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  1. * Jacob Goldsmith steps down from the stand and takes a seat back with his defense. *
  2. "I believe it was around 2017 and 2018, sir. But it would be better if we just looked at the documentation for a moment, instead of making me speculate about things that are already documented."
  3. "Uhm. No, sir. Not right now." (( @Wright ))
  4. * Jacob Goldsmith looks back at Mengele as he listens to the next question. * "I believe that Miss Conway has served both as President and Vice President over the course of her long career with JGC, sir. I cannot currently recall who served alongside Miss Conway during all her periods, but I am sure you will find it documented somewhere." (( @Wright ))
  5. "As stated on another document we've been shown here today from my resignation in - was it December of 2016? - the Arkwright brothers took over after my resignation at that time. I do not feel comfortable with being forced to make guesses about information that is documented on paper, but unless I am mixing dates here, I believe some of the directors since has included Juris Doctor George Gelinas, Mr. Manjot Singh, Miss Katie Conway, and most likely others. " * Jacob Goldsmith proceeds to glance at the judge with a questioning facial expression, before looking to his defense with the same facial expression. * (( @Wright @JameZ @EvilScotsman ))
  6. "Sir, you are asking me to list all the directors of the company over an extensive period of time, during which I was not an active part of the company management. For me to do that, I would have to gain this information by reading through the documentation of presidencies of JGC over this time period. Sure, I know and have met some of them, but I do not believe I have met or known about every single one of them." (( @Wright ))
  7. "Then no, I cannot sir." (( @Wright ))
  8. "After my original resignation, or after the date I sold my shares, sir? These are two different dates."
  9. * Jacob Goldsmith looks confused, shifting his gaze between the two lawyers as they speak. *
  10. "I don't feel that is necessary, sir. My involvement ended the day that I sold my shares to Mr. Edwards, and although I do not remember the exact date right now, it is shown in the documents that have already been presented." (( @Wright ))
  11. "I don't have the documents in front of me here on the stand, sir." (( @Wright ))
  12. "Uhm... That would be the date of the sale of my shares to Mr. Edwards, as shown in the documents we've seen, sir." (( @Wright ))
  13. "Sir, my involvement with the company ended when I sold my shares." @Wright
  14. * Jacob Goldsmith takes some time to whisper with his lawyers, before walking up and taking the stand. *
  15. * Jacob Goldsmith enters the courtroom and walks towards the defendant's desk. He has a serious facial expression but gives a few friendly nods at friends he may notice in the room. When reaching the defendant's desk, he takes a seat next to Clinton Jackson. Jacob remains silent. *
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