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  1. Roi

    Donated 750GC =

    No. This is a donation. Imagine it when you donate something to somewhere. The Game Coins will not staying with you.
  2. Script

    happy birthday, friend

    1. Roi


      You got me dude. Thank you, emotions are the same. ❤️

  3. Unitts

    Happy Birthday

    1. Roi


      Thank you boss. It is a bit late due to I was in school.

  4. Joe knows how to deal with lua codes. 🧐
  5. Roi

    Vehicle Team Update - November 2018

    I'm glad you're in the team now. Congratulations and welcome. @Foester
  6. Roi

    RPMF Perms

    I'm Chief Operating Officer in RPMF Incorporated but I don't know which perms I should have. @OXIGENT can confirm it.
  7. Roi

    Missing Person

  8. Roi

    Almighty Saints XIII

    Looks interesting, who knows maybe I'll pass by
  9. Roi

    hb brah

    1. Serx


      thanks paşam

  10. Missed you

  11. Roi

    Character Kill Appeal - Chris_Hawkins

    It is up to you. It can be seen that the wick is sparked with a punch to Chris. According to logs, Chris is asking you like "What is wrong with you guys?". You answered him with a punch and he step back for this react. He didn't imagine you guys will punch him as first. He felt unsafe in this time and he took out his knife. I think, you wanted to DM someone but you guys thought how should you do. In this time Chris had an accident or about to close crash into somewhere (idk). Chris was your surprise gift and you well deserved. You began to show your weapon-skill on him and you DMed him. If It is thought from this side, this CK makes non sense. Plus, you aren't supposed to kill someone in crowded area which is like Hollywood Boulevard. Someone would attempt to stop or block you. First reaction came from your side, not Chris. So the people would attempt to block you in this case. It doesn't mean that you can kill someone in OOC empty street. I admit Star Street as Hollywood Boulevard. The population of Hollywood Blvd. has shown above of posts.
  12. Name: Stevenson Comment: Are you selling it with trailers? @jonthulhu
  13. Roi

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    this one kills me, congratulations my lord @Unitts

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