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  1. The Stinger Bar

    The Stinger is mostly known for its history in Montgomery, and its status as a most known biker bar. The old club members have helped to reach the status of the most legendary bar in Los Santos. Location 1, Main Street, Montgomery The Stinger
  2. Fletcher Crew

  3. Name: Martian Comment: These hooligans need to be stopped!
  4. 2010 BMW E60 M5

    Name: x Bid: 60,500
  5. 2010 BMW E60 M5

    Name: x Bid: 31,500
  6. 2010 BMW E60 M5

    Name: x Bid: Starting
  7. Fletcher Crew

  8. Fletcher Crew

  9. Fletcher Crew

  10. Fletcher Crew

    The Fletcher Crew was created after Ollie Fletcher decided that it was time to combine the strength of his like-minded allies to gain the upper hand in the criminal underworld of San Andreas. These like-minded individuals share one thing which is their criminal minds. The relation between Fletcher and his allies date back to the various phases of his life including him being the president of the Hornets Motorcycle Club during late 2016. The core strength of the group is the diversity in their members' skills. Because of this diversity, the crew doesn't specialize in performing a specific type of crime instead, they are active in every part of the criminal spectrum.
  11. Business - Nouriani Hotel [SOLD]

    name: Fletcher bid: 35,000
  12. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    Is the suppressor bound to the weapon, or would it create it's own item?
  13. Madmen MC

    Can't wait for the first screenshots! Can't wait for the first screenshots!

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