exclusive club he was a part of. Their rampage across Los Santos brought in an attractive sum of money. Picking up what he could form his cavalier comrades, Warren had climbed up to the rank of Enforcer among the MC by the time the fraternity fractured and split. Infighting and chaos tore once familiar members apart, and Warren was left without support in the gangland wilds of San Andreas once more. With the tidy lump of laundered cash Warren had accrued throughout his time with Madmen, he was in a unique position to turn his life around. You have to give it to the boy, he had moxie. The idea of 'Getting Out' is a dream the few surviving long-timing hustlers envision. That great Heaven, always just out of reach. With a few contacts, the once-Juvenile meth-cooker managed to scrape together his own business. A bike dealership. But alas, with economic downturn of the mid 2010's and an extremely hostile market made worse by aggressive competition, the short-lived inroad into legality was hit with a crashing flood of debt before it really got out of the gate. With his life back where it started, Warren decided to make use of his skills once more to get by. But after comparing his time as an adolescent to his experience among the Madmen, he had learned one important distinction. It was easier when you had friends.
  3. Username: MillyOfficial Comment: Cartel de Idleraq, CHM in the building, this shit fire! πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯
  4. Blackpool is my city!

  5. hbd mans!

  6. Roscoe Milburn

    Full name: Roscoe Milburn Nickname(s): Milly Age: 25, Born 28th March, 1992 Place of Birth: All Saints Hospital Nationality: African-American Occupation: Producer, Rapper Affiliations: Avalon 40's Crips, Crimstone Hoover Mafia Birth: Born on a sunny day on March 28, 1992, Roscoe Milburn was raised by his caring single mother and never got to know his actual father. His mother struggled to raise the young child by her own, trying to make ends meet by working various jobs in retail. She often times juggled numerous jobs at once only to be able to provide for her son and build a basis for a better future for him. While his mother worked day and night, Roscoe soon found himself surrounded by people driven by a ruthless appetite for money and power. The group of friends he met on the street gave him a feeling of closeness and acceptance, filling the void that the absence of his parents created. He felt welcomed among the group and proud of himself for making his own money by getting involved in the drug scene. Fascinated by the fear and respect the set received from outsiders, Roscoe sunk deeper into the new world that was introduced by the group and built a reputation for himself. Classes turned into empty words and absence at school became the norm for the young man. The beginning of it all: Against his mother's liking, he dropped out of school at the age of 16 and started spending more time with his new 'brothers'. However, Roscoe's reckless actions drew great consequences and along with easy money he also gained enemies. Gang rivalry dominated the streets, which, in turn, generated a lot of attention on young Roscoe, as his persistence and drive for making cash saw his reputation spike throughout the neighbourhood. The young dropout soon found himself steadily climbing the hierarchy of the "Band of Brothers" that had accepted him in his youth, though the same reputation that acted as an accelerant for his steady rise also gave way for enemies to target him. The spoils of Roscoe's hard work and success quickly started dulling his sensibility as more and more money started flowing into his wallet, leaving Roscoe with more cash than he'd ever have possibly imagined, shaping him into a materially oriented and naive individual. His change in personality saw him transcending and outright dismissing the elements that once made up his life, rather opting for spending and showcasing his possessions. While young Roscoe deeply loved his mother, her insistent and uncompromising attitude towards his new lifestyle was what drew him away from her, allowing the set to attain full control over him. The characteristic changes in Roscoe drove his mother in despair as she'd soon come to terms with his new lifestyle and personality. The fear for her son's life, along with the combined stress of several jobs and bills toppled upon his mother's shoulders made it near impossible for the hard working woman to surmount her fears and anxiety. Time and time again his mother found herself sleeping less, if at all, playing a large factor in her rapidly deteriorating health.This condition led to her resorting to medication to ease the pain.Despite her great effort in trying to pull the young man out of the world that soon swallowed him, her condition and the burden weighing down on her shoulders made her weary and tumble down upon the weight, rendering her useless on the fight for her son's future. The loss of his precious: Roscoe began spending most of his time on the corner, generating even more cash flow, which soon proved to be a thorn in his side, as many other adolescents had taken to his example and joined up with rival organisations, steadily seeking to make a name for themselves by any means. Given Roscoe's already established reputation as a frequent and good earner, nor to mention his naivete, he found himself to be one of the most viable targets amongst rival sets, unbeknownst to him. The rival set thus decided to get rid off Roscoe, a chosen strategy to assert their own influence in the city. Soon enough, one of the rival sets had finally decided to act out on their ambitions, that being removing Roscoe from the equation to further their own influence and reputation in the city, erasing any trace of Roscoe's hard work and reputation all in