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  1. Faction Management Team: Best FMT Leader(Including Departed): @Kevin Best FMT Member(Including Departed): @ResidentPeach @Express @ertidog Best FMT Decision of All Time: Virtual Market Worst FMT Decision of All Time: Government Factions: Best Overall Government Faction: All Saints Hospital Best Mayor/County Commissioner: @Wright Best PD Chief: @Almeida Best Chief Justice: @Zebulon Best FD Chief: @Franco Best Cop: @ChieftainViking Best Firefighter/Paramedic/Doctor: @THD39 (David O'Mara) Best Departed Gov Roleplayer (Either Departed from Owl, or simply from government faction.): @Almeida Best Former Government Faction: SAHP Legal Factions: Best Overall Legal Faction: SL Incorporated Best Legal Faction Leader: @MindScape00 Best Legal Faction Idea: The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Faction most likely to succeed: The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Best Departed Legal Rper: @Belgica Best Former Legal Faction: SACMA Illegal Factions: Best Overall Illegal Faction: Khram OPG Best Illegal Faction Leader: @LokiHavok Best Gangster: @LikeMike Best Mobster: @Mirazoka Best Biker: @SadisticWolfoid @Vinceeez Best Overall Criminal Rper: @Craazy Best Departed Criminal Rper: @uzi95 Best Former Illegal Faction: Al-Najjar General Faction Awards: Best Overall Owlgaming Faction: MPOV Adult Entertainment Best Overall Faction Leader: @tree @Belgica @einschtein @Wright Best Overall Faction Member: @remolten @LikeMike @NeverSay Best Former Owlgaming Faction: Montalvo Connection
  2. These all cases look hideous, and I don't really like the setups, if I had to choose. I'd take "GAMER XTREME 2000", but I would never choose built computer, I would build it myself. I just want to boast that I'm getting my new computer too this week or NEXT WEEK. Been waiting for WEEKS.
  3. In the menu when you are checking information about the vehicle, there is a text which reads "Stolen: Yes/No".. I guess this has been never functioning. If this was enabled, it might also help in help the inactivity scanner recognizing it being stolen, therefore not able to be sold by the inactivity scanner. Sure, I don't see a problem this one. How ever I guess after sometime you need to let an administrator know what you are doing with the vehicle if you've had it for extensive time, since it's taking a spot in players /stats, and if you require more space in your stats, you are forced to get hold of GC.
  4. Sure, if you know how to hide your IP address and use a proxy in the IRC software. I don't think IRC is the right solution to go through underground deals in the illegal community. I've always liked the concept of a dark web how ever, but it would require some sort of monitoring from the police too, it would require it's new division in whole police department aswell, doubt it will be ever made.
  5. I don't think this would succeed with the base amount of players we have sadly, since in real life there's way more IRC users, which allows people to talk to each other. If we had IRC for In-Character purposes it would be just like any other social media we have on owl (linkbook, findbook) without images however with more in character shitposting.
  6. Oh shit! If you are looking to be on some motorcycle club roleplay around here, I suggest the Hornets MC.
  7. if any
  8. you gave me a ride and overcharged me
  9. This would make a lot of staff required stuff way more easier to keep track of, and doesn't require that much of forum use. Huge yes from me.
  10. Hornets MC is raising money for All Saints Hospital by selling ice cream, this is going on for whole week.
  11. @Deadman
  12. Your screenshots are next level. Thinking about starting to make something like that myself too in order to keep realism, and not just screenshots of roleplay that has happened.
  13. I see ape hangers and baggers are strong with this one, tacos on me. Nice seeing another MC pop up.