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  1. true but it was still a good place to say goodbye when it was properly used.
  2. yeah because they removed the departures section
  3. Since when do I need to actively play here to know that? This thing he's suggesting creates more unnecessary admin reliance when it's really not needed if you implement the original suggestion. Not sure how the time it takes to create the script will affect the practicality of his suggestion in-game, but all I know is that it is far more complicated when compared to the main suggestion.
  4. and don't you think the process you're suggesting is much more complicated than just preventing it from happening in the first place?
  5. because it's never been put up to discussion and never really seen as a methodological issue to roleplay. not to mention all you'd have to do is transport, which is basically riding a vehicle. you don't need sophisticated roleplay to achieve that, as opposed to dealing with fires. the majority probably doesn't but i'm sure some do. either way, it's not about "if they care how the fire is put out", it's about promoting realistically viable roleplay. nobody cares how you treat an injury either as long as in the end the patient's treated.
  6. find a conclusion isn't the issue i'm seeing right here, the entire process that comes before it is. i'm not against the idea as a whole but you have to draw a line between two things: small fires. fires that even a civilian can put out with an extinguisher. im not categorizing them, by the way. there's not even a way to technically do it. i'm just trying to organize them in a way that people can understand what the issue is. 2 usually implies 1, but 1 definitely doesn't imply 2. im not against the idea of admins acting as firefighters in number 2, that's pretty basic roleplay to be quite honest. but im against admins acting as firefighters in number 1. you've been there before zeb and you know what i mean when i say this. a vehicle fire can be considered a small fire but it can be quite big. and you definitely need some knowledge to put out this kind of fires. not a lot, but a bit. so if admins become eligible to act as firefighters on number 1 case scenarios, im afraid the roleplay quality will be decreased, as most admins dont naturally know how to properly put it out. having faith they'll find a conclusion shouldn't be enough, in my opinion.
  7. yeah except that you have to secure the vehicle first so it doesn't roll (obviously depending on how intense the vehicle fire itself is), conduct forcible entry to complete extinguishment after the fire is darkened down, as well as many other small things that can make a huge difference. remember that vehicle fires can be unpredictable. summarizing them to "spraying a hose" is dangerous. "small" fires are not that small. you say "fires that only require a fire extinguisher" but then talk about vehicle fires, that's a big misconception right there. some better categorization is needed. if you still allow admins to do this and be done with the fire itself then that definitely endangers roleplay quality because he's not properly doing his job as expected from a firefighter on an ic level. this is purely common sense and as much as i hate to base things upon it since common sense itself is very subjective, this is not different than, for example, an admin who's supervising a store robbery not roleplay the security guards (if there are any).
  8. then i personally believe it's a bit risky and endangers the roleplay quality if these admins who act like firefighters don't actually know what they're doing on the field. being a firefighter isn't all about holding hoselines and stream water towards the fire, as many people think it is. but as long as it's ensured the roleplay is okay, then that's fine. but i feel like you definitely need to know a thing or two about fires to be able to at least roleplay putting it out.
  9. it isn't. small fires can be easily put out, you don't need to take a degree to do it. but i'm sure someone who has never done any fd roleplay in the past and doesn't have any real life experience either will naturally have some trouble dealing with them, especially as an admin where you act as a firefighter and you're supposed to set yourself as an example to others. but if you're properly trained to do it, i'm sure there shouldn't be any issue with it.
  10. that's a risky thing to do. i personally wouldn't be against it if the supervising admin knows how to properly act like a firefighter on the field but you'd have to include some essential and useful fire information in the admin arson guidelines, perhaps ask for the help of an admin who's a dps member to write some stuff about it if he's willing to and help other admins with it, otherwise, you'd just be promoting poor roleplay as i'm pretty most admins naturally don't know much stuff about fires at all and how to effectively put them out
  11. this is the kind of stuff that makes this game less enjoyable. restricting it is dumb, let alone be a senior+ thing. what's there to be so abused to the point you need to restrict it when everything in this game can be literally abused? this is one of those things that protect legal roleplayers for absolutely no valid reason in my eyes, and stupidly favour them over illegal roleplayers. if a ccwp holder drops his gun somewhere and someone steals it, then that's his fault for being careless. if this gets removed, then i'm pretty sure they'd become much more careful when dropping licensed weapons. not to mention it's one less thing that stops being admin dependent.
  12. Because it creates a monopoly, which makes it super hard for other people to found another similar company which can provide competition in the market, and if there's no competition, there's no innovation, meaning no progression at all.
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