once. Later that night, two assailants traced Roscoe down to his usual corner, awaiting an opportune moment to strike. That moment came with the break of dusk as Roscoe had ran out of any narcotics to distribute, making his way home for a resupply. In hopes of the right opportunity to confront Roscoe under more isolated circumstances, the assailants opted to tail Roscoe back to his house as he made his way inside, rallying themselves outside after awaiting for the lights in the house to grow dark. The tranquillity of the domicile was interrupted by the sound of a smashed window, the glass crumbling beneath the soles as the two assailants took their turns in entering the home through the broken window, brandishing small calibre handguns and ski masks. Barging into the living-room, the two members of the rival set wasted no time in making their presence known to Roscoe who had been laying down on the couch. Roscoe, having been torn from his sleep by the assailants, found himself at the mercy of the two masked individuals holding him gunpoint. The noise between the assailants and Roscoe travelled upstairs, drawing his mother from her sleep, as well. Mere moments later, his mother emerged down the staircase, clad in her bed robe as her hails and the creaking floor boards in the staircase took the assailants by surprise. Shaken by her unexpected presence, one of the assailants rapidly turned to face Roscoe's mother as a deafening gunshot rung throughout the domicile, Roscoe's mother tumbling down the staircase moments after, landing lifeless at the base of the stairs. The young adolescents within the room froze in the moment, Roscoe being the first of the trio to make his spontaneous move for the table, drawing a monkey wrench. In a moment of sheer fury, he slammed the wrench towards the masked men. Claiming the upper hand with brute force, Roscoe found himself incapable to stop, repeatedly pummelling the men, lodged in absolute rage over his mother's demise. After the blood of his mother's killers covered his jersey, he rushed to his mother. Her skin glistened in the dim neon light coming from the stores through the slits in the blind, her mouth bowed downward, her grave grey eyes were more vacant than ever. That was the last image of Roscoe's mother that was branded in his brain forever. An image that's not stopped plaguing him ever since. Aftermath: Plagued by constant nightmares, the horrifying sight of his mother's death played a huge factor in the change of his personality. He knew her death was the product of his own greed, their home did no longer serve as a sanctuary of peace. He moved out of the place that brought his mother's death, living in a small Idlewood motel room by himself to carry on his life by engaging in a series of criminal activities, such as daily robberies and muggings. Still burdened by the demise of his mother's death, Roscoe spent the majority of his days at his hotel room, quickly burning through whatever cash had been made. As the budget depleted more and more, Roscoe saw himself returning to the streets once more to resume his previous career in drug trafficking. Roscoe took back to his old routine with ease, though the hole in him left by the death of his mother soon found itself filled by sheer ambition as he strived to be more than just a corner boy, to make more cash and hold sway over other people. He started his own set with a group of friends, slowly developing it into organised crime to guarantee a stable income, claiming his position within the set by asserting an aggressive demeanor. In the meanwhile, he's been working on starting off his career as a rapper.
  7. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Because it isn’t a street gang.
  8. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    IT'S VALENTINES DAY! β˜… Roscoe Milburn raises the bouquet of flowers towards Fayth, smiling towards her as he moves his shades.. β˜… .. away from his face. ((Roscoe Milburn)) β˜… Fayth Belmont struts towards Roscoe as the sight of the flowers conjure a broad smile on her face. [English] Fayth Belmont says: Someone die? [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Your pussy about to die tonight, [English] Fayth Belmont says: Funny. β˜… Roscoe Milburn hands the flowers to Fayth, pecking her softly on the lips. β˜… Fayth Belmont momentarily hooks both arms around the man's neck to leave a peck on his lips, clutching β˜… on the flowers right after. ((Fayth Belmont))
  9. Haaai

  10. #FreeSerx

  11. Birthday Happy!

  12. Businesses in Idlewood [ENDS: 19/02/2018]

    **Auction finishes in seven days**
  13. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    [English] Raphael Marchesi says: I've heard around that some group of competitors is planning to harass your business [English] Raphael Marchesi says: To increase their profits [English] Raphael Marchesi says: As you do own a huge store in a populated area. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: My buddy told me to give you this information. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: We can help you to avoid all this. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: If you can afford to give 500$ we can sabotage this process. β˜… Malik Douglas runs his hand through his beard, showcasing a somewhat confused expression on his face, as he - β˜… - looks over to Roscoe, listening to Raphael. ((Malik Douglas)) β˜… Roscoe Milburn swiftly spins on his heel, attempting to pick Fayth up by her thighs, wrapping her legs β˜… around him. ((Roscoe Milburn)) β˜… Fayth Belmont lazily buries her head in Roscoe's shoulder once she's swept off her feet, locking her legs β˜… around the man's body. ((Fayth Belmont)) β˜… Roscoe Milburn spins around momentarily as he cackles audibly.

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