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  1. Me with Conor McGregor. Jk.
  2. Seth Rollins, m8, best in de wurld of wrasslin'. CM Penk, he will rek da' UFC, bra'.

    1. Thomaspwn


      Im gay for Rollins

      also CM Punk won't wreck the UFC and he's injured lol

  3. Still lifting bra?

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    2. Lyricist


      Ah. Dope. Started going to gym myself. Commited to it since August, waking up at 5 AM to go to gym at 7 AM for 2-3 hour sessions before going to work.

      Had to stop for half a month, though, as I was hospitalized. Fucking blows ass.

    3. Thomaspwn


      Good job

      Stopping is hard, I know it all too well.. Had a few injuries lasting a year, made me start over again, twice. I'm just crazy enough not to give up.

    4. Lyricist


      Yeah. Got jumped while coming home. Ended up in hospital for a few days with bad concussion, strangle marks and having to stitch my right hand from an open cut. Went to work for 2 weeks now, 2nd sick leave again due to migraines and headaches. Came back from hospital this morning.

  4. No wonder your tits are bigger than hers if that's what you take with that bodyfat percentage :')Gl with ur gyno bro
  5. OMG ferrking scrub, John cena izz beest and CM Junk is worst, Learn wrastle b4 you mek jok of sef

  6. You think Hitler would fuck for a pack of cigarettes?

  7. Thanks for the comments!Im so fucking angry rn, I tried Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising but my NPC team mates keep dying because of some heli shooting at us. I might try that, I remember playing BF2 ages ago and I still have a disc laying around. I liked the gameplay of it.
  8. Thanks [MENTION=1759]Err0r[/MENTION] for the quick help
  9. Sometimes I just feel like killing things and seeing a lot of blood. Normally I play Gears of War for this but I feel like I want to try something more realistic..I'll be mostly looking for an offline game, does anyone know any good ones?And what's your opinion on the 3 titles below?I like strategies but I'm not looking for an Age of Empires 3 type of gamplay, I rather have a FPS.3 titles I heard so far:Arma 3Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon RisingRed Orchestra 2
  10. Thomaspwn


    I think it's good to have a thread like this. (If we can keep it civil, ofcourse.)I've heard this a lot in the last few weeks, especially when it comes to SASD.Now my characters don't interact with PD/SD much but this sounds like a problem that should be solved.
  11. I think you should support legal factions by giving them an income.You see there's a club opening, these guys pay a lot of money for an interior, security, put a lot of effort into organizing the event. I think you should hand these guys some money at the end of the event.Same for other kinds of events.I wanted to open a wrestling faction, hell no I can afford that. I was willing to put a LOT of effort into it, but plans changed because of in-game reasons. The concept was great. But then plans had to change again. And again. And again. I created a thread for people interested in it, got positive replies. Players liked the idea and supported it, the server administration on the other hand...I think FMT is doing a bad job at supporting factions right now. No, actually. I think the whole administration team is doing a bad job at SUPPORTING things. They need to stop supporting their friends and start supporting activity in general. What are SUPPORTERS for? What do they support? Unbugging you? So who is here to support OUR roleplay? Because majority of roleplay comes from factions.Each time I sent a formal forum PM or requesting something, NEVER was my roleplay SUPPORTED. NEVER.Cut the "that's not realistic..." bullcrapThe only time you should use that is when someone asks you for a cape so he can teach people how to fly.You expect people to push things through while all you do is monitor us. Monitoring instead of supporting. Maybe we should call all of you 'monitors' because from what I see, you guys monitor our activity and punish us when we do something wrong.Less monitoring, more supporting. Reward players when they earn it.Don't make things overly complicated.And no I'm not mad
  12. If you're talking about the logs I posted in the fail thread, those are from the log files and not the game itself. This file automatically adds timestamps and can be found in your MTA resource -> owlgaminglogs folder.

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