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  1. happy birthday111

  2. vse naj naj Keksii

  3. happy birthday mate.

    1. Keksii


      Thanks mate

  4. Happy bd, you and @DiscoPotato need to get a room ;) 

    1. Keksii


      Thanks :) we already got one

    2. JameZ


      oh the snake 👹

  5. Keksii

    SLA perms

    As SLA CEO I confirm both
  6. Keksii

    Character Kill Appeal - Camilla Giorgio

    If you believe they metagamed then this should've been a player report but if you want my opinion after seeing that screenshot, the CK is valid.
  7. Congratulations, you've won the auction.
  8. Keksii

    SLA Perm

    Could I get perms for SLA part of the SL Incorporated added to @DiscoPotato & @Gazzeh
  9. Keksii

    SLA & VWG Forum Permissions.

    Got my SLA part approval.
  10. Keksii

    Character Kill Appeal - Gustavo Suarez

    I will not be voiding the situation, not because we're lazy but because things moved on like I explained you. Your character has pulled out a gun on police, therefore it resulted in CK after being shot dead, however.. taking in consideration that none of this would happen if them two didn't metagame I'll vote here that we change this CK into a PK only. I'd still like to hear opinions from others though.
  11. Keksii

    Happy 10 years, vG!

    Valhalla / Root Gaming!
  12. Keksii

    SL Automotives permissions

    Yeah I back that up
  13. Keksii

    SLA Permissions

    Would also like to request the access to SLA part of forums for @Equinox (To view it only)

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