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  1. How am I going to say this.. Back when I was a community leader, and let me clarify; no, I wasn't perfect either and I made my mistakes. But I had a mission and with every reply and every report I handled, I kept my mission in mind. My mission was to keep as many players as satisfied as I could. I looked in between the lines to do players a favor, rules are there to keep things fair, not strict. I tried to give players a sense of understanding, because if you can't give your players that feeling, your playerbase won't feel like you can offer them what they want. And F yes, I am still damn proud of how I handled that. Now, the way you're handling it isn't helping that at all. I haven't logged into MTA for years and even I heard the rumors of Owl dying. I don't want it to die but I'm literally talking to a wall here. I'm making posts in which I try to encourage more empathy and less "officialness" and this is the reply I see literally a few minutes later. Did you learn nothing? Look at your player count, I know I can be a dick sometimes and I'm a critic but it's clearly not just me here. I don't like to see Owl die because it's the same shit all over, community after community. Idk why I even post anymore. It's not even my problem.
  2. I'm not trying to deny anything and I believe you still handle the MTA server and everything well. I don't doubt that. I'm just trying to give you an idea of what MAY give the community those thoughts. There is a special way of thinking "between the lines" in OwlGaming and that's what I'm pointing out. Unlike both of you, I'm looking from an empathic and neutral perspective. That's the way to approach things in a COMMUNITY. This isn't a business and we aren't at work. And my whole point is that you and everyone else (mainly administrators because they portray an example) should start approaching things from a community perspective. Perhaps that would let players feel more welcome. I know you're administrators and all, and MTA is really serious to you (as it should be) but your playerbase come here to enjoy and relax.
  3. Okay I'll point it out childishly for you. Also; I don't really care about the content of the discussion and I'm impartial with it. It's not my point. It's just -how- you responded that I'm talking about. ---"Just going to clarify, UA doesn't impose that limit for no reason. The SWAT skin is scripted to be headshot proof due to the helmets that they would normally wear. Which is why it is restricted to the LEO factions. You can make your own SWAT skins fine, but that particular one has special script changes to it. Admin seemed to respond fine, wasn't rude to you, simply noticed an issue and took it upon himself to resolve it. Not entirely sure why this made you so upset, but as Heaton said. Feel free to report it!"--- How is this supposed to reflect a feeling of understanding? (don't answer, is retorical) You don't show any empathy at all and neither do you portray anything to how that interaction could've went better Hmm.. You and Chaos both have GTA 5 avatars.. The background looks like GTA 5.. I only spent a few mins on the forums and I can see why people could possibly feel like you're disregarding the MTA server.
  4. Obviously they care about the server. They just don't know how to handle their community. It's a lack of social skill. Let's look at the issue between Jack and Chaos (tagging u so u wont think im talking behind ur back). Jack joined back in the server and had a player speak to him in a rather "rude" way. Even if that player meant it well. It's besides the point, he wanted to let people know how he feels about it. As a community leader you're supposed to bring people together. The best response to such an issue is something like "I understand the way he spoke to you frustrates you, perhaps it would have been better if he started the conversation with 'hey' instead of 'dude'. In the end he just wanted to help, we know you're not here to break any rules." That way you bring people together, give him a feeling of understanding (which was his goal with the thread) and encourage players to be nicer to eachother. You also wipe the chance of starting a huge discussion and you're portraying a good example. Instead, we get an "honest" answer which just turns into a dick measuring contest, contributing to enhancing the social gap between the players and also creating cliques by that, because there will always be those people that will agree/disagree with either one of them. Besides that, threads get locked and people get "muted" which creates even more frustration. This is just a little example, but during my time here I found the communication between admins and players pretty poor and usually we have lots of unneccesary arguments. Just a little tip to you @Chaos
  5. Thomaspwn

    Vehicles IRL?

    Just bought an Audi RS4
  6. Really? This is what you do? After failing to recommend Findbook, spread shit about Linkbook, and pushing Findbook down player's throats and making promises that were never held, you do this? This is the most pathetic desperation move I've ever seen. A lot of disrespect to me, but do you even respect your own players? You're making problems that aren't there. The real issue is not Linkbook, it's me. You don't like me and I get that, and I don't even mind it, simply because I'm not playing here anymore. Yes I took Linkbook down a few times, of which only one time I did it on purpose. I think my intentions are quite clear here, I don't play the game anymore, my friends still do, that's why the site is up. I don't have an advantage or any kind of benefit, I am simply hosting it because the users enjoy it. You told me before that Linkbook could be made official if I would let it be hosted by you. By doing that, it will grant you access to all data, which obviously is what you're after. Now, if I look back at my efforts I have put into things like the LSFD, and see how that went, I have very bad experiences with managing something that is yours and I don't plan on Linkbook going down the same way. Besides, let's not forget the reason WHY certain Linkbook users chose Linkbook over Findbook, which is because they felt their data was safer with Linkbook. Linkbook is something I've spent a lot of time and money on and put a lot of effort in. Not just by creating the site but also to give the name a meaning. This is why I will never give "Linkbook" (the name) to anyone else. Because when players will talk Linkbook, they will talk the Linkbook as it is now, not the Linkbook that was ruined. Besides, Linkbook's code consists of multiple sources that I have paid a lot of money for. I am sharing this with my friends/users, but I am not giving it away. I have said multiple times that I am willing to help you guys out if you require a certain bunch of logs to avoid unfair play. Now I am not keen on giving out logs, but if there's a good reason, I am surely willing to help you out. To me, personally, this just seems like powerplay, again. Nothing seems to have changed here. Just keep in mind; do not take your players for granted. You are trying to take an asset away that your players enjoy, but remember that maybe, one day, there might be a new server that DOES offer those assets. I have always hoped OwlGaming would be the last leading server, but it could just change. You are making a very selfish move here to which only you and your closest UAT friends seem to agree. Yes it sounds "stupid and unreal", just like that other time I predicted something. I am here, willing to bury any hatchet, despite your stupid behavior. I have, after the one mistake which was over a year ago, announced it would not be used for doing so again and at this point, it can't even be used for that. I have said before, I am not trying to keep information away from you, though I am not granting you access directly into my system. TL:DR Your audience has spoken. It's their game, not yours.
  7. Me with Conor McGregor. Jk.
  8. Thomaspwn

    Vehicles IRL?

    German technology wins!!! 1995 Audi A4 2.6L
  9. Seth Rollins, m8, best in de wurld of wrasslin'. CM Penk, he will rek da' UFC, bra'.

    1. Thomaspwn


      Im gay for Rollins

      also CM Punk won't wreck the UFC and he's injured lol

  10. Still lifting bra?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lyricist


      Ah. Dope. Started going to gym myself. Commited to it since August, waking up at 5 AM to go to gym at 7 AM for 2-3 hour sessions before going to work.

      Had to stop for half a month, though, as I was hospitalized. Fucking blows ass.

    3. Thomaspwn


      Good job

      Stopping is hard, I know it all too well.. Had a few injuries lasting a year, made me start over again, twice. I'm just crazy enough not to give up.

    4. Lyricist


      Yeah. Got jumped while coming home. Ended up in hospital for a few days with bad concussion, strangle marks and having to stitch my right hand from an open cut. Went to work for 2 weeks now, 2nd sick leave again due to migraines and headaches. Came back from hospital this morning.

  11. If people would play WIZ KHALIFA to remember me after my death. (I don't like Wiz Khalifa)
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