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  1. When there is no police online, there is no any illegal roleplay happening. In theory, all roleplay servers need active police department in order to have a succesful atmosphere for people who wish to roleplay illegal scene. Maybe something can be done about the fact that police doesn't have to be online when doing crime?

    1. Norm


      We share the mutual opinion but playerbase has a strong effect in this one.

  2. Wasn't there a system similar to this what @Unitts was probably working on one time...
  3. I love me motorcycle clubs, hopefully, this can remain active and create a realistic atmosphere for bikers and longlasting brotherhood.
  4. Hello! After going through the evidence posted, I have come to a conclusion Sarah Castro remain CKed. Sarah Castro opened fire on the robbers knowingly, which falls under disregard for characters life. Basic human nature tells you to save your life when you are pointed by multiple firearms. Possessions are not comparable to your characters life. Even though we have system to allow people to stat-transfer, and can't stat-transfer stolen vehicles, but you are taking the risk by buying the expensive car.
  5. @Nikkehd I would like to know why you have left out some of the chatlogs out of the evidence posted.
  6. Hello! I will be looking through the logs, and seeing how the events actually happened. I will come up with a decision after I've done all that.
  7. WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING We are focused on representative passenger transportation within Los Santos region and guarantee the level of representation and offer professional drivers for our customers. We organize transportations from individual transportations to large groups, making the service always adjusted to customers own wishes, let it be weddings, touring or parties. Taxi Vostok has a piece of knowledge and previous experience from state visits and other really needy transportation services. Our quality cars and our experienced drivers make sure even the toughest customers will remain happy during our rides. All of our cars are advertisement free, and very nature-friendly and most luxurious models. Our drivers are well-mannered, wearing suits and trustworthy always taking their customers with a smile. Services Courier services Important letters Business gifts Flower deliveries Other small packages Taxi service Individual fares Weddings Parties Touring Our cars currently; 2018 Mercedes-Benz C350e Hybrid 2018 Mercedes-Benz C350e Hybrid And more to come... RECRUITING We are looking for professional drivers for our taxi and courier services. We are hoping you are easily approachable, and you are able to speak English. We require the drivers to wear a suit and a tie. You need to have the trait to serve the customers with pleasure. We are looking for the correct team player. Contact us if you are interested, and let's see if we can become your employer. Regards, Vova Koltsov (555) 799-000 [email protected]
  8. This is definitely going to revive the car scene if done correctly just like last time. Great to see something creative popping up in a long time!
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