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  1. ngl if mta turned into a walking dead server i'd definitely log in here and there
  2. Look at it as an investment. The more you expand your business, the higher are the chances of getting new and more customers. It's what usually happens if you do it right. Los Santos inevitably offers a lot more than Paleto Bay does, both on the legal and illegal fronts. Bigger corporations can be set up, so the supply is substantially higher. More establishments can open up, creating new roleplay opportunities. There will be more illegal factions because the city lifestyle gives them a reason to exist in the first place. It may sound like a paradox at first, but the deeper you look at it, the better you understand it's actually the other way around. Sure, the city is incredibly huge so the community will be more spread out, but considering that there will be more room for more diversified roleplay, more opportunities to gather around will exist. It's only a matter of not missing those chances. Plus, as sad as it is, I'm afraid we will never be able to fully populate a city. OwlGaming in its highest peak never managed to even fill about half of the city of Los Santos back in GTA:SA, but was that really a reason not to establish the server there? Absolutely not. The same logic should be applied here.
  3. The thing is, it limits RP. You have to adapt to the environment or else you're breaking the immersion that there is supposed to exist and this in essence is already restrictive. I have serious doubts you'll see as many diversified facilities/establishments in the countryside than you would if we were in the city because some do not simply fit in Paleto Bay. There is a reason why the countryside and the city are not the same thing. I get why people think it's not the best choice to move to Los Santos yet but at the same time I feel like it creates more roleplay opportunities, which in return will make players come back and play on the server more frequently.
  4. I am here and there. But I explained above why I'm not as active as I wish I was.
  5. It's a lot more than the server simply not having enough features. It's lack of motivation. There's no incentive to open any establishment or start a legal faction from anywhere or anyone. There are established, well-built and official factions and then there's nothing. There are no middle ground organizations, those who are supposed to be more active because they either fight to slowly achieve more and more or there's no point in having them at all. Illegal factions are pretty much non-existant. Paleto Bay and its counties do not really allow many types of illegal organizations to be set up at and grow from there. Especially African-American based illegal factions which are by far the most common in pretty much any roleplay server. People need to be like "hey I'm really looking forward to get in game and continue working on developing my character/faction" but right now they have no reason to feel that way.
  6. Absolutely not. I'm pretty sure almost everyone would use this and there'd be no room for any vehicle thefts/break-ins. If you want to protect your car, especially somewhere where it doesn't heavily cause bad performance, just park it in an interior.
  7. No one is stopping them from roleplaying whatever they want though. All they have to do is report and an admin shall give it to them as long as they follow all requirements (i.e. make sure the player owns a tatto parlor/hairdresser, etc.). And that takes a minute, if not less, for an admin to check, and ensures the job isn't given out for no reason. The way that players had to obtain the mechanic job on MTA worked, so I don't see a reason not to expand it to other jobs.
  8. Perhaps you can make it like the mechanic job on MTA and only a very few select people have access to the "tattoo artist" job which gives them permission to customize someone else's character? Same for hairdressers.
  9. Yes but it should be ran by actual players and not NPC's.
  10. IRL you do not receive the same amount of money per delivery as you do in game either. Money comes with a cost too, that's how economy works. In order to make money, you need to spend money first. In this case, you're paying for the variable costs of driving around in a van and delivering goods because in game there's no actual faction/company that can cover them for you, as opposed to what happens in the SD or FD for example, so you need to take responsibility for that. No from me.
  11. This isn't a bad idea at all. Maybe they can work like storage items do on MTA?
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