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  1. Thanks for the times and memories, everybody.
  2. onnee bro hyvii syndei 

  3. Happy birthday man!

  4. Ahh. Like I've been saying for a while now, it's a end of a era. Good and bad times were had, but most of all, it all used to be mostly good. So many hours spent in san andreas mod almost makes me cringe, but most of all. I've had so much fun. I would like to thank everybody who I had the chance to roleplay with, and the amazing factions that used to be around were much fun and contributed a lot to the server. Like someone mentioned, spending teen years playing this game. I have went through major life changing moments during the time I have played with you people and loved every minute of it and now have to say good bye to everybody. I suggest there should be a memory thread created for MTA, where everyone could post their screenshots, and highlight some good faction threads and discussions what ever went around in-character.
  5. Probably only when it's got the in-character tracker installed, for sure.
  6. This would not actually help you at all. People would end up posting more screenshots in one post. Browsing through the screenshots would actually become really hard thing to do. People are too stupid to actually use proper image size for the screenshots therefore it takes ages to load. Oh yeah, something that would actually help you a lot is to get a better internet connection. It would eliminate this problem entirely. Obviously, big no.
  7. When there is no police online, there is no any illegal roleplay happening. In theory, all roleplay servers need active police department in order to have a succesful atmosphere for people who wish to roleplay illegal scene. Maybe something can be done about the fact that police doesn't have to be online when doing crime?

    1. Norm


      We share the mutual opinion but playerbase has a strong effect in this one.

  8. ok I confess ??

    the guinea pig  enlargement pills I ordered wasn't for my hamster ?

    I did the forbidden and took them ??

    penis now growing eyes please help ?

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    2. iii


      you have penis??? i thought you woman??

    3. WickJeffe


      only on Friday ??

    4. ItsMelodyy


      @WickJeffe you, sir. Are seriously fucked in the head.

  9. kahvinkeitin

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    2. eoozy


      menkää töihin niin satanasti sano mummo ku pikkase liukastu HAAH 

    3. Ambidextrous




    4. senseidoge
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