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  1. Keksii

    SLA perms

    As SLA CEO I confirm both
  2. Keksii

    Character Kill Appeal - Camilla Giorgio

    If you believe they metagamed then this should've been a player report but if you want my opinion after seeing that screenshot, the CK is valid.
  3. Congratulations, you've won the auction.
  4. Keksii

    SLA Perm

    Could I get perms for SLA part of the SL Incorporated added to @DiscoPotato & @Gazzeh
  5. Keksii

    SLA & VWG Forum Permissions.

    Got my SLA part approval.
  6. Keksii

    Character Kill Appeal - Gustavo Suarez

    I will not be voiding the situation, not because we're lazy but because things moved on like I explained you. Your character has pulled out a gun on police, therefore it resulted in CK after being shot dead, however.. taking in consideration that none of this would happen if them two didn't metagame I'll vote here that we change this CK into a PK only. I'd still like to hear opinions from others though.
  7. Keksii

    Happy 10 years, vG!

    Valhalla / Root Gaming!
  8. Keksii

    SL Automotives permissions

    Yeah I back that up
  9. Keksii

    SLA Permissions

    Would also like to request the access to SLA part of forums for @Equinox (To view it only)
  10. Keksii

    [BoTS] 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4² [SOLD]

    Name: 0 Bid: $115,000
  11. Keksii

    [BoTS] 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4² [SOLD]

    Name: 0 Bid: $111,000
  12. Keksii

    2015 McLaren P1

    Name: 0 Bid: $1,450,000
  13. Keksii

    2015 McLaren P1

    Name: 0 Bid: $1,350,000
  14. Keksii

    2015 McLaren P1

    Name: 0 Bid: $1,250,000
  15. Keksii

    Owlgaming in 2014

    Well that's a long while ago, thanks for the memories
  16. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    I've spoken to him once again and a few other people that were around at that time and they claimed that he did roleplay checking the tapes by unplugging the dashcam and plugging it into the computer however I cannot find anything on the logs search. I thought it'd be already displayed on the computer or something but after researching further that's not how it functions. On the other hand, neither did pl0x roleplay the exact way how he'd approach the vehicle. This http://prnt.sc/b96m59 could then also be seen as PG or simply too poorly roleplayed.
  17. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    You keep going off the topic just to try and take me down with your bashes, good luck but that won't work with me. You told me you approached the vehicle from behind where the dashcam would catch you on the screen that was visible to Dustin. Simple as that.
  18. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    Oh and I'm just supposed to know out of nowhere that you approached the vehicle from behind, where the internal dashcam would catch you.
  19. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    You seem very positive of your RP standards, I'll respect that however I disagree. 2016-05-27 20:04:14 Felipe Maravilla covers his hands with his shirt, making sure to stay out of the dashboard cam area. ''Making sure to stay out of the dashboard cam area'' is that really detailed enough for you? And when I asked you later on you clearly told me you approached the vehicle from behind as an addition to that line, so It's pretty clear the dashcam would catch you. And you also missed the whole idea of who I think is RPing something or not. However you seem to know everything about mistakes, are you some kind of a god over us all? Please stay focused on the topic instead of those big talks.
  20. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    Just figured since there was plenty of others around but whatever. Like I said, he was told he wouldn't see you, however he continued describing your looks which Dustin took otherwise. He never roleplayed looking at the screen as that's an obvious thing the same as you haven't roleplayed the exact way you'd approach the vehicle. And I doubt Terrell's head is big enough to cover the whole rear window.
  21. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    Thought he wanted another admin but as you please; Such OOC informations are used due to the limits in IC and RP, I wouldn't call that MG. However the conversation between Dustin and your friend is quite tricky, Dustin said ''alright'' although your friend continued describing you which brought it up as if he saw you. You told me you approached the cruiser from behind where an internal dash camera would be able to catch you through the rear window, he would've clearly see that on the screen.
  22. Keksii

    [ESCALATED] pl0x - Felipe Maravilla (Keksii)

    I never said It's okay to PG, he clearly got appointed to your figure and clothes.
  23. Keksii

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    *Cough*...Anyways [MENTION=120]Belgica[/MENTION] for sure, he is always here to help me with reports, I love to work on them with him.
  24. Removeee dat signature!


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