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  1. MTA didn't deserved such a farewell like this. It was a place I play with love and interest. We are gonna see what will change in MTA Roleplay soon. I learned to work here like a professional. Also I want to thank especially to MindScape, Unitts and Chaos. MindScape has led the greatest Mapping Team that I have ever seen. After his resignation, Unitts has taken the flag from him and he continued to led this team in the same way. I owe a lot to this platform.
  2. Roi

    CPQL Perms

    Me too sir.
  3. God sends you love from your old pal Squirdo

  4. Username: kim Ticket number (1-25): 19
  5. Username: kim Ticket number (1-25): 23
  6. Username: Kimberly Stevenson Ticket number (1-25): 11
  7. Roi

    Ok listen up ✋🛑😤

     You have made it ❗ this far 🤬🤬🤬

    we demand nothing but our mate's right 👲🤬

    we want 👲 @TheNeonGuy 👲 to have his e-mail fixed 📧📧

    and we want that to happen today 👇👇👇

    we 🦉gamers

    need your staff members 👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦 to be effective ⛏️⚒️ as much as possible 😒

    to decrease the waiting time on reports 🕗🔃

    we now 👇 will do our casual stuff 🤗 and 👉

    demand justification 🤬✋

    of why this guy 👉👲👈

    haven't gotten his email fixed yet ⁉️‼️ 

    you have come across ❌one of my cult members 🤬🤬 and this will not be tolerated ⚔️⚔️

  8. I support only @TheNeonGuy
  9. All bids are removed. Auction is ended. The interior is disabled for being oversized. It is against the Mapping Team Interior Policy. Please check there for further information. Sincerely.
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