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  9. I. Basic Information Your Name: Mariana Castillo Date of Birth: 03/11/1991 Place of Birth: Alcala de Henares, Spain Employer: Los Santos Police Department Job Role: Police Sergeant Grade One Height: 5.9ft Weight: 90kg Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Ethnicity: Hispanic II. Al Principio Mariana Raquel Castillo was born on the third of November 1991 to a heavily religious Roman Catholic Family in a small city in Spain called Alcala de Henares. Her family was made up of herself, her Madre (Maria) and padre (Alejandro) however Mariana's godmother (Julia) also lived in the same house after running into financial trouble with her tailoring store. Mariana's father was a soldier in the Spanish Army (ejercito de tierra) and always seemed to be away on training, often being called away at short notice. Because of this, Mariana never developed the typical father-daughter relationship as all her friends did. She relied heavily on emotional support from her godmother because her mother had night shifts as stock replenisher at the local supermarket. Mariana and her godmother were close, and she considered her godmother to be her main parental figure. Despite the circumstances with her parents, Mariana managed to have a positive and normal childhood. Mariana went through the public school system, attending both primary and secondary school. She received above-average school reports; her grades were always positive. She was described as a model student by her head of year. It was here Mariana met an American exchange student named Michael who had arrived from Los Santos and they both clicked almost instantly. When Michael returned to America, Mariana and Michael wrote to each other frequently over a period of three years. The letters were about anything from the weather to family and life at home. Michael wrote to Mariana about Los Santos and the seemingly endless opportunities it offered and would often bring up his passion of becoming a car salesman. Mariana was at first sceptical however after researching the city at her local library, she was hooked. She remained a Roman Catholic and regularly attended church the worship, befriending the local sacerdote (Priest) who gave her guidance in her times of need. Eventually, Mariana became a respected member of the church and the local community, running catholic workshops and after-school clubs in and around the local area. After finishing school Mariana was given one thousand euros by her mother who expressed how proud she was of Mariana, encouraging her to use the money to kickstart a career. After finding suitable shared accommodation, Mariana said her goodbyes to the church community, friends and family before setting off to Madrid. For weeks Mariana slept on nothing but a mattress in her small apartment until she landed a job in the city centre as a tour guide. It was Mariana's responsibility to show tourists, mostly British and American, around the city of Madrid whilst pointing out landmarks and explaining their significance. As it was a requirement to do this whilst speaking English, Mariana quickly developed the basic English skills she learned in school into fluent English speaking ability. On Mariana's eighteenth birthday, she moved the city of Los Santos in the United States of America. III. The American Dream Hearing an announcement on the tannoy aboard the plane, Mariana opened the window blind as she stared out upon the city of Los Santos with a large smile upon her face. Mariana was the first one to disembark the aircraft after the flight attendant as she briskly walked towards the baggage collection point in excitement. Whilst doing this, Mariana reached into her pocket before removing one of the many letters she had received from Michael years before. She quickly read off the address in the top right corner, noting it down on her hand with a customer service agents ball-point pen. Mariana quickly took ahold of her suitcase as she made her way to the taxi rank, getting lost several times on the way. Sitting in the back of the taxi, Mariana unzips her suitcase as she removes a new pair of RayBans sunglasses, staring out of the windows on the scenery along the journey. After handing over an excessive amount of dollars over to the taxi driver, Mariana climbed out of the Yellow Cab Company© taxi with her suitcase and letter in hand. She quickly approached the apartment block in downtown Los Santos, checking the ink notes stained on her hand once more. Mariana quickly banged on the door labelled "54" waiting in silence. When the door opened, Mariana wasted no time and rushed into the apartment whilst greeting Michael with a hug. After chatting with Michael for a good few hours, Mariana had agreed to spend a few weeks sleeping on the sofa rather than paying the extortionate prices for a hotel room every night. After unpacking her suitcase into neat piles across Michael's living room, they both headed down to the local bar to celebrate. Mariana made a toast to her new life with her non-alcoholic cocktail whilst Michael, already drunk beyond belief, downed his rum and coke. Mariana essentially dragged Michael home that night, laughing hysterically whilst he was busy embarrassing himself in front of a squad car. Around four years later, Mariana throws herself down onto the sofa inside of her small flat in East Los Santos. She begins to clean the hairdressing equipment that she had been forced to bring home after a long day at, putting it tidily away afterwards. She throws a microwavable burger into the microwave cooker and opens the lid onto her laptop, beginning to browse the internet on job seeking websites. After a short while of searching, Mariana soon shakes her head in disappointment and slams the laptop screen back down, looking towards the microwave and staring at the processed beef inside. In a heartbeat, Mariana threw the burger into the trash can as she changes into her gym clothes whilst tuning her walkman to Radio Los Santos. Whilst steadily jogging to the music featuring on the radio, a Los Santos Police Recruitment advertisement abruptly interrupted her music, informing listeners about a Live recruitment event at Verona Mall the next day. Mariana took a moment to catch her breath, listening to the recruitment before taking a moment to think. Mariana nods to herself a couple of times as she continues her jog. IV. To Serve and Protect To be continued... (( First Character story so feedback is welcome, will be updated as of when I have time ))
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    Ryan Myers

    Probably one of the first stories that does not include parents being brutally murdered, leading into a life of crime. Good read man, keep it up. RUDE
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