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  1. Krooked, get back in touch 🤙🏼

    1. fortnitenogOps


      best off messaging james through discord or fb mate. he aint active no more not seen him on pc for a while.

  2. come back hun

  3. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Stoned Character Name- Kaiden Brown Date of Incident- 11/03/2016 Supervising Administrator- SjoerdPSV Narrative- Basically, long story short I PMed SjoerdPSV In-Game before making a report as I wanted to break into an interior. Report got accepted, we get there. I then take to RPing controlling witnesses which SjoerdPSV missed all-together and did the 911 regardless of that fact. On-top of that we got out of the interior sharply after entering making the whole thing short and sweet. I leave the interior after a PM stating that I would hear a car outside. Now by this point one SD unit was on scene and we were being chased, at this point I decided that if anything he's on his own if I lay shots down at him, he should back off as he is, ALONE. He did not do this at all, just took to drive-bying out of his window with a deagle to use it to disable our vehicle while we were attempting to get away. Now theres two complaints I have here, the fact I attempted to handle witnesses and I even prompted SjoerdPSV myself via PM's to ask him outcomes and stuff to which I was ignored and there was no attempt to back track the situation at hand.. Second complaint is that the lone ranger Peter Pawlack still chased and didn't distance himself after being shot at, whether he did this because of the dumb bug with burrito's where you can aim out the back window, but not actually fire for some apparent reason so I HAD to leave the vehicle to even fire shots which is well, stupid. anyway, van gets disabled by Peter and his deagle drive-by so we had to take off on foot, by this point I am already PMing SjoerdPSV about the situation, then while typing Peter shoots me which again SjoerdPSV did not attempt to do anything about. Evidence- http://pastebin.com/fMuAsNEs Method of Death- Was shot, while typing to the handling administrator. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  4. IMO RolePlay isn't something that's forced. It's the community that should be doing the RP. It's use is basically to mute the area of local OOC which is why admins have a mute command in the first place to control situations that require it the use of it. I personally don't have a problem with /b being there and people using it so I don't personally see a pro to using up scripters time to get this. Just leving my two cents over it.
  5. that would require that people actually roleplay first. /b isn't the problem, the community is.
  6. Still wanting that 100 grand for the dick in your arse? Found someone who's interested.  Called Jamal, 6 ft 5, built like a fridge and has a cock thicker than your thigh.

    1. Stabby


      But its 100 grand though, thats alot of money tbh

  7. Hogs forever, forever hogs.
  8. started 20th june, 4 pages long. Where the fuck is the dedication with this?...
  9. WELL, I aint no ricer fag but i've got sportscars so i'm kinda inclined to say yeh but at the same time if you've got some taxi creeper, why do you need to add nitrous because it wouldn't be used properly. HOWEVER if it does get approved then I think it should have negatives alongside the benefits so like the car goes stiffer to control an just gets hella slidey.
  10. Do you have a bat symbol in the sky? got some contact details?
  11. name: ragingbull bid: buyout.
  12. Wanna hop IG to wrap this shit up?

  13. Them factions that constantly post relentless video's to try make their faction look active! lel.

    1. Biggy


      rip relentless gaming

  14. stoned is stoned, lucifer muzifer, muafer, luzifer is turkish,

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